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General Issues / Questions / Re: Homosexuality LGBTQI and the deen
« on: November 22, 2016, 02:27:49 PM »


Why do we need Hadith if the Quran is enough? - Nouman Ali Khan

Having watched this lecture by him a long time ago I thought he'd come up with better arguments than the average Sunni. But to be honest, I found him very weak in this video.

And the "allah", "MUHAMMAD", "muhammad" behind him?  ???


Peace IOMAP,

If you add the above observations to 21:30, which indicates that every living thing is made of water then we can conclude that "jinn" are certainly not living things. So this further confirms that they are fantasies. The fantasies are the fuel of hell because hell is the worse thing that humans can imagine. On the other hand, there are no "jinn" in heaven. They are not needed. For those who go to heaven by their lord's mercy, everything that they will becomes reality and therefore there is no need to fantacize.

The reward for the good "jinn"/fantasies is not heaven. Their reward is that they are given water (72:16), in other words, the good fantasies are given life.

This is why we need to control our fantasies and direct them towards good. In other words, we always need to imagine positive good things and avoid imagining sinful things. This will carry over to the next life when our imagination will come with us and become apparent to everyone.

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General Issues / Questions / Re: What is "islam"?
« on: April 21, 2016, 01:43:37 PM »
Peace fye,

Come on agree with me Islam is Abrahamic monotheism.
The religion of prophet Abraham
Mod agree with me
Come on lolz
How come no one ever just calls it what it is?
Anyone agree with me without their own desires being reflected in the answer?

The proper name "Islam" can mean Abrahamic monotheism, submission or pretty much any meaning you want to assign to it. The common noun "islam" on the other hand literally means peacemaking (see original post) and according to 3:19 this is our only obligation and what we will be accountable for:

3:19. Surely the obligation at the god is peacemaking and those who were given the book differed in it after knowledge came to them, through oppression between themselves and whoever rejects the signs of the god then the god is swift in calling to account.

Peacemaking is not a religion and one doesn?t even have to be a believer to be a peacemaker as clear from 49:14:

49:14. The dwellers of the wilderness said ?we believed?. Say: ?You didn?t believe but say we made peace but faith has not entered your hearts and if you obey the god and his messenger, he will not diminish any of your deeds, indeed the god is forgiving, merciful.

Thus, the opposite of peacemaker/?muslim? is not disbeliever. The opposite of a peacemaker is a criminal:

68:35. Shall we make peacemakers like criminals!?

A criminal corrupts and causes bloodshed. On the other hand, by being peacemakers, humans fulfill the responsibility that the god entrusted them with.

2:30. And when the god said to the controllers: ?I am making in the earth a leader?. They said: ?Do you make in it that who corrupts in it and sheds blood while we exalt with your praise and sanctify for you?? He said: ?I know what you don?t know.?

Everyone naturally knows that corruption and bloodshed is the opposite of peacemaking. Common nouns such as ?peace? and ?peacemaking? are universal concepts that the god taught humans and they spontaneously appear across cultures, even those that didn?t have any contact with one another.

2:31-33. And he taught Adam the universal names then he showed them to the controllers and said: ?Tell me the named of these if you are truthful.?
They said: ?You be exalted, we have no knowledge except what you have taught us, you are the knowing, the wise.?
He said: ?O Adam, inform them of their names.? So when he informed them of their names, he told them: ?Didn?t I tell you that I know the hidden of the heavens and the earth and know what you show and what you were concealing.?

Peacemaking is not the meaningless proper name of some Arab religion. It is an action that humans must do to meet their obligation to the god and fulfill the trust that they were entrusted with:

30:30. So set up your direction to the obligation leaning away from manmade religions, according to the god?s nature that he naturally made humans on, there is no alternative to the god?s creation. This is the worthy obligation but most humans do not know.

SEE: What is "islam"?

General Issues / Questions / Re: What is "islam"?
« on: April 13, 2016, 10:16:53 AM »
Peacemaking = True "JIHAD"

22:78. And strive for the god his true striving. He has chosen you and has made no hardship on you in the obligation, the creed of your father Ibrahim. He (the god) named you the peacemakers previously and in this, so that the messenger will be a witness on you and you will be witnesses on humankind. ...

We are told that the reason for naming the followers of the god?s message "the peacemakers" is two fold; the messenger will be a witness on them; and they will be witnesses on humankind.

The definition of a witness can be summed up as one who testifies in the case of a dispute. The messenger is by definition the deliverer of the message and therefore in this capacity the message is the vehicle for communication. So what is the issue in dispute and how does delivering the message accomplish the purpose of witnessing against its own followers?

The issue in dispute is mentioned right at the beginning of the passage. By pointing to the true striving for the god, it is implicit in that statement that there is false striving for the god. The message of the passage is that its followers have been described as "the peacemakers" by the god. This message will be a witness against its own followers in the dispute of what constitutes true striving ("jihad") for the god as opposed to false striving ("jihad") for the god. Thus, by virtue of their god-given description, the followers of the messenger cannot corrupt and cause destruction and shed blood and then turn around and claim that they are doing it because they are striving for the god. By describing its followers as the peacemakers, the god?s message will be a witness against them.

Many evils in the world and plenty of wars and destruction have taken place by followers of all creeds in the name of striving for the god. So in turn, the peacemakers will be witnesses on humankind that testify the truth in the issue of those like Al-Qaeda who do not strive for the god the true striving and instead corrupt in the earth and shed the blood while claiming to strive for the god.

The single word, ?peacemakers?, describing the true strivers for the god stands as an overwhelming witness against those who cause death and destruction while claiming to strive for the god.

Peace and see signature below,

General Issues / Questions / What is "islam"?
« on: April 12, 2016, 06:30:13 PM »

The word ?muslim? is of the form muf?il and comes from the Arabic three letter root ?slm?. In Arabic the word ?salaam?/سلام (form fa?aal) means ?peace?.

The words ?muslim? and ?salaam? have a straightforward relation like the relationship between other words of the form muf?il and fa?aal. Words of the form muf?il have the meaning of ?maker of fa?aal?. For example, ?salaah? means goodness and ?muslih? is the maker of goodness, ?najaah? means success and ?munjih? means the maker of success, ?fasaad? means corruption and ?mufsid? is the maker of corruption, and so on. By the same token, ?salaam? means peace and ?muslim? means the maker of peace, in other words it means ?peacemaker?.

It follows that like ?islah? means ?making good?, ?injah? means ?making success? and ?ifsad? means ?making corruption?, ?islam? means ?peacemaking?.

Peace and see signature below,

Peace Sajda,

How are you doing? I'm fine, lhmdlllh. Still working on my bad habit of staying up late. :) Thanks for asking.

I have been wondering what the situation actually is in your part of the world and what your thoughts are of it.

Salah Abdeslam was captured in an apartment 50 metres away from where I work. We had to evacuate the building before they stormed the apartment, not knowing what was going on. The attacks in the subway stations happened two and three stops away from where I take the subway but in the other direction. To be honest, I don?t watch TV and I don?t read the papers. But I can tell you that the police and the army are everywhere. In every train and subway station and they?re also patrolling the streets. They?ve closed many subway stations and closed some entrances to other stations.

The racists have become more racist and more vocal. And many people are afraid. When the fascists announced they were going to rally in Molenbeek last Saturday, many stayed at home and kept their children inside all day. So you have people who, on the one hand, are afraid of another attack and even scared to take the subway and who, on the other hand, are facing more discrimination. And I?m sure the government will pass stricter laws and regulations. It?s obvious that the minorities will be most affected by these.

The sad part is that even among these Muslim minorities you have people who are asking for stricter laws and a tougher stance against Muslims. What they should be asking for instead is stricter laws against landlords and companies or factories that discriminate, urgent actions against youth unemployment in these disadvantaged neighbourhoods, better programs for school-leavers etc. This if they want to do something about this country becoming a breeding ground for terrorists. More discrimination and a tougher stance against Muslims will only make it easier for the extremists to recruit among the disadvantaged youths.

Peace and all the best.

I work there.

Although far-right extremists announced an anti-Islam rally in Molenbeek (Brussels), only seven showed up after it was banned; and they were arrested. Meanwhile a crowd of 400 locals assembled in the center of Molenbeek. When the far-right extremists didn't show up, some 100 troublemakers tried to go to Place De La Bourse because they believed the extremists moved their protest to the center of Brussels. The police drove them back and used a water cannon. In the midst of this turmoil two men under the influence of drugs drove towards the cops and then ran over a woman.

General Issues / Questions / Re: Can we have concensus?
« on: April 08, 2016, 11:45:22 AM »
Quote from: ayman August 26, 2004
We don't know the future but there are plenty of others who do.

For instance, the "malaika" in 2:30 knew the future.

The God's servant in 18:80-81 had knowledge of the future.

Even Iblis knew the future in 7:17.

The God created time itself and He certainly knows the future.

...neither we nor the "malaika" can create the future. Thus the future can be considered as already created and this is how even Iblis was able to see it.

However, the future is not what you think. Time is not one dimensional. The fact is that we are able to make choices that change the future. Since we don't create the future, we must be only selecting from available futures. This indicates that although we are only aware of one dimension, time is multi-dimensional, thus enabling multiple possible futures.

That's why our choices are described as a path. It is a path on this two-dimensional time sheet. The only good path is the straight path.

An additional time dimension makes it possible for the future to be known and at the same time for us to have free-choice.

For each of us, the future converges onto two possible outcomes. There is a future where we are in heaven and there is a future where we are in hell. Iblis saw that in the majority of possible futures, people will follow him. We know for sure that he couldn't see who exactly will follow him because otherwise he can just sit back and relax instead of making the effort he talked about in 7:16.

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