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One of the most published medical doctors in the world speaks out against the medical response to covid-19. This is the best breakdown I have seen by someone highly credible:

Spread the word.
There are four pillars to controlling a pandemic, stated McCullough, but the media and public health authorities focus on only three of them, with Dr. Anthony Fauci’s presentation on the Yale Global Health Network October 26, being a case in point. “The entire message was contagion control, shelter in place, and wait for a vaccine. There was no mention of early home treatment.” Incidentally, Fauci’s presentation on Zoom was standing room only, McCullough’s presentation had 57 participants.

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« on: July 21, 2021, 06:55:27 PM »
Covid is a new virus & our understanding of it constantly evolving. Hence  diversity of scientific opinion.
As for vaccines causing disease, just do a little research (in present times not v difficult) regarding diseases that have been wiped out or their impact been minimised e.g Smallpox
What do you think about death following vaccination of covid-19?

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