Author Topic: Mel Gibson, the death of Jesus and Aisha....  (Read 1390 times)


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Mel Gibson, the death of Jesus and Aisha....
« on: September 23, 2003, 08:57:59 PM »
Peace family.

I've just seen something on the nightly news today;

The actor Mel Gibson has spent $25 million of his own money to put together a movie that it is supposed to be (according to him) the true and detailed account of the "Crucifixion" of Jesus.

Mr. Gibson believes his account to be both true and accurate because as he puts it "I get my facts directly from the Bible."

Apparently Mr. Gibson is one of those people who do not beleive that there is any inaccuracy or contradictions whatsoever in the Bible.

Another thing that I've learned tonight is that Mr. Gibson belongs to a Catholic denomination that recognizes neither the Pope nor the Vatican Authority. In fact, this Catholic denomination does not even rocognize the Pope or the Vatican as even being legitimate, let alone authoritative.

Already there is much controversy and much "heated" debate concerning the film mainly due to Mr. Gibsons interpretation (and thus, his account) but also because of what many consider to be not only violent but a "source" for fresh debates and "re-newed" feelings of Anti-Semitism.

Supposedly Mel Gibson, in this film, portrays the Jews as being the enemies of "Chrisianity" in a subtle way throught this film, which is supposed to hit the theaters by the way once it is completed.

This movie is reported to be about the final 12 hours of Jesus' life and struggles with the Jews, particularly the Jewish Rabbis or Pharisee's. There has been objections and ridicule from both the Jewish community as well as from some Christians who, I suppose for their own denominational reasons, also disagree with Mel Gibsons story of Jesus.

By the way, Mel Gibson denies any ideas or notions of the Bible not being true and accurate. He believes in it Heart and Soul.
I will keep my eyes and ears open on this one. Believe me, we haven't heard the last of this.....

On a closing note, I was informed that the sunni muslim world now has a Biography of Aisha, the wife of Prophet Muhammad.

If I was told correctly, this book is supposedly 200+ pages.

If that's the case, then I'm sure they had to fabricate some newer hadith to fill in the gaps that the older hadiths have left.

Think about; 200 and something pages....About Aisha!!!

That's a lot of hadith because I'm willing to bet that you'll find not one single verse from the Quran in this so-called Biography.

A sunni muslimah has the book and has volunteered some information concerning it. There is a detailed account of how Muhammad had first met her and there are chapters/accounts going into the proposal and the wedding ceremony itself.

I would like to see this book for myself because even though I'm not surprised that tradtional muslims could put together such a work, it is truly amazing that it can be the size that I was informed that it is.

Remember, there are biographies of Prophet Muhammad that are that size.

It's truly a shame that we have people in the world who have made concience decision to take GOD for a joke and work hard to have the rest of mankind do the same.

I pray to GOD Almighty that he will make the GOD Alone movement triumphant very soon.

Peace y'all, be good.



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Mel Gibson, the death of Jesus and Aisha....
« Reply #1 on: September 23, 2003, 09:20:04 PM »

Mel Gibson also claimed that Muslims converted to Islam after the making of the movie to. But Aisha getting 200 pages? Does she even have 200 pages worth of hadith .


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Mel Gibson, the death of Jesus and Aisha....
« Reply #2 on: September 24, 2003, 03:18:37 AM »

I'd like to see the movie of Jesus that Mel Gibson put together. I'm sure it won't be boring.  :wink: False or not! I think he may be part of the Eastern Orthodox church, they do not recognize the pope. There are other Christians though who do not recognize the pope as well.

Take care.

All information in my posts is correct to the best of my knowledge only and thus should not be taken as a fact. One should seek for verification & knowledge. ~> [3/190-191; 17/


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Mel Gibson, the death of Jesus and Aisha....
« Reply #3 on: September 24, 2003, 03:57:30 PM »
Peace Joe,

I won't try to pretend to be an expert on Christianity and it's denominations, but I believe Mel Gibson himself professes to be a "Catholic". But he professes to be of a persuasion that absolutely denies the Authority of the Pope.

If anyone else here has any thorough knowledge on this, I'd like to be enlightened, because now I'm down right curious.

Peace guys,



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Mel Gibson, the death of Jesus and Aisha....
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