Author Topic: VERY IMPORTANT!!! hadith talking about quran aloners...  (Read 76919 times)


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Re: VERY IMPORTANT!!! hadith talking about quran aloners...
« Reply #220 on: June 17, 2011, 12:23:45 AM »
Peace and blessings of Allah be upon you and yours, brother.
May Allah keep our feet firm on the righteous path.

Salam and a lot of Peace on you, nice and respected brother!

No, I never say what is not in Allah's Exalted and Holy Quran.

This was just I thought you meant, since you asserted that Al-Quran is the Qol of a noble Messenger (69:40), and brother mmkhan said there is no evidence in the Quran that Al-Quran is the Qawl of Allah..
Never, it is not in The Quran.
I have made it clear that I thought you meant this.
May be I got it wrong.

No worries. :)
We are discussing topics as Allah intended us. It is in clarification that we are able to make clear where we stand.
I make mistakes too, but insha'Allah, when I am proven wrong with clear evidence, I will uphold the Quran and act as a believer should: I hear and I obey. Surah 5:7

You are right. It is Allah alone Who can make His slaves understand His Exalted Quran and guide them.


Basically, what my Allah made me understand His Exalted Quran, is that originally Al-Quran is Allah's Words.
Allah honored His Exalted Messenger by declaring His Words (Al-Quran), the Qol of a noble Messenger, because the Messenger never said a single word of his own. He only spoke what Allah revealed to him.

Muhammad (pbuh) spoke only what Allah revealed to him. I agree with what you believe.

"Allah's Words" is the "Messenger's words", that is why obeying the Messenger is same as obeying Allah.

I agree.

The Messenger is also "ghairillah".
If Al-Quran had been the words of the Messenger, there would have been much contradictions in It.

I agree. If Muhammad (pbuh) had spoken anything but what Allah revealed, he would have been slain. So Muhammad only recited what Allah revealed. Period.

So, Al-Quran is not from any ghairillah, not even from the Messenger,----It is all from Allah-----"If this (Quran) had been from any ghairillah, they would have found therein much contradictions."

Again, we agree.

Indeed, Allah alone is The Guide. I only tried to know your understanding, because it was different from what my Teacher Allah makes me understand.

I strive to be a person who does not say what the Quran doesn't teach. I cannot find anywhere in the Quran where it says 'This is the word of Allah', but instead I find "This is a revelation from the Lord of all beings". My understanding is that speaking (qol) is not the same as revelation. Allah does not speak to a person as we speak. He is very clear how He speaks to someone:

"Wama kana libasharin an yukallimahu Allahu illa wahyan aw min wara-i hijabin aw yursila rasoolan fayoohiya bi-ithnihi ma yashao innahu AAaliyyun hakeemun" Surah 42:51

So in upholding the Quran, I strive to ensure I say only what Allah revealed in the Quran, so I am not leading a person astray through misunderstanding.
When someone says 'The Quran is the Word of Allah', I find they see it as taking down a memo or a Prophet transcribing a letter from the All Mighty. People put it into what they know and understand.
But when I say 'The Quran is the revelation of Allah', I find people see it as a divine transmission sent to a Prophet to the people he was sent for.
And when I say 'The Quran is the word of an honored Messenger' - and provide proof that this Messenger spoken of in the Quran is Muhammad (pbuh) - there is no reply those who follow hadith are able to give in return. ;)
The final argument is Allah?s: Surah 6:149, 28:50

And indeed, your understanding is yours, not mine. And it is not for me to follow your understanding.

And indeed, my understanding is mine, not yours. And it is not for you to follow my understanding.

Even if someone is on The Right Path, if anyone follows him, it will be Shirk.

And this is why I count you as friend and trust you; you act as a believer should, relying on Allah alone for guidance and explanation. :) Surah 5:7

May Allah increase us in knowledge.

Peace and blessings.
Explanation is not proof.

I do not endorse the teachings of


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Re: VERY IMPORTANT!!! hadith talking about quran aloners...
« Reply #221 on: June 18, 2011, 10:55:56 AM »
this is nothing but waste of time   

if u just give your reading of quran thought  u will see that in quran it is  said

" say o prophet,,,    say ,,,  "  so according to english grammer  these a voice   but is active voice giving orders or passive voice reading orders  or both or none

if u know that than you will have answer if quran is word of allah or muhammad or gabriel
                        = DR. SOHIL MOMIN