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color of EYES
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يوم ينفخ فى الصور ونحشر المجرمين يومئذ زرقا

chapter 20 verse 102.. this word used once in quran ..

and every God aloners and traditional translations used different color for this word...

The day the horn is blown, and We gather the criminals on that day bleary-eyed.

The Monotheist Group
The Day the horn is blown, and We gather the criminals on that Day white eyed.

Muhammad Asad
on the Day when the trumpet is blown: for on that Day We will assemble all such as had been lost in sin, their eyes dimmed [by terror],

Rashad Khalifa
That is the day when the horn is blown, and we summon the guilty on that day blue.,

Shabbir Ahmed
The Day when the Trumpet is blown - On that Day We will assemble the guilty with their eyes dimmed in fear.

Saheeh International
The Day the Horn will be blown. And We will gather the criminals, that Day, blue-eyed.

On the day the Trumpet is blown; and We shall muster the sinners upon that day with eyes staring

George sale
On that day the trumpet shall be sounded; and we will gather the wicked together on that day, having grey eyes

thats the beauty of quran...
i dnt know what science said about this condition of eyes with a state in fear..
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Re: color of EYES
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I think it's probably an allusion to blindness, as the sinners were/are blinded, I don't know if you have ever seen eyes with cataracts but that's what they look like, white/blue/gray/dim if you all those words together it perfectly describes, what I've seen of them at least
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