Author Topic: Bomb explosions at mosques in the UK  (Read 3652 times)


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Re: Bomb explosions at mosques in the UK
« Reply #30 on: July 28, 2013, 08:28:20 AM »
Peace sister,

Thanks for your clarification. I am sorry that I offended you.

I agree that bombing is horrible.

God bless you

Peace brother,

Thank you for your reply. It's ok, and apologies for not responding earlier but I had to dash. A few people were wondering why I did not respond to their messages and such but it was because I had literally 10 minutes before. I hope you stay well if you are have to spend some time away from the forum/without internet connection for a bit, as per your PM.

May Allah bless you

The above post may no longer represent my beliefs based on evidence and considering such topics further.
I no longer follow a "Quran only" approach.
I would simply say I follow Islam.