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Re: Al Jazeera
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My family subscribes to an Arabic channel package and one of them is Jazeera

From the few times I've watched it, they have some very provacative topics. They get a wide range of guest speakers to cover all the angles and do give everyone a chance to talk without twisting or cutting ppl off. So in that sense, they have a strong spirit of professionalism in journalism. I've watched one program where they got an ex-Muslim (completely forgot the name) that is an athiest now explaining how the concept of religion and God is all very backwards and slows down the advancement of civilization. The new era demands other loyalties that are inconsistent with any religion, any God, and especially Islam as it is the most backwards of all religions. On that same show, they had a Muslim scholar, a priest and a professor from UCLA in theology. So you can tell how very in depth and interesting the discussion was!

In my opinion, they are really doing an excellent job and haven't been "bought" .... yet....
Hopefully, things will remain this way.


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Re: Al Jazeera
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Im quite surprised that Al Jazeera would show program like that. Im definitely going to subscribe the channel when the English version comes out :).

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Re: Al Jazeera
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Yes it was surprising to me as well since I also had preconceived ideas of what Jazeera was all about. I would love to get the English channel too... I wonder if it will even be "available" in the states though ... :(


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Re: Al Jazeera
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I dont see that Al Jazeera spreads hate. They're no extremists at all, but reporting about the war on Iraq or the last catastrophe in Lebanon causes hate in the mind of the ppl but thats not the fault of Al Jazeera but the Western Worlds fault. If you would only hold a camera on the occurrences in Iraq or Lebanon without any words at all, it produces anger, dont u think so?

Well said Warda...


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Re: Al Jazeera
« Reply #14 on: June 12, 2016, 04:27:18 AM »
This topic was created in 2006 so it is hard to know what Al-Jaazera was doing then. But today Al-Jaazera is indeed a mouthpiece of terrorist organizations and Gulf regimes. Now Al-Jaazera is a biased Doha-based state-funded broadcaster owned by the Al Jazeera Media Network, which is partly funded by the House of Thani, the ruling family of Qatar. The reason why it is so popular is due to the funds and investments that are flowing to it from Qatar. It will often try to spread lies in order to try and topple the regimes its funder does not like. It is very active in the non-Gulf Arab countries but won't mention the crimes of the Bahraini regime for example because it does not really care about human rights. When the Egyptian protestors started to protest Al-Jaazera was very active but when Bahraini protestors were protesting one of the first thing Al-Jaazera does is to make them look as violent and Shias only as possible as a way to tell others that they are funded by Iran. Literally the first thing Al-Jaazera reports is how 2-4 Pakistanis were 'killed' by an angry Shia mob meanwhile the Bahraini regime killed +40 people while injuring thousands of people. Here is a video of were they deliberately shoot at protestors:

'In 2010, a WikiLeaks document mentioned Al Jazeera several times. One such document revealed that the Qatari government referred to Al Jazeera as "a bargaining tool to repair relationships with other countries, particularly those soured by Al Jazeera's broadcasts, including the United States.? This was confirmed by another WikiLeaks document stating ?Relations [between Qatar and Saudi Arabia] are generally improving after Qatar toned down criticism of the House of Saud on Al Jazeera.? Another WikiLeaks document indicated that Al Jazeera ?has proved itself a useful tool for the station's political masters.?.'

Its reporters will often pretend to be civilized in English while they will call for more hatred towards Alawites, Iranians or Shias in Arabic. For example in Iraq, the Iraqi army right now is very close to liberating Fallujah which is currently held by the terrorist group ISIS, and this is what an Al-Jaazera journalist writes:

The English text above in the picture is the translation of what he wrote.

Hell one of Al-Jaazeras journalist has even been designated as a member of Al-Qaeda, that should tell you a lot: - "U.S. GOVERNMENT DESIGNATED PROMINENT AL JAZEERA JOURNALIST AS ?MEMBER OF AL QAEDA?" - "US put Al Jazeera's Pakistan bureau chief on terror list
Documents leaked by Edward Snowden show Ahmad Muaffaq Zaidan was suspected by US authorities of being a member of al-Qaeda"

Most Al-Jaazera journalists on Twitter will write things such as "My opinions here are my own and do not represent my employers" as a way to act as if all Al-Jaazera journalists are different and that this is not what Al-Jaazera encourages. It is just a way of saying 'Incase I screw up, don't blame the other journalists'. In reality they are all the same garbage. I've seen Al-Jaazera journalist who try to indirectly justify suicide bombing that targets Alawites or Shias. There is a reason for why Al-Jaazera was banned from Iraq because it encourages sectarianism.