Does DHA level during pregnancy determine the size of the Brain of the child?

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Author Topic: Does DHA level during pregnancy determine the size of the Brain of the child?  (Read 1612 times)


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Peace 357,

DHA linked to intelligence in children:


A very good source of DHA is krill oil, which has the world's strongest antioxidant astaxanthin in it which prevents the omega-3 fats from getting oxidized and going rancid. Salmon is a good source of DHA and EPA but it has to be wild Alaskan Salmon rather than farmed and should not be eaten a lot because of mercury present in every fish. Krill oil should be Antarctic which has very low levels of mercury.

Krill oil is the best source of omega-3 fats:


It is not recommended to use plant based DHA sources as the only sources for omega-3 fats because of reasons mentioned in following article. Also fish oils are not good because they don't have astaxanthin in them and become unhealthy by getting oxidized fast. Flaxseed or Alsi should be organic and freshly ground and consumed immediately to prevent oxidation. Flaxseed oil is not good because it also gets oxidized very fast. Plant based omega-3 fats should always be consumed with animal based omega-3 fats along with astaxanthin supplement (4-8 mg daily). Other sources of plant based omega-3 fats are chia seeds and hemp.


Benefits of astaxanthin, the world's strongest antioxidant: