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General Issues / Questions / My meeting with Shirin Ebadi
« on: May 23, 2004, 01:12:44 PM »
Last Tuesday night I was invitide to a dinner with the Nobel Peace Prize Winner Iranian judge Shirin Ebadi. She was invited by the Middle Estern Studies Center of the University of Arizona. The lecture before the dinner was open to public and it attracted a big audience of about two thousand people. She was a corragous and intelligent voice against human rights violation in Iran and elsewere, including Israel.

The same evening I was invited to join her in a relatively small dinner party. I delivered to her the message and asked her to join us. We had a short discussion on some verses of the Quran, but my impression was that she was not aware of our methodology and understanding.

So, together with the Persian translation of the following letter, I gave her the Persian translation of Rashad Khalifa's remarkable book, Quran, Hadith, and Islam. She gave me her personal address for further communication.

Dear Mrs. Ebadi

In the light of recent events around the world and acts committed in the name Islam, there is an increasing need for the Muslims to stand up and voice their condemnation of the actions of a few and rejection of violence and abuse of human rights in Muslim countries.

One such voice we hear loud and clear is yours Mrs. Ebadi. We are very much impressed with your recent speeches trying to bring a breeze of sensibility to an atmosphere where rhetoric and emotions seems to be the norm.

We are a group of reform minded Muslims of different walks of life who are in process of forming a movement to create an awareness of man made misconceptions and innovations that have been introduced into our religion. We believe that Islam is a pluralistic religion that in the light of the teachings of the Quran is tolerant of other's creed and further, salvation is a private matter between God and the believer and any interference is condemned.

After the death of the Prophet Muhammad, something interesting happened. In direct contradiction to the teachings of the Quran, male clerics dedicated the religion not to God alone, but to a "holy" corporation consisting of:

? God +
? Muhammad +
? Muhammad's companions +
? The companions of Muhammad's companions +
? Early sect leaders +
? Late sect leaders +
? Early scholars of a particular sect +
? Late scholars of a particular sect; and so on.

The product of this corporation was the Hadith (teachings attributed to Muhammad), the Sunnah (actions attributed to Muhammad), the Ijma (consensus of a select group of scholars), the Ijtihaad (religious decrees by early scholars) and numerous sects. This concoction of medieval Arab/Christian/Jewish cultures was introduced to the masses as God's infallible religion, as delivered by the last prophet. The only thing actually delivered by God to Muhammad, however, was the text of the Holy Quran, which is set out as the final and authoritative divine message to humankind.

Unfortunately, ignorance, intolerance, misogynist teachings, superstitions, and outdated practices have accumulated over the centuries in interpreting and translating the holy book of Islam. It is time to re-introduce the actual message of the Quran. It is time to remove the accumulated layers of man-made dogmas and traditions that have attached themselves to the text.

We plan to launch our movement through a websites called "Muslims For Reform" ( or "Islamic Reform" ( and are about to embark on publishing articles and books to promote the peaceful message of the Quran and rejection of violence under any pretext. We would like to ask you to join our movement in any capacity you may seem fit. The time has come for the Muslims to reflect and introspectively stop blaming others and take responsibility for our own actions.

Among the members, supporters or advisors of Islamic Reform are:

Prof. Riffat Hassan; University of Lousville
Prof. Aisha Musa; Harvard University
Prof. Martha Shulte; University of Arizona
Prof. Jon Mandaville; Portland State University, Oregon
Prof. Omid Safi; Colgate University
Prof. Asma Barlas; Ithaca College
Prof. Kecia Ali; Harvard University
Prof. Amina Wadud; Virginia Commonwealth University
Fereydoun Taslimi; Entrepreneur, Noor Foundation
Hossein Kowsari; Author
Caner Taslaman; Author
Faraydon Karim, PhD.; Mathematician
Muhammad Asadi (writer); Writer
Ali Bahzadnia, MD.; Human Rights Activist
Said Talari;
Raymond & Sophia Catton; Quranic Society of Canada


Edip Yuksel

General Issues / Questions / Please delete my posting
« on: May 23, 2004, 01:03:38 PM »
I am glad that this was due to a mistake. So, if you are moderator, please delete my posting on this issue.


General Issues / Questions / Why my access was denied?
« on: May 23, 2004, 12:45:27 PM »
I might be wrong, and I hope to be wrong:

I recently discovered that I could not access to this forum as Edip Yuksel (separate). I checked the membership list and I did not find my name there either. So, I re-registered as EdipYuksel (joined together).

If it is due to a deliberate attempt to stop me from posting here, I would appreciate if I am informed about that. I would not insist to participate in a forum where I am not wanted. I have too many things to do.

If my registration is deleted again, I will not return here. I hope, that word free is not abused by a tyrannical mind. I still have a positive impression of this site.

Personally, I have great tolerance to different opinions on the Quran as long as people consider God's Ayaats in the scripture and nature as the only authority in our religion.

However, I have witnessed many of those who claim to follow the Quran alone to be eager to start condemning others who share the same basic claim but not the same understanding of a particular word or issue.

Those who are eager to engage in fight are perhaps too young, or emotionally unstable, or have hidden agendas. But, despite provocation, we muslims should learn ignore the ignorants and engage in respectful and productive exchange of ideas.


General Issues / Questions / Look-alike Holy Rivals
« on: May 23, 2004, 12:08:49 PM »
Look-alike Holy Rivals

?Edip Yuksel, J.D.

It is no secret that the war in Iraq was started to promote the geo-political interest of American-Israeli alliance, and it is baptized by big corporations. While American weapon industry is devouring bloody profits from destruction of Iraq, American construction giants are piling up skyrocketing profits from its construction, and oil companies are making lubrative profits from shortage speculations and future concessions received from the so-called Free Iraq's puppet regimes. War once again is re-distributing the wealth in America, shifting it further from the poor and middle class to the filthy rich. All this is accomplished by using tax money, to which 60 percent of American corporations contributed ZERO dollars.

In this war, the blood of poor people is shed on both sides. If by accident or design, a son-of-a-rich American enlists in military duty, and by another accident he ends up in battle field and gets hurt, the American Inc's media celebrates him news after news, program after program by telling us the story of that great American Hero. This makes poor Americans forget about their financial and health problems, their prisons, debts, joblessness, and cry for this great hero. Poor and Middle class citizens are thus will be led to believe that rich people share the honor of the snake-oil patriotism with them.

The American military lost about 800 soldiers so far in Iraq (don't ask the tens of thousands of Iraqi civilians killed by our heroes; they do not count), and we got only one-and-a-half heroes: Lynch and Tillman. Their stories attracted media's attention since one was a woman and the other was a "potential" millionaire. The story of Jessica Lynch saved by brave American soldiers was later found to be a fiction. To lure the daughters and wives of lower class Americans, in addition to their men, to die for the green aspirations of the big corporations, media has always staged hidden propaganda campaigns. As for Tillman, though his story was inspiring, yet it was not among the popular values of Americans, since out of more than 800 soldiers killed none even came close to Tillman. I am not talking about American values, such as, individual rights, freedom, innovation, optimism, and hard-work. I do not know if Tillman were a guard in a prison whether he would sexually torture Iraqi detainees and prisoners, but perhaps he shared a traditional American value: violence and arrogance. As for politicians who are hired and manipulated by big corporations and organizations, they almost always shed some crocodile tears and get more votes from the exploited poor.

American military mainly consists of Americans belonging to the bottom 20 percent of economic spectrum. Though they are financially FORCED to become hired guns, they are euphemistically called Volunteers. Besides the military service, the only two options for most of the enlisted "volunteers" are to join the homeless or the prison population. American soldiers have somehow "patriotically" picked the military, which seems to be a better option than being homeless or inmate. Ironically, when they become useless for military, usually they end up where they belong: streets, prisons or mental hospitals.

After this introduction, I would like to present you with some facts about the deeds and words of two fanatic groups: Taliban, al-Qaida, or Army of the Mahdi VERSUS Crusaders, Evangelical Christians, or the Left-Behind-Armageddonites. The following statements are all gathered from media, and can be verified. Isn't their similarity is shocking?:

We destroyed and will continue destroying your SKYSCRAPERS.

We destroyed and will continue destroying your HOMES and CAVES.

We will ATTACK and TERRORIZE you.

We will first SHOCK and AWE you, then, we will F?K and COW you!

This is a JIHAD

This is unofficially a CRUSADE, officially our LIBERATION from you.

ALLAH is with us; He is on our FLAG.

GOD is with us; He is on our MONEY.

MUHAMMAD is the best.

JESUS is the best, forget the rest.

MUHAMMAD?S GRAND SON was killed because of our sins. In anniversaries, pretending to be sharing his agony, we SUFFER by BLEEDING ourselves.

GOD?S FAVORITE SON was killed for our sins. In masses we enjoy drinking wine, pretending that it is his BLOOD, and then we make heathens SUFFER.

We offer 10 kilogram GOLD for the head of IMPERIALISTS.

We offer 50 million DOLLARS for the head of the TERRORISTS.

We will ENSLAVE the occupiers, especially their female soldiers.

We will capture and IMPRISION the insurgents.

We ENJOY abusing our HOSTAGES and SLAVES.

We officially REGRET but unofficially ENJOY abusing the DETAINEES and PRISONERS.

Our countries are turned to HELL by ZIONIST and CHRISTIAN occupiers and their puppets, and we will go to HEAVEN while sending them to HELL.

Our country is a great HEAVEN and we will occupy MUSLIM COUNTRIES in the oily Middle East to maintain our HEAVEN.

When we are killed we will have 70 young VIRGINS in the HEAVEN.

We do not care whether it is virgin or not. Perverts among us even do not care whether it is man or woman. While we are on EARTH we enjoy them in our BARS, HOTELS, PORNO SITES, and PRISONS.

We HATE our ENEMIES in our MOUSQUES and streets.

We LOVE our ENEMIES in CHURCHES and we HATE them everywhere else.

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