Author Topic: Why they are afraid ?  (Read 7140 times)


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Re: Why the Submitters are afraid to answer?
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Just look how you twist and been running like a zebra  . .  :rotfl:

If you obey the majority of people on earth, they will divert you from the path of God.

Yes !

another invention of the Arabs . . (code 19)

              The Arabs are the worst in rejection and hypocrisy (9:97)

and . . . it is absolutely not related to the teachings from Arabs for entering into an agreement (covenant) to accept Satan as God

Satan as Allah's representative . . . and those who are practising Numerology and Kabbalistic Rituals


Okay, I had enough fun and have proven beyond doubt how far this fake religion can go

It was cool for a moment, but clearly it was nothing . . absolute idolism and it just zebras running around !

bye  ;)

* *

As usual . . no answer

Muslim Atheism is a theological position for the disbelief in god, religion and the unspecific
but the practical philosophy from the Quran are followed