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Re: Peace!
« Reply #10 on: October 06, 2013, 11:10:17 AM »

I am glad that you have discovered the straight path. People have a tendency to turn their religion extreme in different ways. It can be many ways I think, even in the Quran alone belief to be honest. I think we tend to forget the most important part of Quran just to follow what we believe is right, ie we forget to be good people doing righteous deeds and behaving well. God's religion is not so much about being a professor of what a scripture says but more the behavioral aspect and Quran witnesses about that itself. We seem obsessed with the various parts about Messengers or rituals while the main point in the book is the behavior of a pious Believer.

God bless you
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Re: Peace!
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Peace Hafiz,


I have completely rejected the hadith and now only believe in the Al-Quran. It is the straight path.

P.S> I'm in Melbourne. 


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Re: Peace!
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Which part of Australia are you from? I am a Sydney-sider
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Re: Peace!
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From Adelaide!  Hey Aussies!

Just wanted to say that this verse blew my mind. I've overlooked it all these years:

?And if they commit evil acts, they say: ?We found our
fathers doing such, and God ordered us to it.? Say: ?God
does not order evil! Do you say about God what you do
not know??? (Qur?an 7:28)

Sunnis condone evil acts perpetrated by hadiths... this verse clearly condemns it. It is as if God is speaking to us directly!!
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Re: Peace!
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