Author Topic: Was Moses in Egypt?????  (Read 44041 times)


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Re: Was Moses in Egypt?????
« Reply #160 on: May 27, 2020, 09:56:14 PM »

1.. i asked you in hopes you tell me using verses as proofs and not assumptions

2... and no, i followed verses and not assumptions

okay thanx

3....peace brother or sister :)

Peace brother sister  ..

1...That's why I asked you to search... I don't want to repeat a huge amount of information.. Search and refer...

2... That's what I also  I say.. I followed verses not assumptions... Assumptions are while studying.. To follow need clarification...

3... My gender is very much publicised by Free-minds administrators...and also by people calling me brother   Don't you have a gender... 😬.. I wish you have.. Lol


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Re: Was Moses in Egypt?????
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salam jkhan

lol im a brother too