Author Topic: Is God a Man?  (Read 11878 times)

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Re: Is God a Man?
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"Science" with regards to quantum theory, states that consciousness is at the root of existence.

So stating that science, has no God, is giving a wrong picture.

Note that I do not necessarily agree with all views in this video, particulary the pantheism, but I do agree with the fundamental view, that consciousness is the cause of everything.
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Paradox Void is an attribute of God, or any other entity it should point to, which is the same entity.
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Re: Is God a Man?
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Sometimes I totally miss the point. Can someone rephrase the topic for me please ?
For now,

Is God a man ?
Are you seriously asking me if God evolved from Apes which He himself created and repeated his creation ? Since I can not be my own father, i reject any similar idea.

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