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Prophets and Messengers / The "Superman" Theory
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Good Day,

This is going to be somewhat of a very large post but I hope you all bear with me as I believe profoundly that there is a strong connection here between the end of Zionism, the coming of Zulquarnain (what Jews call Messiah Ben Joseph) and Rashad Khalifa. To begin I'll like to address Rashad Khalifa since this started with him.

Rashad Khalifa was indeed one of God's Messenger's. I don't care what anyone thinks. I don't care you disagres. If you're hear to argue with me on this point don't bother. I am here only to address those who have attain this level of knowledge and understood that Rashad must have been God's Messenger. He spent most his life learning and studying the Quran and GROWING. People seem to forget that growth is apart of this deen. That a man is not perfect and that God is the teacher of the Quran (55:2) The main points that proves his messengership is fact that he discovered the profound evidence of the Quran based code and he simplified(purified) the message of strict monotheism and openly denounced and exposed hadith and sunna which spawned the movement that we have today.

Now that being said, Rashad Khalifa in one of this articles from the "Submitters Perspective" in the month September 1989 said

Through Gabriel; I was commanded to make this announcement:

that I represent the Messiah the Jews have been waiting for, the Christ Christians have been expecting, the Mehdi the Muslims have been praying for…
I am God’s Messenger of the Covenant

He stated that Gabriel told him this. It's been 34 years and this has not come to past. Now I'm thinking how is this going to come past and come to past in the most efficient way? This is where I believe the Zulquarnain is the key.

How the Zulquarnain may come?

For the past few weeks I've been pondering on how such a person would arrive and what he would do. After much thinking I've made three theories...

(1) The Fascist/Dictator Theory

The Zulquarnain will rise as a powerful enigmatic figure and world leader of a great nation (possibly America). I would compare it to the rise of Adolf Hitler with the exception that he would be a just muslim leader. He will expose corruption and fight the Zionism and globalist elites thus solidifying a powerful following as more people around the world are waking up to the blatant crimes, corruption and evils of our world leaders.

(2) The Mad Max Theory

This theory is my least favorite but it is quite possible since we live in the nuclear age. After a brutal nuclear war (WW3) the world will become chaotic and people will start turning to God for answers. The Zulquarnain will be a powerful figure of this era and become a world leader.

(3) The "Superman" Theory
This theory is my favorite since it makes the most sense. Let me we live in a world where armies have so much power it is impossible for someone independent to raise up with armies to conquer the globe. We know from Sura 18 that the  Zulquarnain will have great authority in both the east and the west all over the globe. He will be a true world leader with great authority. This is also what Jews expect from the Messiah. Question? How can such a man have that much power, when today we have technologies of mass destruction that can crush such a pursuit? Yeah you could conquer one nation but to have authority on earth to subdue all nations? o_O No one man can do this even if you ran a country like America as a dictator you still couldn't do it because other countries have nukes and other deadly weaponry. Such a pursuit will also bring about WW3 and perpetual war for supremacy. The only plausible way the Zulquarnain can gain authority and hold unto to it is if God gives the Zulquarnain powers of some sort to overcome these obstacles. The power of a "Superman".

Even though Islamic Scholars have an incorrect idea of what Zulquarnain is, some of there stories of the Zulquarnain could possibly come to past. For example, some these stories state Zulquarnain has super strength and the ability to travel long distances. I've heard of bold claims that he could travel intergalactic space which i think is far fetched, however I do believe he would be able to fly. When you read about his travels in Sura 18 wouldn't it make more sense that Zulquarnain wasn't taking some random trip with an army all across the world traveling through deserts etc? What if he was by himself, flying? Also when Zulquarnain arrived in the east to meet the people who had problems with Gog and Magog, why would he pour the tar himself to create the wall?? Strange for a powerful leader/King with armies and subjects to do this himself wouldn't you say.  Why not command someone else to do this? More and more it seems like he was by himself (Sura 18:83 - 98)

I like this theory because I understand how dark and dangerous the world really is. The world is not run by global leaders but by companies and dark fraternities with enormous political and military reach. Israel and Zionism are the backbone of many of these demonic clubs and companies. They start wars, traffic children as slaves, run dark elite clubs, destabilize nations and crush anyone that stands in their way. The way I see it, the only possible way to combat these people is if God endows the Zulquarnain with power to easily target them and crush them. It is not feasible for the Zulquarnain to use armies unless he himself has strength to swiftly end battles. If he was just General with no powers, this will bring never ending wars because nations will always rise up against him.

According to Jewish scripture Messiah Ben Joseph aka Zulquarnain is meant to be a "Prince Of Peace". He's supposed end wars. Today we are seeing world leaders all around the world turn their backs on Gaza and the people of Palestine. And though the leaders of these countries have shown their hands as Zionist puppets, the rest of the world is witnessing the brutality of the Zionist and the amount of control they wield among the governments of the earth. America stands out as the number one pawn of the Zionist. They are head prostitute nation of the Zionist.

Right now, leaders in these "muslims nations" are SILENT. They're are doing bear minimum to stop the Israelis. They are only pretending to care. They don't. They would rather see their brothers die than go against Israel for economic reasons and person interest. Their actions have created the prefect storm for God to work out the best scheme to humble and destroy the idol worshiping ideology of the Islamic word. The perfect timing. God is the Best Of Schemers. If there ever was a more perfect time for the Zulquarnain to arrive now will be the time. While these muslims leaders bow down to Israel and abandon their duties as muslims to protect their brothers it will be far easier to turn their population against them and maybe bring millions of people to the Quran Alone/God Alone movement thus fulfilling the statement Gabriel told Rashad.

Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe I'm crazy but I'm convinced something will happen before the next year. I've also noticed a strange coincidence that October 7th to December 21st(The Night of Power) is 76 days (19x4).

In any case, God knows best. Let us wait and see what he will do.

Yes I understand "The Superman Theory" sounds like a comic book fantasy but it seems to me to be the most plausible.  What do you guys think? Is this crazy?


The  generations since the 20th and 21st century are witnessing  a hideous empire backed by its allies claiming "democracy"  and acting like a tyrant around the world.
Yes America and the so called west
Its aim is to fill its coffers and hides its crimes .
Pretence and hypocrisy are starting to show on its face. Who is not aware of the games it is playing ?
And with the divisions and racism towards any opposing nations?
Its wars and coups around the world are now starting to show its true colour!

This democracy pretence and  guise, under this umbrella of the united nation is  false . What hypocrisy!
What kind of a democracy  accepts/allows "vetos" ? What contradiction , what injustice!

So its narratives are the true facts by its  definitions and its actions are legal and right!
Its definition of "terrorist" only applies to its opponents. Similarly any other democracy that  does oppose it is tyranny.
It has given itself "police of the world" status and it is holding only its opponents accountable. Friends will do no wrong and will be helped regardless.

The world is waking up to the game. The world can see through the guise and hypocrisy and pretence to keep the power. The world can now see the greed and oppression and injustice.

There  is a stronger power that is going to hold you accountable.
So ,be warned empire of greed and wars:

Thus, the judgment of your Lord is already stamped upon those who disbelieve and transgress/corrupt GOD s earth, that they are the dwellers of Hell.

Look at the get out close ,save yourselves and your people!:

Those who serve the throne and all those around it glorify and praise their Lord, and believe in Him. And they ask forgiveness for those who believe: "Our Lord, Your mercy and Your knowledge encompass all things. Forgive those who repent and follow Your path, and spare them the retribution of Hell.
"And protect them from falling in sin/crimes. Whomever You protect from falling in sin, on that day, has attained mercy from You. This is the greatest triumph."

God ALONE s system is to do what is right and treat people with dignity and justice! Stop your crimes ,you will be remorseful:

Those who disbelieve/ transgress/commit crimes... will be told, "God's abhorrence towards you is even worse than your own abhorrence towards yourselves. For you were invited to believe, but you chose to disbelieve and commit crimes against humanity and the creator."

GOD Alone has all the power, do not deceive yourself and others:

They will say, "Our Lord, you have put us to death twice,* and You gave us two lives; now we have confessed our sins. Is there any way out?"

He is the One who continuously shows you His signs, and sends down to you from the sky provisions. Only those who totally submit will be able to take heed.

Possessor of the highest ranks, and Ruler of the whole dominion. He sends inspiration, bearing His commands, to whomever He chooses from among His servants, to warn about the Day of Summoning.

Warned you are, Take note:

That is the day when everyone will be completely exposed; none of them will hide anything from God. To whom belongs all sovereignty on that day? To God, the One, the Supreme.
Prepare for the Big Day and stop your crimes now:

On that day, every soul will be requited for whatever it had earned. There will be no injustice on that day. God is most efficient in reckoning.

Warn them about the imminent day, when the hearts will be terrified, and many will be remorseful. The transgressors/criminals/oppressors... will have no friend nor an intercessor to be obeyed.

He is fully aware of what the eyes cannot see, and everything that the minds conceal.

Did they not roam the earth and note the consequences for those before them? They used to be stronger than they, and more productive on earth. But God punished them for their sins, and nothing could protect them from God.

GOD bless those who heed the message, repent and correct their ways.
GOD bless you all.

Al-Qurán: 2/120
 and AQ 2/140.
And do not presume to say to yourselves, ‘We have Abraham as our father!,’
For I tell you, God is able from these stones to raise up children for Abraham!
Even now the axe is laid to the root of the trees.
Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire.

-- John, The Baptist

It doesn't matter whom your forefathers were, what book you considered as holy, what sect / religion / nationalities / ideology that you identified yourself with.
Every tree that does not bear good fruit will be cut down and thrown into the fire.
“God gave the Torah to the Jews!”

Jewish Rabbi EXPOSES Zionism's Antisemitism
Evil has tendencies to destroy each others..
And evil works in/through all nationalities, religions, ethnicities, races, any form of 'identity construct' that can be used to separate people and make them hate/oppress/persecute another.
That is the nature of Pride... I'm superior no no no I'm superior.. I'm the chosen... no no I'm the chosen... I'm righteous... no no I'm righteous etc.. etc..

Jesus understood this that's why he said:
Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth.
Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled.
Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy.
Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.
Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called sons of God.

-- Jesus
So Israel and the west-those who- think they can fool the world with their lies and schemes?
Has their script not hit home with people of the world yet? The same script of" imperialism" that is holding the world hostage to their aims and gains!!!

The script of Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya ... before it is similar. The script of Ukraine and Gazza now. The script with their opponents Russia and China to stop them competing for dominance. The script of the third world countries that are held from improvement and are held in economic bondage...etc

Well there is a precedent for this in our human history? What happened to past imperialist,transgressor,  oppressors,deceitful with lies human systems ?

Here is their warning, take heed people of the world:

Lessons to be Learned
This is news from the past communities/empires... that we narrate to you. Some are still standing, and some have vanished.

We never wronged them; they wronged their own souls. Their gods- greed and wealth and power..., whom they invoked beside God, could not help them in the least when the judgment of your Lord came. In fact, they only ensured their doom.

Such was the retribution enforced by your Lord when the communities transgressed. oppressed, lied to their brethren  committed crimes against their fellow humans,...Indeed, His retribution is painful, devastating.

This should be a lesson for those who fear the retribution of the Hereafter. That is a day when all the people will be summoned - a day to be witnessed.

We have appointed a specific time for it to take place.

The day it comes to pass, no soul will utter a single word, except in accordance with His will. Some will be miserable, and some will be happy.

Following Our Parents/ human s rotten/unjust s systems Blindly
A Great Human Tragedy

Do not have any doubt regarding what these people serve/follow; they follow exactly as they found their parents following. We will requite them their due share fully, without reduction.

Your Lord will surely recompense everyone for their works. He is fully Cognizant of everything they do.

What happened to good morals,, good works and good conduct people?
Well done those who heed the message of their creator.

Therefore, continue on the path you have been enjoined to follow, together with those who repent with you, and do not transgress. He is Seer of everything you do.

 Yes,those who are not going to buy the lies and deceits and side with criminals.

Do not lean towards those who have transgressed, lest you incur Hell, and find no allies to help you against God, then end up losers.

If only some of those among the previous generations possessed enough intelligence to forbid evil! Only a few of them deserved to be saved by us. As for the transgressors, they were preoccupied with their material luxuries, greed and stealing wealth /land of others; they were guilty.

Your Lord never annihilates any community unjustly, while its people are righteous.

Had your Lord willed, all the people would have been one congregation (of believers). But they will always dispute (the truth).

Only those blessed with mercy from your Lord (will not dispute the truth and will keep on the straight path). This is why He created them.* The judgment of your Lord has already been issued: " Many jinns and humans transgressors will put themselves at a loss- in hell-, all together."

Say to those who disbelieve/ follow wickedness and commit crimes, "Do whatever you can, and so will we.

"Then wait; we too will wait."

To God belongs the future of the heavens and the earth, and all matters are controlled by Him.
Your Lord is never unaware of anything you do.

GOD bless all the just and fair people of the world.
The Two Wars of the West
by Manlio Dinucci
For a year and a half, we have been stressing that the United States’ war in Ukraine is having a serious impact on the standard of living of European Union citizens. The same goes for the war waged against Gazan civilians. However, the latter will also benefit the EU: gas prices will finally go down, thanks to our stealing the gas from the Palestinian survivors.


We are embroiled in two wars, in Europe and the Middle East, which have increasingly serious consequences for our living conditions and security.

On the European front, what the Wall Street Journal calls "one of the largest acts of sabotage in Europe since World War II" was carried out in September 2022: the United States, assisted by Norway and Poland, blew up the Nord Stream, the main gas pipeline carrying cheap Russian gas to Germany and from there to other European countries. The dynamics of this wartime action were reconstructed, based on precise evidence, by U.S. journalist Seymour Hersh and a German investigation.

U.S. Secretary of State Blinken called the Nord Stream blockade "a huge strategic opportunity for years to come" and pointed out that "the U.S. has become the main supplier of liquefied natural gas to Europe," gas that we European citizens pay much more for than what we used to import from Russia.

At the same time, the U.S. is passing on to Europe the enormous cost of the NATO war in Ukraine against Russia. The European Commission is paving the way for Ukraine’s next entry into the EU, with the consequence that we European citizens will be the ones paying for the huge Ukrainian deficit.

On the Middle East front, the European Union supports the war by which Israel, with the United States and NATO behind it, attacks Pelestine and fuels a regional conflict targeting Iran in particular. Italy, which has been linked to Israel by a military pact since 2004, has provided the fighter jets on which Israeli pilots are trained, which bomb Gaza massacring civilians, and supports the Israeli military in various ways. In return, PM Netanyahu has promised PM Meloni that Italy will become an energy hub for shunting to Europe the gas Israel will send through the EastMed pipeline.

The section of the offshore gas field, which Israel claims sole ownership of, is located largely in the territorial waters of the Palestinian Territory of Gaza and that of the West Bank. Through the EastMed pipeline Israel will thus export to Italy and the EU the Palestinian natural gas it has seized by military force.

Manlio Dinucci
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Off-Topic / Re: Purpose of life - discord server
« Last post by jkhan on November 25, 2023, 06:18:11 AM »

I got a message saying tried to connect but link expired..
It expires every seven days sorry...
I have attached the link...

Quranic Divinity / Re: The Qur'an corrects the mistakes of the false Injil/Torah.
« Last post by Emre_1974tr on November 24, 2023, 08:21:57 PM »
In the Quran, an event is not described in a single surah. Different details of the same event are given in many suras. For example, the story of Noah is told very little in Surah Noah. But if you look at all the suras, that is, if you read the whole book, you can see all the details about the prophet Noah and Noah's flood. In the same way, all the details of all other events are in the whole Qur'an. Each surah gives some of the details, but if you read the whole book you will see all the details. Not only the events, but for example, how to Salaat, how to perform ablution, are explained in different surahs in different parts. You have to read the whole book to learn how to worship.

The false gospels/Bible are man-written books, so they are written in the style of history books. They distract you from the truth by giving you false information.

The only true holy book we have at the moment is the Qur'an.


The entire Qur'an is a guide to goodness and virtue. Even the verses that tell us to fight evil are positive moral guidance. But if you want examples of verses, here are a few.

Holy Quran

16:90 God orders justice and goodness and that you shall help your relatives, and He prohibits immorality and vice and transgression. He warns you that you may remember.

2:44 Do you exhort the people to do good, but forget yourselves, while you are reciting the Book? Do you not comprehend?

2:83 And We took the covenant of the Children of Israel: "You shall not serve except God, and do good to your parents, and regard the relatives, and the orphans, and the needy, and say kind things to the people, and hold the contact prayer, and contribute towards purification." But then you turned away, except for a few of you; you were objecting.

2:148 And to each is a direction that he will take, so you shall race towards good deeds. Wherever you may be, God will bring you all together. God is capable of all things.

2:177 Piety is not to turn your faces towards the east and the west, but pious is one who believes in God and the Last Day, and the angels, and the Book, and the prophets, and who gives money out of love to the relatives, and the orphans, and the needy, and the wayfarer, and those who ask, and to free the slaves; and who upholds the contact prayer, and who contributes towards purification; and those who keep their pledges when they make a pledge, and those who are patient in the face of adversity and hardship and when in despair. These are the ones who have been truthful, and these are the righteous.

2:262 Those who spend their money in the cause of God, then they do not follow what they have spent with either insult or harm; they will have their recompense with their Lord, there is no fear over them nor will they grieve.

2:272 You are not responsible for their guidance, but it is God who will guide whoever He wishes. And whatever you spend out of goodness is for your own souls. And anything you spend should be in seeking the face of God. And whatever you spend out of goodness will be returned to you, and you will not be wronged.

3:134 The ones who spend in prosperity and hardship, and who repress anger, and who pardon the people; God loves the good doers.

11:115 And be patient, for God does not waste the reward of the good doers.

13:22 Andthose who are patient seeking the face of their Lord; and they hold the contact prayer, and they spend from what We have bestowed upon them secretly and openly, and they counter evil with good; these will have an excellent abode.

16:90 God orders justice and goodness and that you shall help your relatives, and He prohibits immorality and vice and transgression. He warns you that you may remember.

16:128 God is with those who are aware and are good doers.

23:61 These are the ones who race in doing good, and they are the first to it.

27:89 Whoever comes with a good deed will receive better than it, and from the terror of that Day they will be safe.

28:54 To these We grant twice the reward for that they have been patient. And they counter evil with good, and from Our provisions to them, they give.

28:77 "And seek with the provisions bestowed upon you by God the abode of the Hereafter, and do not forget your share in this world, and do good as God has done good to you. And do not seek corruption in the land. God does not love the corrupters."

28:84 Whoever brings forth a good deed, he will receive a better reward than it. And whoever brings forth a sin then the retribution for their sins will be to the extent of their deeds.

46:15 And We enjoined man to do good to his parents. His mother bore him with hardship, gave birth to him in hardship, and his bearing and weaning lasts thirty months. So that, when he has reached his independence, and he has reached forty years, he says: "My Lord, direct me to appreciate the blessings You have bestowed upon me and upon my parents, and to do good work that pleases You. And let my progeny be righteous. I have repented to You; I am of those who have submitted."

55:60 Is there any reward for goodness except goodness?

99:7 So whoever does the weight of an atom of good will see it.

4:35 And if you fear a permanent rift between them, then send a judge from his family and a judge from her family. If they want to reconcile, then God will bring them together. God is Knowledgeable, Expert.

8:61 And if they seek peace, then you also seek it, and put your trust in God. He is the Hearer, the Knowledgeable.

25:63 Andthe servants of the Almighty who walk on the earth in humility and if the ignorant speak to them, they say: "Peace."

2:25 And give good news to those who believe and do good works that they will have estates with rivers flowing beneath them. Every time they receive a provision of its fruit, they say: "This is what we have been provisioned before," and they are given its likeness. And there they will have pure mates, and in it they will abide.

2:82 And those who believe and do good works, they are the people of the Paradise, in it they will abide.

90:17 Then he has become one of those who have believed, and exhort one another to patience, and exhort one another to kindness.

4:58 God orders you to deliver anything you have been entrusted with to its owners. And if you judge between the people, then you shall judge with justice. It is always the best that God prescribes for you. God is Hearer, Seer.

4:135 O you who believe, stand with justice as witnesses to God, even if against yourselves, or the parents or the relatives. Even if he be rich or poor, God is more worthy of them, so do not follow desire into being unjust. And if you twist or turn away, then God is Expert over what you do.

11:85 "And my people, give full in the measure and the weight equitably, and do not hold back from the people what is theirs, and do not roam the land corrupting."

38:26 O David, We have made you a successor on the earth. Therefore, you shall judge among the people with the truth, and do not follow desire, lest it diverts you from the path of God. Indeed, those who stray off the path of God will have a severe retribution for forgetting the Day of Reckoning.

49:9 And if two parties of believers battle with each other, you shall reconcile them; but if one of them aggresses against the other, then you shall fight the one aggressing until it complies with the command of God. Once it complies, then you shall reconcile the two groups with justice, and be equitable; for God loves those who are equitable.

55:9 And observe the weight with equity, and do not fall short in the balance.

60:8 God does not prohibit you from those who have not fought you because of your system, nor drove you out of your homes, that you deal kindly and equitably with them. For God loves the equitable.
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