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Reasons why there can't be two Gods

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Because a God is omnipotent,  there cannot be 2 omnipotents.

Because there is one reality, there cannot be two realities.

Because the truth is one truth, that which truly exists, the sure clear truth; two things in opposition cannot be true at once.

That's also true

If there were gods in them (heaven and earth) except for God, then they would have been ruined... [21:22]

God has not taken a son, nor is there with Him any god. If it were so, then every god would have taken what He created and they would have tried to overtake each other. God be glorified against what they describe! [23:91]


Peace Kaiokenred
Interesting.Can u elaborate a bit more on this point.Are there any other reasons that spring to mind as to why God is only one.
While I was typing the above lines I read OPF's post."Because there is one reality".This is a favorite term of the sufis and even of the Hindu yogis.Can this be equated with the quranic 'Al Haq'in addition to Al Haq's meaning ofThe truth.Also, is this created universe also not a reality?


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