Author Topic: Rebuttal to article by Wakas: Disproved once and for all salat=prayer  (Read 5860 times)

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Salam/Peace Wakas, i know this is a 12 years old discussion but i wonder where is your rebuttal to IQO's own rebuttal?


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The link no longer works, so here it is below:
All information in my posts is correct to the best of my knowledge only and thus should not be taken as a fact. One should seek knowledge and verify: 17:36, 20:114, 35:28, 49:6, 58:11. My articles


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*the Arabic words 'al quran' are most closely translated to 'the reading'.

It is a meaningless rendition, "the reading", it needs other words.

the action or skill of reading.
"the reading of a will"
synonyms perusal, study, scan, scanning, scrutiny; More
an occasion at which pieces of literature are read to an audience.
"a poetry reading"

Importance of the title of a book: Perception and meanings conveyed by the title:

Experts and educationists suggest that the first rule in critical reading is that you must know what kind of a book is in your hand; and they say that we should know this as early in the process as possible, preferably before we begin to read. Many readers ignore titles and prefaces because perhaps they do not think it important to classify the book they are about to read. However, the author of a book facilitates its reader to know the kind of book he is being given by assigning it a title. Obviously, a descriptive and illustrative title will be considered the best for a reader to facilitate him immediately classify the book in hand.