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Re: What is love? - discuss.
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I I were to follow my instinct, like an animal, yes, Man of Faith, like an animal alhamdulillah, my instinct, love or whatever, would be the instinct to die, to fuse, to attain absolute. All fallings in love are like sparks of the ONE light. We crave for it, but it is tooooooo much, so we must near it very little step by very little step, otherwise we will fall into may be emptiness, may be hell, may be nothingness. Love is the instinct for God, but we call it other things, a beautiful man, a wonderful day, the breeze and light of a may day. Love is beauty to the point of death. Love is ceasing to exist and be happy with it. Love is God's weapon to win us for Him and therefore for ourselves.

But love is a word which now is very trivial and imprecise.