Author Topic: Need your help with verse 42:49  (Read 691 times)


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Re: Need your help with verse 42:49
« Reply #10 on: January 08, 2019, 06:54:52 AM »
Selam All,

Anyone else, please...


i thought it was not possible due Allah choosing the gender. so main question is , is it possible for us to choose the gender ??
you also check this way : if you can do ( choosing the gender) this means it is aloud , if not than its mean you cant choose your own gender , you cant (NEVER)  go agains the will of Allah ;) ...

May Allah guide us to the straight path


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Re: Need your help with verse 42:49
« Reply #11 on: March 30, 2019, 10:57:58 PM »
Salam and thank you Kaltun,

I think it's wrong to reason that way. We cannot do everything that we are able to do. For example, one can kill but that doesn't mean he is allowed to do. There are special circumstances when one is allowed to kill a life. Similarly, nowadays one can choose the gender of the offspring but that doesn't mean that is allowed to do.

Anyone else who might add to this topic?
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Re: Need your help with verse 42:49
« Reply #12 on: March 31, 2019, 07:37:41 AM »
Selam all,

I need your help with this. Does this verse prohibit gender selection procedure for a husband and wife?

42:49 To God is the sovereignty of the heavens and the earth. He creates whatever He wills. He bestows daughters to whoever He wills, and bestows sons to whoever He wills.

Selam and thanks to all in advance.

Yes this can be done. But the process will take place in tube outside the Fallopian tube of mother. Then it is to be inserted in the womb of mother. Whether it gets implanted, it is the Will of Allah the Exalted. The prerogative of selection in any case remains with Allah.