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I mean, honestly, ever since 2009 I enter these 19 threads, and I see roughly a couple thousand or more numbers spammed on one long stretched-out page (some even dotted "..." to show they keep going on end :hypno:), and anyone thinks God intended that we do all these calculations? I don't think I'd do them if it earned me a stable salary.

The post I quoted doesn't even compare to some 10x or more bigger ones with much more and bigger (yes I'm sounding redundant, as much as the numbers themselves) numbers that I've seen in the years here.

Salat & Zakat (The Contact & Purification) / Re: Salat & the Kaaba
« on: January 22, 2013, 02:05:34 AM »
The traditional method of salat is justified nowhere in the Quran. Traditionalist take whatever verses they want and twist them to mean what they want. The rest of the details (which are man-made) come from the Sunna i.e. the supposed teachings and traditions of Mohamed, which is no more fictional than the Harry Potter series.

Also, I would've been much happier since, even though I'd be going through what you mentioned (which is what I still went through being raised in a Muslim family) I would not have had my genitals mutilated. THAT is MUCH worse than what you simply highlighted, once you realize the full difference between a cirumcised and natural penis.

Salat & Zakat (The Contact & Purification) / Re: Salat & the Kaaba
« on: January 20, 2013, 05:50:23 PM »
Yeah, that argument about so many people doing something should mean it's right is dumb, for the reasons mentioned above. Christians worldwide are also large in number (outweighing Muslims even) so indeed following the majority on Earth will give you a big plate of nothing. For the record, I think I'd've been a much happier individual had I been raised Christian in Europe or South America...just saying.

Ok, and a thousand or so people will convert to Islam by the next month, guess what they'll be doing? Blind-following Sunni Islam. All the women in the group will don Sunni women clothing, the men will probably stop shaving for a while and they'll blindly do what the mainstream Muslims are doing, NOT because it makes sense but since they don't want to feel left out. This is the same reason my family's following blindly. They don't want to be declared outcasts by the major religious sect, and heck think that by being rational at all in religion then you'll inevitably be lead to disbelief. Hell, just a few hours ago my parents literally got pissed I didn't group-pray maghrib with them, despite in their awfully stupid religion group prayers aren't even mandatory - just recommended...what next? Am I going to get harsh reactions for not getting part of my labias and clitoris cut off if I was a girl, because it's, like group prayers, only recommended in said religion? No compulsion in religion means you're not going to build hard feeling towards your own son just because he doesn't attend some polytheistic prayer with you. You'll love him for who he is and should be comfortable with him believing what he wants.

WHY should I care that I'm one in 1,000 Muslims who, for example, think Sahih Bukhari and Muslim is man-made horsecrap? Why should I care that I don't blind-follow which the Quran clearly tells us not to anyway, and that I believe prostrating to this physical object which according to sources around may or may not even be "bayt Allah" is polytheistic, not that the Quran even says to do such a thing. Simply visiting a location or residence like "the house" of Allah to do something there is not and I mean nothing close to prostrating to an object people claim is God's house!

For the record I lol'd at the bit pointing out that technically it's impossible to face it and if you tried you'd be technically facing a point in space anyway.

Peace -- why are you infatuated flipping digits until you find meaningless multiples or have you tried adding back 9:128-129?

9128 9129 = 19 x 4804691
9 + 128 + 129 = 266 (19 x 14!)
19th word in 9:128-129 is Allah!
114 letters in 9:128-129 = 60 + 54 = 114 (19 x 6!)
76th letter (76 = 19 x 4!) in 9:128-129 is alif in Allah!

= 19 x...!

9 301004 3112040 20060630 4050 15080602040 707107 7030105 401 705040040 82001090 7030102040 213040640501050 2001680 20081040 9
= 19 x...!

9 80150 40063061 8010030 860210 130305 301 1305 1301 56 7030105 40062030400 656 2002 13070200300 130709001040 9
= 19 x...!

301004 3112040 20060630 4050 15080602040 707107 7030105 401 705040040 82001090 7030102040 213040640501050 2001680 20081040
80150 40063061 8010030 860210 130305 301 1305 1301 56 7030105 40062030400 656 2002 13070200300 130709001040

= 19 x 19 x...!

9:129 فان تولوا فقل حسبى الله ? #of letters from beginning of verse to including Allah = 19 x 1!
130305 301 1305 1301 56 7030105 40062030400 656 2002 13070200300 130709001040 = 19 x ?!

9:128-129 from the 19th word Allah to end of chapter 9 is multiple!
130305 19 301 20 1305 21 1301 22 56 23 7030105 24 40062030400 25 656 26 2002 27 13070200300 28 130709001040 29 = 19 x...!

Now a few examples of the entire Qur'an with 9:128-129 included and using your same methods.

6236 = total #of verses 9:128-129 included: 7+286?+129?+6
333667 = total sum of all verses, 28 + 41041? + 8385? +21

1-114 straight up multiple!
  123?286 ... (continue ch 3-8)
  123?129 ... (continue ch 10-113)
= 19 x !
  1234567 7 (1x7)
  123?286 572 (2x286) ...
  123?129 1161 (9x129) ...
  123456 684 (114x6)
= 19 x !
6236 333667
 286 ...
 129 ...
6236 333667
= 19 x ?!
 1 7
 2 286 ...
 9 129 ...
 114 6
= 19 x ?!
 1 1234567
 2 123?286 ...
 9 123?129 ...
 114 123456
= 19 x ?!
 7     1 1234567
 286 2 123?286 ...
 129 9 123?129 ...
 6 114 123456
= 19 x ?!
 7     1     8 1234567
 286 2 288 123?286 ...
 129 9 138 123?129 ...
 6 114 120 123456
= 19 x ?!
 7     1     8 1234567
 286 2 288 123?286 ...
 129 9 138 123?129 ...
 6 114 120 123456
= 19 x ?!
 7     1     8 1234567
 286 2 288 123?286 ...
 129 9 138 123?129 ...
 6 114 120 123456
= 19 x ?!
 1 1234567 28 (1+2+3+4+5+6+7=28)
 2 0 123?286 41041 ...
 9 123?129 8385 ...
 114 0 123456 21
= 19 x ?!
 1 1234567 28 (1+2+3+4+5+6+7=28)
 2 0 123?286 41041 ...
 9 123?129 8385 ...
 114 0 123456 21
= 19 x ?!

How the f*** do you people look through this number shit and not get nauseated?

Off-Topic / Re: Any Uncircumcised Here?
« on: January 20, 2013, 04:18:41 PM »
Solomon, do a little further research and don't just accept what's thrown at you from the American medical perspective esp. on this issue. This crap started in America as a means to help stop masturbation, which in its books of medicine was diagnosed as a disease. You think masturbation is a disease now? This is the same medical logic and mentality that ramble on about the alleged benefits of circumcision today. Look up the salaries of the people carrying the practice out, and how in nowhere in any of their articles whatsoever do they discuss the foreskin, what it consists of and how it gives complete sexual function and pleasure, not to mention its other functions like keeping the glans natural and non-keratinized (keratin is a wrinkly dead layer of skin that develops; you can see this on your glans especially when not erect), by creating smegma which is ANTI-MICRIOBIAL and fights against infections as if it was an immune system in itself. Every other first world country's medicine states the OPPOSITE of what the American Acadamy of Pediatrics (which is run mostly by Jews by the way) claim. Further research will also tell you the so-called studies in Africa have been set up for biased results. Then there's the fact somehow life in f*cking Africa, literally the region most unlike the first world is comparable to the life of Americans when it comes to sex, hygiene and infection. All of these reasons explain why they have no credibility.

But you know, even if there was some kind of undeniable proof to these benefits (article you posted only talked about STD's btw) they may not mean ANYTHING to the child WHATSOEVER. What if the child, grows up:

1. Not being promiscuous

2. Promiscuous practicing safe sex

3. In no relationship, relying solely on masturbation

4. Has very good hygiene

All of the so-called benefits then are moot (destroyed) in this case, and let's add a fifth characteristic. He LOVES getting and feeling physical and sexual pleasure, and would be traumatized knowing he lost a good 1/3, 1/2, or 2/3 of his capacity of achieving so depending how much flesh was cut off. So now, this child has been given NOTHING save reduced and half-assed pleasure compared to what he was created with, for life. He might as well have been a girl in rural upper Egypt where labia reduction is practiced before they even get a chance to experience an orgasm with it.

Circumcision can be done at any age. Even the false story of Abraham has HIMSELF circumcising himself with his consent at around 80, an extremely old age, but now somehow this covenant (which verses in the Quran only imply it's a covenant with the Shaitan) gets changed to being forcibly done on 8 day old babies? Gtf out of here...

While this barbaric having-nothing-to-do-with-Allah's-system practice can be done AT ANY TIME as stated above, it is not reversible. By the way, "foreskin restoration" is only a matter of applying tension (with a device or with your hands) to what is left of penile skin to help make more of itself. It does not even come close to making the person as if he hasn't been through the mutilation (read: the foreskin is FAR from being just "some skin" - the texture and quality of this skin is unlike any other on the body and is the most innervated, once amputated can never be re-created). Just saying this part in case someone comes along saying "it can be undone".

God help us all.

Salat & Zakat (The Contact & Purification) / Salat & the Kaaba
« on: January 03, 2013, 07:32:11 PM »
Sorry in advance if this has been asked. My question isn't that general though so that's the main reason I made the topic (search didn't help enough).

This isn't really about hajj, but about salat. I can't shake off the feeling aiming a ritual prayer towards (and prostrating towards) the famous Kaaba in Mecca is just made-up. Even supposing this is the actual Kaaba in the Quran, I don't think there's any command to physically pray towards it, let alone prostrate in its direction.

Can someone show me the verse closest to implying we should pray and prostrate towards the Kaaba (the one in Mecca)?

Thanks in advance.

Off-Topic / Re: Any Uncircumcised Here?
« on: January 03, 2013, 05:17:37 PM »
Depending how wicked of a perception you have of Allah, he may or may not. It takes a new level of wicked to command such a thing.

Off-Topic / Re: Any Uncircumcised Here?
« on: December 26, 2012, 09:55:25 AM »
You also copped out of this post:

Dear Aisha,

We are Submitters who follow a Book that supersedes all previous scripts and is the source of our law (5:48)

As for the Torah - this nonsense we have today is not the words revealed to Moses on mount Sinai as it refers to events that occurred after the crossing and during the 40 year banishment from the holy land and even after the death of Moses. Even Jewish sources acknowledge that there are parts of today's Torah that come from the time of King David, king Josiah, and even the Babylonian exile.  The oldest surviving fragments of a written Torah date to the 9th century A.D. - so I don't see how your statement (it was the same Torah at the time of Mohammed) holds water.


and this one:

Though not mentioning it specifically, Quran is still against it in the sense that it is against:
* blindly following things of our parents
* not using reason
* not pondering creation
* compulsion in religion (yes, you are permanently marked with a religious stamp, not given a choice)
* oppression (yes, you are forced into a lifelong debility, not given a choice)

The quran outlines principles. In essence, the quran is against anything that goes against its principles.

Plain and simple  ;)


to write:

The Torah ends with the death of Moses.  :peace:


And the Quran confirms the Torah and does not 'correct' this part.


As Layth was saying, the oldest fragments of a Torah dates hundreds of years after the Quran which only supports everything I've said. For his well-being, I pray you never have a son or even a foster one.

In the second part you're essentially saying to Zulf well, the Quran still confirms it despite that it goes against its own (the Quran's) principles.

Off-Topic / Re: Any Uncircumcised Here?
« on: December 26, 2012, 07:33:36 AM »
Hey dumbass:

2:75    Did you expect that they would believe with you, when a group of them had heard the words of God then altered them knowingly after having understood?

2:76    And when they come across those who believe, they say: "We believe!" And when they are alone with each other they say: "Why do you inform them of what God has said to us? Then they would use it in argument against us at your Lord. Do you not comprehend?"

2:77    Do they not know that God knows what they conceal and what they declare?

2:78    And among them are Gentiles who do not know the Book except by hearsay, and they only conjecture.

2:79    So woe to those who write the Book with their hands then say: "This is from God," so that they can purchase with it a cheap price! Woe to them for what their hands have written and woe to them for what they gained.

These were what I cited earlier, quranically confirming scripture corruption (corruption of "the Book", which we know to be the original Torah). Changed by the SAME Jews who received it (here are the verses preceding the set I posted showing it's discussing THE JEWS):

2:71    He said: "He says it is a heifer which was never subjugated to plough the land, or water the crops, free from any blemish." They said: "Now you have come with the truth." And they slaughtered it, though they had nearly not done so.

2:72    And you had murdered a person, then disputed in the matter; God was to bring out what you were keeping secret.

2:73    We said: "Strike him with parts from it." It is thus that God brings the dead to life, and He shows you His signs that you may comprehend.

2:74    Then your hearts became hardened after that, they became like stone or even harder; but even from stone there are rivers that burst forth, and from them are those that crack so that the water comes forth, and from them are what descends from concern towards God; and God is not unaware of what you do.

This doesn't magically fix itself. So then comes Jesus, had his shit corrupted as well, so that is (at least one of) the purposes for Mohamed's advent later. If you don't know this then lol.

Another verse saying the Quran is an authentication for what Moses was given:

46:12    And before it was the Book of Moses, a beacon and a mercy. And this is an authenticating Book, in an Arabic tongue, so that you may warn those who have transgressed, and to give good news to the righteous.

You're trying to say the Torah Mohamed/Allah commanded (1400 years ago) the Jews to follow is the one embraced by Jews around the world today. You can't prove this, especially with the verses I provided. Allah makes a similar command about the Gospel elsewhere so you would have to stupidly argue as well that we need to follow the current Gospel.

Plus, in that section where you said stoning was "corrected" by the Quran...basically you're saying God wants us to follow the Quran, as well as the (current) Torah, but watch out for them Toraic corruptions! Hop from one script to the other to see if the Quran "fixed up" something or denounced it. Why stop at the current Torah? Lets flip to the current Gospel as well to see if there are additional rules we should be following. Have fun reading folks! :brickwall:

Why of course I keep coming to post overwhelming proof that the current Torah is nothing like Moses' Torah, I don't know.

Off-Topic / Re: Any Uncircumcised Here?
« on: December 26, 2012, 06:12:46 AM »
She has a habit of posting garbage not even remotely worth wasting time to read.

Quickly visited this thread again from a Google search. After my last post doing a quick glance, I find she's saying:

1. Stoning was "corrected" by the Quran with lashing, despite that mainstream Islam doesn't say the punishment for fornication is stoning. It's saying the punishment for adultery, which is different, is stoning. The Torah as well, says the punishment for ADULTERY is stoning. So Ayesha is in full support of the stonings that occur in places like Iran and other M.E. countries, given the tortured-to-death victim performed the act. Anyone who watches the Stoning of Soraya (2010 movie) will have a glimpse of Ayesha's motives.

i.e. Islam says fornication is what the Quran's talking about, because hey, there's technically no proof the Quranic word is "adultery" or includes adultery, but common sense and Quranic knowledge makes it clear to the rational person stoning (, sex outside marriage) is satanic and is a sin of epic proportions, that the only thing the Quran associates stoning with is pagan idol worship.

2. The verse about Allah perfecting the creation, is somehow, miraculously not in contradiction to the practice of permanently cutting off erogenous protective flesh from a male's genitals (during infancy, strapped down and torturously circumcised by force, not being given the right to have a say in the matter when he's of age (not that they'd ever want it when they know the whole truth of it), nor an anesthetic to accompany the pain even) and having it altered in numerous adverse ways, permanently, for the rest of the boy's life (one way actually makes it desensitize constantly). Anyone who compares this to cutting hair and nails, which is almost as stupid as comparing it to removing sweat off your forehead (hint: hair and nails, just like bodily secretions are products of the actual body, produced constantly thus common sense says cutting nails is NOT a change or mutilation of the body). If that wasn't bad enough:

a) The threshold of pain delivered by circumcision is fantastically painful to the point hundreds of babies die every year in just America, from this $300-400 per 15 minutes ($12,000 - 1,600 per hour) practice (Satan's satanic incentive, other than making people believe false religious crap of course). This is not even including the more profitable, second part of this which is the low, satanic and disgusting sale of the foreskin for the manufacturing of beauty products or other surgeries and biomedical research. Either that or the baby enters a comatose state (meaning so much pain they pass out). That or they're screaming at such a disturbing level as in the following: (skip to 2:40 if you have the gut)

b) Most of the male's ability to receive pleasure is gone, simply because the same type of nerve-laden tissue which gives the female pleasure from her external genitals is cut off - dissected from the body. The male thus has to make up for said loss of physical pleasure through unnatural means, be it more mental stimulation by getting the woman to do things she (in most cases) is not naturally comfortable with doing. If it wasn't obvious enough, studies have been done showing circumcised men obsess more about various sexual positions as well as sexual practices, esp. oral sex. All of this is more than replaced with a foreskin (read: it is a lot more rare for intact men to have these perversions), which Allah puts on every male and thus eases the sex lives, speaking in the general sense w/ common sense hygiene. If you're a man/woman thinking circumcised males improve or has improved your sex life, just know a great portion of men in Egypt and African countries find their sex lives enhanced when the female has been circumcised and many Egyptian women don't mind their circumcisions while many circumcised men mind their's.

Not surprisingly, circumcision seems more linked to violent tendencies later in life as just about all serial killers, rapists and violence inflicters in America were circumcised. No need to get into the Middle East obviously as we know the aggressive, controlling and mentally obsessed with sex nature of the men it has. Seems legit considering the violence and mutilation that is circ. It is even arguable that this falls in the category of Satan's promise even more since it's not just the physical aspect, but the mental warping of the individual it has later as just described. America also has an alarmingly high rate of divorce than say Europe, which has a 98% intact rate roughly. Once again, not surprising considering the sexual relationship info above, and you heard of the recent Sandy Hook shooting? Arguably the most horrific school shooting in history. Looking at the shooter's ethnic background info there's a very high chance he was circumcised (Jewish ancestry). Lovely.

3. The verses about Allah wishing us no hardship, and a life filled with pleasure and free of pain is in addition, quite miraculously not in contradiction with the above facts anyone can confirm on their own (10% of it was educated opinion, worst case scenario).

Some people are astronomically ignorant or so similar to brick walls that other, rational members don't waste their times dealing with. Ayesha's no exception, and I usually read through a person's posts fully when they're at least remotely sound.

There's a reason not one person here agreed with your crap, and it's because when they confirm the information in this post for themselves they'll see that routine male infant circumcision is blatantly against what the Quran preaches.

-Edit- And Allah wouldn't so senselessly say he perfected the creation, then turn around to command infant male genital amputation (since he obviously would want nothing save for his creation to BE perfect), unless your mind's stuffed with more bullshit than I imagined first conversing with you.

And that's exactly why the Jews believe the following:

"To be born without a foreskin was regarded as the privilege of the most saintly of people, from Adam, 'who was made in the image of God,' and Moses to Zerubbabel (see Midrash Ab. R. N., ed. Schechter, p. 153; and Talmud, Sotah 12a). Uncircumcision being considered a blemish, circumcision was to remove it, and to render Abraham and his descendants "perfect" (Talmud Ned. 31b; Midrash Genesis Rabbah xlvi.)"

If you deny this part then you'll be the laughing stock of Free Minds.

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