Author Topic: Just some ideas regarding religion in an Islamic State based on the Qur'an Alone  (Read 6944 times)


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I think I like this society. Frankly modern hadither societies suck and partially because they don't allow any dissenting thought to take place. Humans were given brains for an important reason and giving clergy too much power does take away from that.

Clergy shouldn't exist in the first place. Nor any kind of authority that's not Allah or a special man Allah choose.
?Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.? - Buddha


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Salaam to all :sun:

Wise words,Kaiokenred :bravo: if each one of us know his/her place in society and start to balance , we dont need 1 guy ruling 1 country, we may have congregations to improve each area/field of work, knowledge etc, but no need KINg, president, prime minister, dictator from right lef or middle center, if people real know what they are doing here they will work for comunity and for thems with pleasure and trust, with tolerance and self discipline and self struggle, not by impositions of a piramidal  MAfia supremacy that conects most of countries today..
Sharia HAditers? no thank you
European paganism and greco style republik? no thank you
Living by AQ? yes WE CAN and yes i Want

Allah divide us into different languages but LAnd frontiers are man made. The creation of inimity and untolerance comes genarally to what is unknown to us, when you dont know something you tend to look strange to it, so as time runs, is up to us to get knowledge and make knowledge flow from 4 corners, each one of us is important tool to spread info to next generations , and in my opinion : knowledge sometimes comes from where we dont expect, its on us to dig search, balance, take care of evoluting our reason and counscence toughts and acts, no need political piramidal system for us humans to live in peace..only ISlam education tolerance and free minds

The (you)parts is not to you directly KAiokenred, it could be me, just a statment hehehe 8)


(2:26) Allah is not shy to strike a parable whatsoever a gnat or larger. Those who believe know that it is the truth from their Lord. As for those who disbelieve they ask: 'What could Allah mean by this parable? By it, Allah misleads many and guides many. ' But He misleads none except the evildoers


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I think I like this society. Frankly modern hadither societies suck and partially because they don't allow any dissenting thought to take place. Humans were given brains for an important reason and giving clergy too much power does take away from that.

You like which society?
You blame "hadither society" or the clegy having too much power.

But have you ever realised, the problem was never religion, but the centralisation of religion. No actually, it was not even the centralisation of religion, but the centralisation of power. That is the STATE was and is the problem for all things.

By saying "you like this society" in the beginning, I assume you are advocating socialism here, as almost every society in the world today has elements of socialism rooted within them. It is the state that does not allow dissent.

Like you said, humans were given brains for a reason. How shameful our brains are, for even in the 21st century, we still believe that the state is a moral good.


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This one of my first posts so sorry if I am doing something wrong lol!!!  :&

All children between the ages of 7 and 11 (unless their parents' object) must have lessons on the Qur'an (Alone) and its interpretation so that the progressive, ijtihadi spirit of Islam can be revived. Also, discussions must take place on topics ranging from Code 19 to the messengership to the nature of God and even to whether the Qur'an really is divinely created (and, on that line, whether there even is a God). If a pupil wishes he can take the subject further onto secondary school, sixth form, etc. However, no religious courts or clergy may exist. Instead, if any person extensively learned in the Qur'an whishes to hold any form of power he must win it like any other person running for a position in the National Council and there will be NO special offices for religious leaders, scholars, etc. This would allow the most popular interpretations to suceed entirely democratically and no clergy will be able to establish itself. However, no interpretations of Qur'anic law which would infringe upon the rights of anybody else to practice their interpretation must be allowed to succeed (the Supreme Court must vote on every religiously based law passed in the National Court and can overturn it with a 5/6ths majority). All laws, religious or non-religious, must be passed as if they were secular laws (minimal to no mention of God, Scripture, etc) so that they must not be implemented "because God says so" but for the benefit of the citizens.

Please feel free to discuss your opinions on this.


Thats imposing things on people. You can not impose Quranic lessons. Plus a 7 years old can not understand the Quran. This sounds like Sunni talk and how 7 years old must be told to pray. A Quranic state is a free state.
88:21 22; And so, exhort them your task is only to exhort; you cannot compel them to believe