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SRI moderation
« on: January 24, 2005, 02:13:47 AM »
A few days ago I wrote a post and send it to SRI. In that post I have claimed that the God hasnt prescribed stoning as punishement for adultery and i claimed that the book of the god testifies to this and that this practice is falsely attributed to the god and that one is sinning by upholding to this practice and/or attributing it to the god.

After it I have recieved a rejection note from moderator, signed Fariduddien Rice, in which it is explained to me that my post is not EXPLICITELY relevant to Islam...

Where and to whome we may complain about SRI moderators work?

At least one billion of people, namely muslims or traditional muslims are in danger of commiting one of the greatest sinns and and this moderator find warning them of it irrelevant!!!!

Muslims are advised by islamic cleargy to obey the books of Hadith and thus are indirectly or directy advised to apply the stoning for adultery ...thus they are constantly in great danger of applying this practice and thus commiting killing of innocent what is of the greatest sinns as per the book of The God, and this moderator find it irrelevant!!!!

best wishes

below is my post

Man-made practices/teachings attributed to The God. No2. Stoning for adultery

I wishe peace, salvation and the well- being to the participants of this forum

There`s nothing much to add to the title of the topic...the god has never ordered that aynone should be killed for adultery...His book testifies to this...

This is simply an invention falsely attributed to the God and it couldnt be found in His book, His only valid representative....

And those who searh for the judge outside of His book are seeking the judgement of ignorance....

One who believe this practice is from the God should repent and hurry up to study His book properly cause he wasnt making the proper study till now...

Killing of innocent, and that is what stoning for adultery is about, is of the greatest sins...

Those who propagate this practice are propagating the wonder the God`s wrath and punishements are upon such a people throughout the world...may they repent and come forward to the god and His Word in order to avoid the hereafter`s punishement which is neverending...

best wishes

moderator`s answer was:

 Your post has to be EXPLICITLY relevant to Islam. Moderated by Fariduddien Rice

I'm sorry, but the moderation guidelines require that posts to
soc.religion.islam be relevant to Islam.  Your post does not appear to
be sufficiently relevant to Islam to meet this guideline, and so has not
been approved.  
For a post to be relevant, it must either be about Islam itself, or
about another subject in light of Islam.  An example of the first type
of post would be any post discussing a particular passage in the Qur'an
or Hadith, or a post discussing the Prophet Muhammed or another Islamic
leader (historical or contemporary) in their role as a leader of Islam.

Discussions of "shared" historical figures, such as Jesus of Nazareth or
the Prophet Abraham, should discuss their roles within Islam instead of,
or in addition to, their roles in another religion.  A post compariong
and constrasting the role of Jesus within Christianity and Islam is
appropriate; one that discusses his role in the Christian Gospels
without referring to Islam is not because it is not relevant to Islam.
An example of the second type of post would be any post about
implementing an Islamic system of government, Islamic monetary system
(such as a halal banking system), finding a halal restaurant while
visiting a new area, or any subject whatsoever in light of Islam.  A
post purely about political issues, however, is not relevant even if it
involves Muslims or a traditionally Islamic part of the world.
Please note that a response to a relevant post must itself be relevant
to Islam.  New participants frequently will respond to one issue in a
relevant post in a way that is not in itself relevant.  For example, a
participant may respond to a post about the Islamic aspects of the
political conflict in a predominately Islamic part of the world in a way
that leaves Islam out of the picture.  Such a response would not be
relevant, even though the original post would be.
If you want to resubmit a modified post, you can simply repost as you
usually do, or mail that post to the moderation address,
Please note that this address is only for messages you want to have
posted on soc.religion.islam, not for private correspondence with the
This is a "form letter" response, so if you need further clarification
or want to appeal this decision, please feel free to send email to  Email sent to that address goes to all the


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Re: SRI moderation
« Reply #1 on: January 25, 2005, 04:59:45 AM »
Peace brother Zlatan,

I don't see why the post was rejected. Ask for an explanation by emailing SRI-Admin. You can also just resubmit the post with the word "islam" sprinkled in several places to pre-empt the irrelevancy excuse for rejection :roll: .

Peace and all best wishes,



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Re: SRI moderation
« Reply #2 on: January 25, 2005, 11:30:13 PM »
Peace Ayman!

Quote from: "ayman"
Peace brother Zlatan,

I don't see why the post was rejected. Ask for an explanation by emailing SRI-Admin. You can also just resubmit the post with the word "islam" sprinkled in several places to pre-empt the irrelevancy excuse for rejection :roll: .

nice tip! :D

heres the moderators excuse...he allegedly didnt recognise that the post was about Islam...however this is an excellent proof of the arabisation of the god and his light which is prevalent among the traditionalists..

Peace and all best wishes,