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Ramadan & Hajj

Started by progod, May 09, 2006, 10:47:41 PM

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The fast of Ramadan= The Summer Fast

30 days to be fasted during a hot season, anywhere. It is up to the individual when he will fast.

Hajj baitullaah/al-masjidul-Haraam= Pilgrimage to God's houses/The Sancturies


For 4 consecutive months or 120 days made widely known and to be referred to as the respected months, people of the Quran are to assemble in houses of God and engage in activities such as recognizing each other, bestowing honors on each other, contributing in some way to the assembly, praising God and serving God as God has instructed. This activity has the potential to be highly organized or very weakly organized. Each pilgrim must stay at least 2 days, engaging in these activities. Once the months are established they are not to be moved at all. 

A productive pilgrimage would be an organized one in an attempt to unite and organize the community of the Quran and create a strong support group, fulfill all of the suggestions that the Quran makes for us to fulfill as a community. Pilgrimage is to emphasize the quality of a center that the houses of God have.

Prayer is personal thing and praying together is something that can be done but is not obligated like in the Islamic way. I can pray and my brother can pray separately, we don't have to do it together. The season of pilgrimage is for this purpose.

We learn from the story of our beloved Moses (God bless him) that we should also set aside local houses for community (buyootun qawmiyyat) centers 10:87

A good plan would be organized pilgrimages based on areas. Pilgrimages should be based on population and should be based on region. So for instance, A house of God should be opened up for believers on the East Coast for those few of us that are on the east coast. A house of God should be opened up for for those quranists in Saudi Arabia, those in Malaysia, etc. etc.  If the community gets bigger and the pilgrimages get bigger, other sanctuaries should be built to relieve the one location.

Let's say that say that there is a world community, some in Malaysia, some in Saudi, some in Jordan. Then since the pilgrimage season is so big delegations can be send from one area to another to communicate with each other and put each other in communication with each other.


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