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Re: What is masjid Al Haram
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There is always the One in Heaven.

And there is one on earth if it is build by people.

Thats where the Qiblah is, to the earthly one, with your heart facing the One in Heaven.

If there is none on earth, because being destroyed, because of the sins of people, then there is always the One in Heaven to face to.

There is One family that is being its guardians. The family of Levi. Only they can serve work in the Temple. Because God choose them.

You and i are to busy with other things.

Anyways, read the Tauwrat, Zabur and Indjeel for yourself.

I am not making this up.

There is just 1 priest who may enter the Holy of Holies, once a year, there is a ritual, which ends in praying for us because of our sins etc.

I am not talking about the surroundings of the Temple.

I am talking about the inner compounds.

We shave our hear, go to it, and give an offer, a sheep, and go our own way.

Just read the Previous Scriptures. God told you to believe in them.

Its the same Temple. All details of how it should be build are in the Books. Moses had the same fundamental Temple, Solomon, and in the time of Jesus etc. There is 1 Temple that either is been build on earth or destroyed, and there is always the One in Heaven, where Jesus is the Priest.

Everything will make sense if you start reading the Previous Revelations.

Salat is described, Hadj, etc.
Quran suffices, thank you


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Re: What is masjid Al Haram
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Peace with you all,

Submitter: tank you for your advise to go to Hajj, every one can go who wills.
STP: yes we must read previous scriptures and in the original language. The same is with Quran, we should understand it in its old arabic language which was spoken in the time of revelation. But the language has changed,that is a natural process. 
Masjid al Aqsa (distant shrine) is build after prophet Mohammed, take a look for that and proof yourself.

Quran is not a book of mystic or a puzzle book but a detailed book. A book should be red as a book so Quran too. If one reads a book, take any, it would be aspected for a fluent reading/understanding, and it doesn't matter what for book does one read -depends on the topic, reading level of the reader etc. So if the author of a book is not by all means or he/she is schizophrenic or has some other mental disease or..or.., then it is possible he/she will write a confused text which will be very hard to puzzle and digest it.
If we read a manual how to perform smth. we expect clear and detailed information about. Or a history book narrating and teaching us past.
God knows the best how to express what it wants to say and is not confused to declare what it wants. God forgets nothing and also did not forget to tell the details.

The interpretation of Quran is in my opinion the main issue which brings dispute primary btw. people in muslim world.
Masjid al Haram means in arabic forbidden Masjid/Temple. There is no sacred because haram  means haram. If is it arabic Quran why should I translate haram as sacred like it means in Persian.
Why should be prayed in this direction if God is every where. My understanding is to turn to God and his given instruction given in Quran-to submit.
How am I secure if I enter the area in Mekka ... illogical called Gods Haus? That isn't logical by all means.
I am secure by God when I submit to it and its decrees thus I'm on the safe side doesn't matter what happens.

God bless you all.