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Re: Should You Go Vegan?
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First of all, there is no compulsion to become vegan.

I know a sample of people that are or were cancer / severe disease patients.
The individuals that chose to not make huge life-style changes and followed the typical route did not heal.
Though the patients that had a different will and did their own "lifestyle experiments" ended up reducing their meat intake to the absolute minimal (but without becoming fully vegetarian or vegan) and on top of that they consumed additional products like alkaline liquid and bitter almond kernels etc. The latter's results overall were better.

The animal activists' mainly target the farms that make the animals live in terrible conditions as documented in real footage in documentaries.

I personally prefer vegan milk whenever possible compared to cow's milk because I know that not all places let their calves have enough milk or time with their mothers which is not merciful. For that reason, I only accept occasional cow milk from a milker in a foreign country within an open grassland village where I can witness the cows be in a healthy state with their babies. Though even with that, I see vegan milk as a staple.

Some animals like goose are strangled to death (which I faintly recall is mentioned about in the Koran as a no-no, I'll need to check) and foxes get randomly hunted (even when they do not pose any threats). I actually have a distant garden fox/ vixen that I never touched/petted but I have been close to in proximity whilst leaving food out for her and she seems to appreciate that with her eyes. So I support a fox charity that is growing because no animal should be illogically traumatised and murdered. I'd hate to hear that my garden fox with whom I have actually created an odd connection to will be without a valid reason hunted by pretentious cowards (that will be breaking the current law anyway).

Of course, animals are more innocent than humans. So, something in me made me realise that it's okay to love all animals, it's okay to have a pig or a hen sanctuary or salmon fish as pets. It's okay as long as it is not forbidden.

In terms of health (my blood tests/ vitamins etc) every medic says it's "excellent". I don't take any vitamin supplements nor do I think they are the best option out there. I eat organically from time to time and I try to have food probiotics. I do have vegan or vegetarian meat/doner kebab, and sometimes I make my own wheat meat by washing dough and adding a lot of spices and veg stock. I have nothing to complain about, I don't miss being non-vegetarian (I used to be a meat addict) yet the irony I hated witnessing "Eid" day.

 I think the open experience with food makes us verify our previous opinions.

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