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Salaam/Peace to All,

The discovery of the Higgs Boson
Big Bang to Big Data | Kyle Cranmer | TEDxBinghamtonUniversity
A young physics professor at NYU and a leader in the search for the Higgs boson at the Large Hadron Collider,
the world's highest-energy particle accelerator in Geneva, ......

he explains and emphasizes the essential importance of Language of Mathematics
and Perfect "Symmetry" (=i.e. Perfect "Pairs")
that is clearly observed in quantum (=i.e. atomic, subatomic level) of our whole Universe (e.g. in atoms,
quarks, leptons, electrons, etc. therein)

and the crucial importance of the discovery of Higgs field / Higgs boson in this respect,   

in a simple and clear language, that we can clearly understand, in the above short (i.e. about 16 minutes) video.

49-  And of every wished-intended-wanted/thing (=in Arabic: shayin) We have created
as/in perfect "Pair," (=i.e. perfect "Symmetry,")
that perhaps you may take-Reminder. (=taDhakkaroon = Dhikra here: 74/30, "31")!

49-  Surely, We have created every wished-intended-wanted/thing (=in Arabic: shayin)
in a Precise-Measure. (=biQadarin here again: 74/30  =  41/53)!

QURAN TESTAMENT  51/"49"  =  54/"49"

Remain in peace/salaam.

Whatever I have said that may be perfectly Correct and Right is from AL-LAH,
and whatever I have said that may be essentially or partially mistaken or wrong
may only be from my own self (shortcomings: forgetfulness, hastiness, etc.) (=34/50)
And he  who  came  with  The TRUTH,
and  those  who  verified-it-as-TRUE,
they  are  the Righteous. =39/33, ....