Author Topic: Burma Massacre - Hoax or Reality  (Read 7153 times)


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Re: Burma Massacre - Hoax or Reality
« Reply #10 on: August 28, 2012, 10:43:14 PM »
And that justify their being oppressed? If that's the case, let's send Americans, Australians, etc etc to their country of origin.

Good idea.. ;)

True. But even after there are some human rights movement in Burma, people are silent about the Rohingyas. Heck, even Suu Kyi has been silent and dodging the question when asked about the issue.

Rohingyas are like Armenians or Kurdish in Turkey, Jews in Arab land, Arab in Jewish land.... there are ethno-hatred feelings about them.. due to the 'historical past' of Rohingyas cooperating with the british during Anglo-Burmese wars..  The differences on 'religion' / 'culture' makes it worse..

Yes. But the conflict did not escalate when the military started losing power, it was after they ASSUMED power.
Those who are oppressed include those who were born there, as well as their parents and so on. They were denied citizenship because of both their ethnic and religion.
As always, when any military / some military faction starting to lose their grip on power (which is happening as we speak in Burma), they engineer a 'security problem'. or should I say "ignite the ancient old conflict" to show how 'the society still in dire need of their strong presence in the government' in order to maintain 'peace and security' within the land.

Like I said.. saw it before many times.. breakout of USSR, Indonesia, Egypt, Iraq etc.. etc...

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