Author Topic: Doing salat as per Sunni / Shia ways  (Read 31006 times)


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Re: Doing salat as per Sunni / Shia ways
« Reply #240 on: August 27, 2019, 06:20:07 AM »

It still doesn't matter how you pray to the Almighty, even the orthodox way is okay. The only thing which matters is the intention and the SALAT - THE COMMUNICATION WITH GOD/THE CONTACT WITH GOD, RITUALS DOES MATTER! I will never agree with those who are saying that SALAT is not a ritual prayer, it is ALSO a ritual prayer but a duty or the following of the creed as well. PEOPLE NEED TO PRAY/MEDITATE. You need to pray and meditate for your spiritual strength - like you need to train your muscles for physical strength.

The only thing which i recommend to do is the Shia or the Maliki way of the Taslim.