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Any updates from Hizbullah or Noon Waalqalami?

Peace bro

Just to inform you that there are people who very arrogant to assume that their standards are way higher than others. I advise them stop living in a cocooned mind set and be realistic about things especially the Quran! Get out of their little mind and try to see the bigger picture?use a wee bit of their intelligence to think about the long-term consequences for the ummah!

The importance of history cannot be overemphasized. History is like a long-term memory where nations? voices are preserved. It may be safe to say that people without history are people without intelligence. So, why have our Islamic scholars deliberately refused to acknowledge the true history of Quran-Islam and to attract Muslims (old and young) to become interested in this study? Has this anything to do with their overemphasis on Islam?s rituals for gaining salvation in the Hereafter that the importance of its history loses its significance in their eyes?

In spite of expounding the history of Quran-Islam, a vast majority of Muslims are ignorant of the subject. While there are more than one and a half billion Muslims in the world, it may be no exaggeration to say that very few are interested to learn the truth about the history of Quran-Islam.

Q:12:106 - And most of them believe not in ALLAHU except while they associate others with HIM.

For a Muslim, the study of history should be like watching the laws of ALLAH in action, the application of information given in the Quran which was elucidated by the Quranic Seal of the Prophets (P). The Quran demands that Muslims reflect upon history, not merely to know it but to learn from it. By studying history - the true history, Muslims can gain an understanding of how ALLAH?s laws work in the world of humankind. ALLAH does not preordain the fate of nations, such as, when empires fall, and new ones arise. Rather, it is the nations themselves that cause their own downfall by not living in harmony with the laws of society that ALLAH has set for all.

There are two ways to learn from the history of past nations: 1) learning from Quran and 2) learning from archaeological discoveries. History based on oral narrations in the absence of Quran or archaeological discoveries or both are NOT reliable, especially if that history is compiled under a period ruled by kings.

While the Quran exhorts Muslims to learn from history, they essentially have ignored this message. The Quran presents history of past nations as evidence of the efficacy and truth of its message and a warning to those who do not listen to the verdict of history:

Q:03:137 - Many were the Ways of Life that have passed away before you: travel through the earth, and see what was the end of those who rejected Truth.

Q:06:11 - Say: "Travel through the earth and see what was the end of those who rejected Truth."

Q:47:10 - Do they not travel through the earth, and see what was the End of those before them (who did evil)? ALLAH brought utter destruction on them, and similar (fates await) those who reject Allah.

The study of history is often presented in chronological terms describing the rise and the fall of empires; but is that all to history of Quran-Islam?

So what is the history of Quran-Islam? Is it synonymous with the Zoroastrian-Islamic history of the 7th Century CE? Have Muslims been practicing Islam ? the Islam taught by the Quranic Seal of the Prophets? Or, have they deviated from it? What happened to the Muslim world after the end of the Ministry of the Quranic Seal of the Prophets and the Messengers that were assigned to their people? Is everything done in the name of Quran-Islam by Muslim kings, rulers, or politicians, as part of Islamic history?

Whatever may be the reason, the fact is that a vast majority of Muslims are ignorant or uninterested to find out the truth about the history of Quran-Islam. Sectarian beliefs and practices have created various schools of thought. Books and articles base on the Zoroastrian-Islamic history (and even the translation and interpretation of the Quran) are consequently colored by the sectarian beliefs and thought of their authors. Scholars and leaders of competing schools of thought play with emotions of their followers in order to promote their version of history as the true so-called Islamic history.

Nevertheless, the process in underlying the truth of the history of Quran-Islam is very straightforward. A piece of evidence must be rejected if it is not consistent with facts or if it is against the Quran. For example, it is a known fact that the Zoroastrian-Islamic history of the 7th Century claimed that the Prophet was an Arab born in Arabia and descended directly from Prophet Ishmael. However, the Quran says in 29:27

And We gave to him Isaac and Jacob and placed in his descendants Prophet-hood and scripture. And We gave him his reward in this world, and indeed, he is in the hereafter among the righteous.

From the verse, no doubt Ishmael was Abraham?s son, but the verse explicitly says the descendants of Prophet-hood came from his first son and grandson, Isaac and Jacob! Nowhere in the verse mention Ishmael!

Further, Muslims believe that Ishmael was the first born and that he was the sacrificial son! But the Quran refuted to their claims which was base from the Satanic hadith! Read my article below

The Proto Islam Manichean introduce by the Seal of the Prophets, Prophet Mani (P), who was born in the 3rd Century CE and probably lived his life throughout the 4th Century CE, written several Books included six works originally written in Aramaic, and one in Arabic -

Q:15:87 - And We have certainly given you, [the Prophet], seven of the 2nd, that is, the Great Quran.

Historically, while none of his books in Aramaic have survived in complete form, the Arabic form survived because ? this is the Arabic Quran. It was in Arabia that the Prophet migrated to when an assassination was attempted on him. It was in Arabia that the Arabic version Quran was written. The Quran in 16:103 affirmed that an Aramaic teacher taught Arabic Quran to an Individual! The Quran in 63:04 affirmed that Ancient Arabic Musnad was the spoken and written language of its audience.

I am very sure there were huge endeavors in record keeping and record maintenance. Obviously, those written documents were precious historical treasure containing the true Quran-Islam history. Please read my article below

This story written by Ibn Ishaq, who wrote a work on South Arabian antiquities - Kitab Al-Tijan Li Ma'rifatimuluk AlZaman - Book of Crowns in Knowing Kings of the Age. This piece of evidence was edited to a certain extent by Ibn Hisham.

This process of studying history is probably more emotionally challenging than mentally, because it requires the will to cast aside beliefs and folklore that fail the above Quranic criteria and archaeological discoveries, no matter how important they may be to us. Being very important to our hearts does not change a false fact into a true one.


no you wrote a false statement and spread lies with that video without proof.

quote author=Hizbullah
"Indeed the Quran is very old, and actually goes back to more than 1700 years."

The only person who is a liar here is YOU! Your believes in the Quran is only at the end of your lips, nothing in the heart.....just like the so called Muslims who believe in the Hadith! Thank you for telling me that you are HYPOCRITE aka MUNAFIK in Arabic, in case you dont know!

quote me?

Seriously, do i need to show you??? thanks again for telling me you are a MORON!

you provided nothing only false video and link showing evolving script. (nothing new)

Q:02:18 - deaf, dumb, blind -- so they shall not return;

The above Quranic verse meaning - Long story short - YOU ARE A DUMB ASS!

This is my thread, please do not disrupt it

I did read it and the author never asserts the qur'an is 4th century product.
author showed clear script examples while you omitted: 5th - 6th centuries?

I never said the author said the Qur'an is 4th century product and I did not omitted anything, i did told you who the author is! Besides it is you who deliberately refuted a scholarly research!

?It is commonly believed today that Bushr ibn `Abd al- Malik al-Kindī, believed to be a Christian Arab, was the first to bring Jazm from Ḥīrah to Mecca. 16 Bushr was the brother of al-Ukaydir, a leader from ancient Dumat al-Jandal (ouside Sakākah of northern Saudi Arabia) that is located 200 miles southwest of Ḥīrah. Dumat al-Jandal is the earliest known northern Arab city dating back to the 10th century B.C. 36 At that time, during the 5th - 6th centuries, it was the capital of the Arab kingdom of Kinda. Below is a rough translation of a pre Islamic poem, attributed to a man from Mecca or Dumat alJandal, 18 which is widely referenced in Arabic literature:?

Allow me educate you;

The 5th century is the time period from 400 to 500 Anno Domini (AD) or Common Era (CE) in the Julian calendar.

The 6th century is the period from 501 to 600 in accordance with the Julian calendar in the Common Era.

?Evidently, the development of Jazm was a continuous process spanning over several centuries. Early inscriptions before and after the emergence of Islam included both isolated and attached forms of the same letters. It seems that Jazm had only matured after the emergence of the Kufic style. Although this style is named after Kufa in modern Iraq, inscriptions dated to 4 Hijrī calender (625 CE) show that it was used in Medina first. Like other religious groups around them, the Muslims apparently wanted to designate a unique style for the writing of their book, the Qur?ān. The fact that the Arabic writing system matured only after the Islamic era is natural. Most scripts develop after being adapted in a state environment. In the pre Islamic era Arabic Jazm was clearly a developing script.?

The author wrote the above in Pg: 11. He continue below in Pg: 27

Further supporting our argument are the papyri inscriptions of that not-so-rare Quranic Mā?il calligraphic style and the two account papyri mentioned above. The author believes that this Mail style was not unusual, short lived, calligraphic style born after Islam as it is commonly thought today. It seems that Mā?il was the Ḥijīzī style of early Arabic Jazm which was gradually phased out by the Kufic and Naskh styles after Islam. In fact, letters forms of early Kufic style are almost identical to those of Mā?il. Examining Mā?il papyri one can easily observe not only the slanted Alīfs but also the miniature Safawī Musnad Wāw.

The Mail Script evolved from Jazm and short lived during the 7th Century CE! The Kufic script continues!

Please read the scholarly research by Saad Abulhab and if you have any problem in understanding, i am most happy to educate you. No point of pasting ancient Quranic folios without knowing the script and when it was written. It is not appropriate!

Without knowing the history of Islam, this is going to be very dangerous especially to our next generation. The christians are trying their best to tell the whole world the history of Quran Islam and the Prophet, a scam and Islam is just a plagiarized religion!


Peace Hizbullah ? Qur'an folios clearly differ from 4th, 5th century script.
Likewise why not post link so everyone can see and read for themselves?

Thanks for posting the link.

The folios you sent were written in Hijazi Script aka Jazm Script.

Please refer to the link. Read it!


This is what happens  to people who keep the total dependability in science and it's fiction...  :yay:

Surprising, a caveman using the internet  :rotfl:

Peace Noon

Those Quranic Folios you shown were written in Hijazi-Jazm Scripts. According to expert on this script, Mr Saad Abulhab, early Arabic script, Jazm, was independently developed by the Arab tribes settling north of Ḥijāz, and Najd from
localized versions of cursive Musnad, particularly the Safawī style, much earlier than the 4th century CE! Below is a
rough translation of the so called "pre Islamic poem", attributed to a man from Mecca or Dumat al-Jandal, which is widely referenced in Arabic literature:

Do not deny Bushr?s* favors to you (* Bushr ibn `Abd al-Malik)

He was a man of open blessed wisdom

He brought you al-Jazm calligraphy until you saved

the money that was plenty and scattered

You then moved the pens back and forth

as skilful as scribers of Kisr?* and Qaysar* (* Sassanid and Roman Emperors)

And had no need to Musnad of father Ḥimyr* (* Father of Yemen Himyrite tribes)

and whatever the Himyrite* kings wrote on pages

By the 7th Century CE, Kufic script were used widely throughout Arabia and the Levant.

Fyi, the history of the present Islam is base on Zoroastrian Abbasid Baramika family since the 7th Century CE! Same era where the hadith were compiled! It has nothing to do with Quran-Islam!

Peace Good Logic,

Thank you for your reply

I agree with you 100%. Nevertheless, they are right as far as this subject is concern. But instead of proving that the history of Islam is a mess, they correct the history of Quran-Islam, which in this case was much older than what they taught! Quranic evidence which i have shown in my articles proved my points! Please read my articles, one of it, where the Arab historian inform us of a Prophet who will emerge in the 3rd / 4th Century CE in Arabia! Historical evidence proves that the Arabs converted to a form of religion independent of Judaism and the Nazarean in the 4th Century CE!

In a recent article titled ?What kind of Judaism in Arabia?? Christian Robin, a French epigraphist and historian who also leads the expedition at Bir Hima, says most scholars now agree that, around 380 CE, the elites of the kingdom of Himyar converted to some form of "Judaism". Fyi, Judism already existed before the 4th Century CE. In fact Arabia [south Arabia] is the cradle of Judaism! So in actual case, the Pagan Arabs, the Himyarites, were the one who converted to this new form of religion. This is Quran-Islam!

You are given the faculties of intelligence, eyesight and hearing and most important you have the right to your own opinion.

God bless you


Indeed the Quran is very old, and actually goes back to more than 1700 years.

Empirical research by Christian apologist Jay Smith, and with RC14 carried out on the San'a folios, in 4 laboratories across Europe proves that the Ancient Quranic folios dated back between 400 CE to 550 CE! This datings is on par with the Hijazi Script used during that era!

Also check out my articles


Interesting thread. Welcome back Hizbullah, what made you come back?

Thank you my brother.

Well as i have said, i am compel to write the above.

God Bless you

In the Name of the AlMighty - Most Gracious

Peace All,

I left this forum more than a year ago and i am back. I am not a good writer but i am compel to write as i find that it is important. I hope what i have written, will not cause any animosity to members. 

I wrote before that there were 2 individuals mentioned in the Quran, one was the teacher/narrator and the other one, the student. Both were AlMuhammad - the Praise Ones! The Quran 33:40 -

Not the Praiseworthy tenaciously one of you men, but the Messenger of Allah and Last of the Prophets. And ever is ALLAH of all things, Knowing.

The above is the correct translation of 33:40....[Any objection, wil be explain in the next thread, insha ALLAH.]

The Quran, was revealed to the Prophet directly by the AlMighty HIMSELF, like Prophet Moses, as both were Messenger-Prophets & Noble Messenger, and NOT through Jibreel as we know from the Traditional Islamic sources. The Quran, in Chapter 53, confirmed this! Traditional sources are nothing more but blatant lies. As people who claimed that the Quran is the only Divine source, then it is appropriate that we put away all traditional sources including the fake history of Quran-Islam and the Prophet!

[Pay attention on the sentence/words highlighted in green and red]

Q:09:26 - Then ALLAH sent down HIS tranquillity upon HIS Messenger and upon the believers and sent down Military assistance whom you all cannot see and punished those who disbelieved. And that is the recompense of the disbelievers.

Cross reference with 09:40

If not you help him, surely ALLAH helped him when drove him out those who disbelieve, [BEING] THE SECOND OF THE TWO; when TWO of THEM were in hostile territory and he [the Prophet] said unto his [the Prophet?s] comrade: ?Grieve not. Indeed, ALLAH is with us.? Then ALLAH sent down HIS tranquillity upon him and supported him with military assistant in which you all cannot see, and made the word of those who disbelieved the nethermost, while ALLAH's Word it is the uppermost. ALLAH is Mighty, Wise.

Base on Traditional Islamic sources, the Prophet was with his companion Abu Bakar. Needless to say, nowhere in verse 40, mention Abu Bakar! Lets examine further verses 26 & 40, in context!

The Quran, in 09:26, it is mentioned that a Messenger was given tranquillity and military assistance which no one could see. In 09:40 above, tells us that, there were two individuals who were in hostile territory and the verse is focusing on the second individual.

1. The second individual was given an assurance by the 1st individual and that is, not to worry, ALLAH is with them.

2. The verse continues with ALLAH sent down HIS tranquillity upon the 2nd individual and supported him with military assistant in which no one could see!

We know that The Messenger mentioned in verse 26, was the one who was given TRANQUILLITY AND MILITARY ASSISTANCE. In verse 40, since the subject of this verse was about the second individual, whom the 1st individual gave him an assurance and SUBSEQUENTLY, ALLAH gave the 2nd individual, tranquillity and supported him with military assistance in which no one could see!

The Quran explicitly shows that the second individual mentioned in verse 40 was the Messenger mentioned in verse 26.

The question is, who was the 1st individual that was with the Messenger in hostile territory and who gave an assurance to the Messenger that ALLAH was with them?

The Quran says that messengers were sent to mankind, speaking to them in their respective languages

Q:14:04 - And that We sent message of a messenger except with the language his people that he manifests for them??

Obviously, in this case, base from the above Quranic verses, the Messenger was an Arab, assigned with the Arabic Quran so that he will manifest the Quranic message to his people, the Arabs, in the Arabic language!

Q.41:44 - And if We had made it an A3jamiy [the so called Aramiac language] Qur'an, they would have said, "Why are its verses not explained in detail [in the Arab language]? A3jamiy and Arabiy" Say, "It is, for those who believe, a guidance and cure."???..

If this Qur'an happened to be written in the A3jamiy language, then the Arabs, will questioned, why does it not explain in their language? Similarly, the A3jamiy speaking people will question, why does the Quran not explain in their own language? It contradicts 14:04. Right?

75:19 - Moreover, indeed, it is for Us to explain it.

We, meaning, ALLAH and HIS Prophet [seal of the Prophets], convey/ explain it to the messengers who received the Quran in their respective languages according to what ALLAH intended and legislated.

Further to substantiate my findings, the Quran 16:103

And We certainly know that they say, "Indeed it is a MORTAL that teaches him." Tongue of the ONE whom they point to him is A3jamiy, and this is clear 3rabiy language.

The above verse confirmed that the Human Mortal, who was an A3JAMIY SPEAKING TEACHER and the same 1st individual who gave an assurance to the Messenger [2nd individual] mentioned in verse 09:40, was the Seal of the Prophets. He taught his student - the Arab Messenger [same person mentioned in 09:26 & 40], the Quran!

The Quran recorded what is in the mind of the people when they saw for themselves that the Arabic version Quran was taught to an Arab by an Aramaic speaker.

Quran in Chapter 55:01-02

Most Gracious, taught the Quran.

It was ALLAH, the teacher of the Quran, taught the Prophet directly without any intermediaries, the Prophet in turn, taught the Messengers who were assigned to their people. X reference with Chapter 53:01 to 10 of the Quran. As such, explicitly,  the Message of this Quran is the Hadith of the Prophet - Q:69:40

PS; anywhere in the Quran, if you find verses such "O Prophet", especially in Chapter 33, is actually "O Messenger"! As i have said earlier, the Prophet is the narrator/teacher of this Quran.]So obviously, he was not talking about himself, but conveyed/explained, on behalf of the ALMIGHTY.


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