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Salat & Zakat (The Contact & Purification) / Re: How do you do your prayer?
« on: November 15, 2010, 03:52:15 PM »
Just talk to God I reckon. Anywhere, anytime, God is waiting.

Maybe what I think of as an exclusive congregation isn't so much "the state" but rather the masjid al haram, or maybe qibla? Like, I have this utopia in mind, a place where only truth is pursued by believers, and where no unbelievers or idolaters are allowed. That doesn't mean that we should treat christians like yourself with anything other than patience and courtesy, constantly inviting to the truth that is monotheism. Inshallah.

I hope so. But since you think Hindus and Christians are idolators where specifically do non-Muslims fit into your utopia? 

Do you believe in 'the best person for the job'? For instance if there were several men and women going for the same job, possibly one of authority, would you accept it if the best person for the job was a female non-Muslim?

That's all? well, Wootah, i'm disap-point-ed.
Not all my posts can please.

"would have been turned into a lustful raving rapist by your voice"

Wootah, got some point to tell? Explain.

Just sharing in the joke, of how silly it is to think a woman can turn a man into a crazy sex wild thing.

:o Oh my. That's a scary thought. Still, clearly there is a belief getting about that men will be turned on by anything, hence everything (:P) must be banned/covered up and that further to that, once this chain of events gets started, that the poor things have no self control. Know what I think about that?  :yeah:

Men have a lot more control than some scholars (and hadith writers) seem to think. In the west women wear quite revealing clothing, work with men, drink and socialise with men and if the above were true it would be untenable. Yet somehow women here manage not to get raped everyday. Strange that...

I was told/advised to stop singing one day. I was in a small room with no windows to the outside (no, it wasn't prison, but thanks for asking :) ) so who could have heard aside from the person who told me I shouldn't sing...a mahram. For flips sake!!! Let a girl enjoy doing the dishes!!!

Ahh but you didn't know whether a man might not be nearby who would have been turned into a lustful raving rapist by your voice.  :o
 However ... I am sure he was happy you were doing the dishes :)

Because groups of people from all walks of life do irrational things. 

Better question is: why does this surprise you? 
Well when one tries to learn about something and it changes all the time it is quite difficult to know what is true and false.

Peace all!

My classmates told me that a woman cannot sing in public because 'in the Quran it says that in the hereafter she will have a hook going through her mouth'. One of them is having a shisha party with a bellydancer shaking her ass.

Why would some sects of Islam find any justification for banning something as beautiful and enjoyable as singing?

General Issues / Questions / Re: Muslims and non-muslims
« on: November 11, 2010, 03:55:51 AM »
I don't get this.
How does 'enough good deeds' equate to a 'high standard' ? Or even a lower standard? Doesn't make any sense!

And, no one is forcing you to trust that 'God is good'. That's the whole point, you trust God to be fair.

If God isn't good then what promise do you have that paradise will be good? (I mean if God was bad, why would he create heaven at all? And why would the good people get to go there?)

This doesn't make any sense either, unless you're a self-admitted masochist? Woot are you on [about!] 

I was probably joking in that reply.

General Issues / Questions / Re: Muslims and non-muslims
« on: November 11, 2010, 03:50:46 AM »

i respect your opinion but that doesnt sound..reasonable. if heaven is the aim, then a merciful God would make the "aim" approachable to humans.
also with regard to the question as to why we would trust a God who doesnt have high standards for heaven to be good...well same way i could ask a christian how he/she can believe in a God who needs a blood sacrifice to wash off the sins of mankind. No "good" God would need blood to atone for sins. atleast I cant rationalise it. maybe you could give me your opinion on that brother?


Yes, that is the next line of reasoning: appealing to Allah's mercy. But it's not clear to me if you are agreeing with me that good deeds are insufficient and mercy is needed or not.

My understanding is that sin is death and the wages of sin are death. Sacrifice in the Old Testament served as a reminder of and way of apologizing for our sins. After Jesus there is no need for these sacrifices. Thinking on Jesus and being grateful is pretty much identical to the purpose of sacrifice that occurred in the Old Testament. To my mind it is a system that allows God to be good, just and merciful, without losing any part of those qualities in the process of saving our sorry selves. Good that the wicked will not go to heaven. Just that he judges us all fairly and Merciful in that he provided a way for us to be saved.

I think blood is a good metaphor for life and used as such. This seems like a good link explaining the idea of blood in Christianity.

General Issues / Questions / Re: Muslims and non-muslims
« on: November 11, 2010, 02:32:53 AM »
This line of reasoning makes no sense except maybe to an elitist masochist.

It might not make any sense but how does it make sense to an elitist masochist?

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