Author Topic: Still stuck with Traditional "Islam"?  (Read 6680 times)


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Re: Still stuck with Traditional "Islam"?
« Reply #30 on: December 06, 2013, 02:46:56 PM »
Arab-Christian use "Allah" in their Bible as well as this word also written in Arabic Psalm.
What base of ur theory, just because Allah is not portions of Al and Illah??

RED: So do you mean while in the Koran it's common noun while in the Psalm isn't? a coincidental?
BLUE: This because of religious dogma.


Allah as reference to particular Muslim deity . . . is a Proper Noun. Fact

The term al-Ilah and even Allah has been long in usage:

The following Wiki article is surprisingly good.

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Muslims name for God Allah is a particular reference to deity - hence it is a Proper Noun. I think you will that virtually all Scholars would regard it as a Proper Noun . . . despite its usage by various non-Muslim Arabs - this word in context to Muslims refers to a singular and unique entity.


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Re: Still stuck with Traditional "Islam"?
« Reply #31 on: December 07, 2013, 02:20:40 AM »

This is so silly such as that God would have a chosen people and where Allah is their specific God. It is just a repetition of the mistakes of old. It is retarded that one cannot see this.

These people will not call you Muslim unless you follow their ways, i.e the conjecture and God. It is a sin just like the belief in the trinity.

Well, I call myself Muslim anyway and disregard those people. There would be no disagreements if people did not have their extra-religious teachings. If I am called a fake Muslim then God suffice me, to Him I will return.

The history just repeats itself as it always has.

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