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Re: Bakka/Mecca
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Salam All

If the search for a "holy land" or Bacca, must continue, should you not start with the place where Nabi Musa was speaking to Allah and told to take off his footwear because he was standing on Wadi Al Quds ? To me, every inch of Allah's earth is holy and sacred. Just imagine the 2nd class believers who could not afford to travel to the so called holy land, there must be billions of them in the pasts and present.

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Re: Bakka/Mecca
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Google Chrome recently updated the way its browser identifies/displays website security status (I think last year). It just means the website does not have its own security certificate to verify it is the genuine/correct website and secure the data you input in it. For static pages where you dont input any data it's no big deal. You can even disable this setting in chrome if you want. In reality the chances of a website domain being spoofed/hacked is very low. I've personally never encountered it and usually only happens if one visits unknown links found in spam emails etc.

Thanks for replying. So hopefully it will be secure then (not that I think you're a hacker but you know, just making sure why it said not secure).
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