Author Topic: How do you search for marriage? It's like 99% is following false doctrines..  (Read 1122 times)

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To make things worse: Most so-called "Quran Alone Muslim" women have been brainwashed by the mainstream media, Edip Yuksel, Layth, Wakas and Free-Minds to adopt feminism as their doctrine. Thus, they are now pursuing careers and leaving marriage off until they are barely able to have children. Men are supposed to be the ones working and taking care of household finances. Those women are not doing themselves a favor by waiting till they are 30-35.
Bold: How & why did they adopt feminism?


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And it's like the 1% is shattered all around the globe..

So how would you search for the correct man/woman that aren't part of a sect and actually try to follow the Words of God sent down by Him.

You can't do much. There is a social site for Muslims devoted to Qur'an alone to meet and build offline relationship including dating for marriage( but as you already noted, only one percent exist, scattered about the globe. The probability of meeting someone in that site is almost negligible. I am not even registered there. Even if you meet someone, what are the chances of forming a compatible pair?
That is why I cannot believe some people here downplay the significance of promoting God/Qur'an alone.
God will not change the condition of people until they change it for themselves.

Unless you are willing to marry persons who are not devoted to God alone, take marriage off the top of your priority list
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And it's like the 1% is shattered all around the globe..

So how would you search for the correct man/woman that aren't part of a sect and actually try to follow the Words of God sent down by Him.



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I agree with looking for a compatible mate, but faith is subject to change in people (that is why we are taught by the examples of the prophets that they pray to die as Submitters).

Noah and Lot's wives were polytheists/evil.

Pharaoh's wife was a believer.

We can try to screen who we will spend our lives with, but best not to over analyze.
`And when God Alone is mentioned, the hearts of those who do not believe in the Hereafter are filled with aversion; and when others are mentioned beside Him, they rejoice!` (The Quran 39:45)


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peace all,

Just read this thread. p1993 seems to imply I promote feminism. Never been accused of that before but if he meant I promote equal rights for all then that's true.

In any case, for those searching for a spouse, some advice:

1) do not expect your potential partner to agree with you on everything. As long as you are both headed in the same direction (see here) and have the same core beliefs/mindset then that's the main thing (e.g. monotheism and doing good).
2) increase the size of your network. There are a few Quran based islam forums and many facebook groups, even some matrimonial groups. Also some Traditional/mainstream Muslim matrimonial sites/apps may be ok (just state that you prefer a simple life, not religious but try to live by the principles/ethics of Quran etc, dont state you're a "Quran alone muslim" as you may get Traditionalists trying to argue with you).
3) join some local charity/volunteer groups. You will likely find some like-minded individuals there, and if not it doesn't matter because you'll be doing good which is always nice.
All information in my posts is correct to the best of my knowledge only and thus should not be taken as a fact. One should seek knowledge and verify: 17:36, 20:114, 35:28, 49:6, 58:11. My articles


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You may find these verses helpful,

"And We had laid out/detailed linguistically to the people in this Qur’an from every example, but most of the people refused except (insisting) disbelief!" [17:89]

"And We have put forth for the people in this Qur’an of every example. And if you come to them with a sign, those who rejected will say: “That truly you are except wasters/annulers!” [30:58]

Qur’anic example for marriage is in 28:22-28, where Moses meets his partner accidentally!

So leave it to GOD to meet your Ideal Companion.

Since GOD brought us into this ‘Wonderful system of Existence, Let HIM to complete it in HIS own way (the Best way).

“And seek help through patience and through the swalat. And that it truly is a great/burden except on the humble.” [2:45]
-my current understanding. Verify for yourself-17:36.
"Inform My servants that I am the Forgiver, the Merciful. And that My punishment is a painful retribution." [15:49-50]


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How would you search for anyone.. In any other circumstance, like your culture for example? I think everyone has bias and no one is free from it. So whilst people try to follow the Words of God people will have their own spin on that.

What?s the feminism doctrine exactly?
What?s wrong with pursuing a career?? Not every man in this universal is trustworthy and honest and even so not everyone wants children and not all men are able to ?take care of household finance?. I don?t see how rushing to have children will do any favours. 

Nicely said, I think people over analyse things because they yearn for companionship. Finding a lifelong partner is something many people of all faiths struggle about.
We all have blind spots.
Follow your heart but take your brain with you.
ambiguity is there for a reason, why do you think?
We're all different, so how can we all be equal?


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believer(type A) and non-believer(type B)  cannot stay under one roof for long...

in simple words understanding in couples start from the nature what they adopt,

example a charitable husband and stingy wife will fight all their life, due to different nature
a trouble maker husband and peaceful wife will not get along for so long...
a illegal earner and legal earner will not have peaceful life etc dosent matter if they belong to same label what inherited from tradition/culture

sometimes we choose what not in our favor..