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Re: Spiritualizing Islam
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What is your interpretation of m'salla then if not "source of guidance/pathtaking"?

To me, mṣlē (مصلى) is: a site dedicated to ṣlwh (صلوه). [see: treaty]

QA: ṣlwh (صلوه), or: ṣlwt (صلوة) [n.f.] is a Shemitic term whose basic meaning, I understand as: Rapport, Rapprochement, Conciliation or Reconciliation, ... [from the consonantal root: ṢLʔ (صـ لـ ا) ~ to bend and/or incline (towards X)] ∴This is my (current) understanding.

Consequently, I recognize two types of ṣlwt in the Qurān!

One is individualistic ~ prescribed upon the acknowledger/s (4:103) [scheduled at: dawn, dusk & night (11:114)]
This, I regard as a personal reunion between the servant/s and The One Master ... [the rules and/or requirements are stipulated in the Qurān]

The 2nd is generally prescribed upon the people altogether (en masse).
ie. Humans [=nations/communities/tribes/families/groups] are expected to establish and maintain harmony/agreement/concord between the parties in dispute [= to avoid animosity/discord (of opinion/belief), and spread harmony/concord/unanimity, thusly circumventing corruption on Earth] ~ see: ADR

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