Author Topic: Historic Referendum in Turkey  (Read 1115 times)


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Historic Referendum in Turkey
« on: April 18, 2017, 04:36:55 AM »

Salaam/Peace to All,

this Result may cause very important Developments, or/and Repercussions and Consequences,
especially in the Middle East, and throughout Europe and then also throughout the World,
in the short and long term.

A Must See Topic here from Last Year, on March 2016,
(clicking again now) here:

Could TURKISH President (R.T.E) be such a "SIGN" (=41/53) for/in this Final Age now?

*Please, do not ask any questions in this Issue
because I have already said all what I wanted to say in this Issue,
in the link above; no more comment.
You may comment and give your opinion, if you wish, as you wish.
Everyone is free and entitled to his/her own opinion.

Because I always prefer to totally stay away from all politics;
I am only interested in those profound "SIGNS" above; what could they mean for us,
exclusively and only in this most specific Respect as clearly emphasized in the link above,
for/in this Final Age now?


Remain in peace/salaam.
And he  who  came  with  The TRUTH,
and  those  who  verified-it-as-TRUE,
they  are  the Righteous. =39/33, ....


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Re: Historic Referendum in Turkey
« Reply #1 on: May 05, 2017, 03:20:11 AM »
I decided not to have business dealings in Turkey recently due to the influx of the terrorists who have been supported by the West to try and destroy Syria in the 3rd popular crusade.

I dont much care for Russia or Iran either, but Turkey has swayed to US and Russia - and as long at Turkey balances up a bit and realizes that Europe does not want her at all, the the better it is.

As such, anything that riles the EU, who supports various Turkish factions in a bid to destabilize Turkey's rampant schizophrenia cant be bad.

God knows but I naively hope that a non-Saudi and non-Iran based "Muslim" country would push things forward in accepting what it means to be a "Muslim".

Come, let us worship the ONE GOD Alone.