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How To Fight Desires
« on: April 18, 2017, 01:33:58 PM »
How to fight your desires, don't fight them!

When you feel something in your chest trying to get out, beating through your heart, let it speak, listen to it with a cleared mind, i.e stop thinking for a second and listen to that "feeling" in your chest. Do not let it get to your mind, do not discuss it, do not debate it, do not think about it or try to rationalize with it, because chances are that you will lose.
Just let it express itself and it will go away as soon at it realizes that nobody is responding.

But there is a challenge of being able to tell that the beast is speaking, sometimes it is not as obvious as in sexual desires, so many times you'll find out that posts you have written in this very same forum were based on ego or pride or some other things that the beast in you have contributed to. And if you listen to the silence and the peacefulness in you more often it will become easier and easier to tell whenever that peacefulness is disturbed by satan.
And we should seek to re-establish that peacefulness through peacefulness only.

Finally, if the famous "I seek refuge in Allah from satan" is anything then it must be the act of listening to our inner peace and preserving it.

Take care.