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I don't get what you mean by that qouted statement.
Either way, "Allah" have mercy upon Himself for making such a statement?
No problem, phoenix1, let me summarize the statement I made above by the following points:

1. people are deaf, dumb and blind
2. minds that cannot understand, eyes that cannot vision and ears that cannot listen.
3. Man is made perfect
4. only intelligent people can understand
5. only Allah knows best
6. clear revelation with "proofs" that only a wicked will reject.
7. verify all information
8. remember and recall events of the bygone millenniums
9. do not follow something you have no knowledge of
10. Arabic is the perfect unambiguous language for its final revelation and religion
11. must believe in everything, obey all commands and fear HIM or get instilled with terror, trauma and torture, for HE's the most jolly-good fellow (most merciful, most gracious).

Equating and analyzing the scenarios presented above, as per the Quran, the proclamation of interpreting and understanding parts of its haphazard compilation, to begin with, becomes unreliable and senseless.

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