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Joe Betik

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a simple reminder
« on: January 12, 2009, 02:03:17 PM »

it is common knowledge that new understandings are always 'different' from the widely accepted. while some are mild, there are others that can be considered diametrically opposed or contrary.

different is actually to be expected, otherwise there is no need for God to guide or teach. if the guidance or teaching is similar to the widely practiced, then guidance would be unnecessary, don't you think?

but then, over and over in the Qur'an is mentioned that over time, people seemed to forget the correct/honourable way of life. therefore we learn about past 'rusool' and nations in the Qur'an. and we learn about rewards (comforts) and retributions (punishments).

perhaps we now need to ponder about God's promise for those reverting to Him - He will, insha-Allah, reward them with comforts. so, are we living a comfortable life? a life of peace, happiness, contentment, security, health, wealth, etc.? if we are, then God has surely fulfilled His promise of comfort (every new day is a better day).

or is it otherwise? and we live in pains - illness, hardships, etc.? yes, there are tests (walanabluwannakum) indeed, but have we gotten away with flying colours (back to comfort) or still trying to get out of the tests? or perhaps even retributions?

so, please ponder. God has promised His true servants with a life without fear nor worry. but how do we now fare? are we at peace or a heck of a wreck?

as a start, perhaps we may have to revisit our mind - how is it? is it opinionated? is it full of prejudice? is it dynamically healthy? or is it a heaven for all the negatives?

and lastly, if one is unsure of an understanding, take it open-mindedly like someone who is still unsure. for example, if one is unsure about 'salat', but have an inclination that 'salat' means 'contact prayers', please establish the 'contact prayers' while asking God for the correct comprehension on 'salat'. God will correctly guide one, insha-Allah, provided one is still open-minded. but if one has taken a stand on anything that one has no correct guidance on, then God will not correctly guide him/her. that is the consequence of being judgemental, or prejudiced.

please ponder without haste. and may God correctly guide us all. insha-Allah.


mohammed noh
"When you realize the difference between the container and the content,
you will have knowledge."

- Idries Shah


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Re: a simple reminder
« Reply #1 on: January 14, 2009, 07:37:29 AM »

Joe Betik,

It is a relief that people like you write based on quranic verses instead of arguing over a point, word for word. We shall not follow the majority on earth lest we go astray.

The meaning of the word 'majority' shall also involve the major portion of our life. During the majority of our life time we shall not consider our opinion on any matter as final; for the mind evolves higher by the moment. The latter moment is brighter than the former; the day next is better than the day before by God's Will. But for submitting to God with humility, our pride will blind us that shall for sure bring us to a new low by the time. Going by Quran we have to evolve constantly by being receptive to ideological opinions of individuals being shared which allows us to take the best out of them.

At no point of time the path of righteousness that creates clarity of mind shall be allowed to close. If we are on God's path, then, between any 2 points of time the latter must be an evolved status than the former; and the reverse is true when we follow shaitan. In this way let not our bad moments accumulate and form into majority as an individual's life span nears its end. This is wronging our own souls! We are created as an individual and shall stay an individual forever. If only there are 6 billion individual beings at the moment having 6 billion individualistic thoughts and actions and activities, Allah would have caused each of their produce to be heavenly creations. Then this world would have been heavenly. Only exchange of produces and glad tidings would have been the practice of life; and money exchange will never have its place on earth, the origin of all evils.

The reason why I made my point here is to have an extended view of the word majority so that we stay an individual to be the one in the world; and to stay with The One!
Quran reading is useless unless we decisively stick to righteousness in our lives, at least to an extent possible. Based on such status Allah Guides, in such a way   that we do not transgress after receiving His Mercy.