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It is actually quote fortunate that I have found muslims in all religion, sects, cults, groups...
They're humble, happy, nice, forgiving and peaceful.

Not all of them, some who consider themselves as muslim can be intolerant and violent. In some countries it can be dangerous to talk about your belief or if you practice otherwise.
You were surely talking about the muslims you know.
I think that most of them are nice and peaceful.

Petition signed.

Only 709 signatures...

Introduce Yourself / Re: Hello from France
« on: April 30, 2020, 02:44:59 AM »
Salam Layth,

Ok now I understand, thank you.

I realized i made some mistakes, some are not important for the understanding but I have to correct this one;

(admitted  either but by some "sunni" muslims and the muslims who base their belief on  Al quran alone).

I can't answer.

There are some of them who can't read because they never went to school, or had no opportunity to learn. They followed what they have been taught.
Some even can't make the difference of what is from Al Quran to what is from Hadith considered as to be from the prophet Mohammed.
what about them ?

A lot of muslims follow a religion which is a mix between Al Quran and those adiths and never studiyed or even read Al quran and adith.
Some have read Al quran with the exegetes and adiths and think that Al quran talk about those hadiths. I think that a lot are really scared, and think that if they don't take adiths into consideration, they will be lost.

It is really sad that muslims divided into different groups.

Type2 is completely reversible in most patients. Please see this article.

I will read it inch Allah.


Welcome to the forum.

If the poor person is alive then they are getting food somehow so I do not see why the verse would not be applicable to them also.

Thank you. Peace.
My fault. I didn't express explicitely what I had in mind: I was wondering how to consider the third option of translation if a poor ( needy) person decided not to syam as he can't compensate by feeding another poor person unless his situation changes.

Let's take diabetes type 1 as an example (type 2 is completely reversible for most people through diet/lifestyle changes), and let's say this type 1 diabetic needs regular insulin injections to maintain blood-sugar. I personally do not consider these injections, or even a prescription drug pill, as a food/drink so they may still be able to sawm.

Not sure that type 2 is completely reversible (depends on the persons and how long they have been suffering diabete). About type 1, some people needs several injections at different times in the day (they are given timing) and must eat some minutes after. Anyway, doctors know more than us.

If there genuinely is a lifelong condition which makes fasting impossible or risky then there is few ways to look at this verse:

Substitute other days to fast and if there is no day when one is not ill then one does not need to fast and the rest of the verse may not apply (as it only talks of those who are able to do sawm, not those unable). Bear in mind verses [6:165 one can only work with that they have i.e. case-dependent to some degree, 64:16 do what one is able, 48:17 leeway for those ill etc].

Or interestingly, the verse could cover such a scenario as it says "whoever volunteers better" so if one thinks they do not fall into any category or will never be able to substitute days then they can volunteer better than doing nothing if they wish to, each to their own capacity.

As always, this is my take. Each to their own.

This can respond to the questions. Allah knows best.

3."...and upon those who are capable of it* (i.e. sawm) a ransom feeding a poor person..."
*with the implication being they choose not to.

This third option seems to make more sense.
However, one can ask this question ( including the 3 options) : What about the poor people ? Are they concerned by syam ? A poor who cannot afford to have food can't syam, right ?

translations (option 2 and 3) raises another question : what about people with chronic illnesses ? They can't fast all the year for some of them if syam means fastIng.

However many exegetes claim 2:185 abrogated 2:184 because 2:185 does not mention this exemption thus they take this to mean it is not longer allowed and sawm is obligatory upon all except those ill/traveling

Some people are not able to fast at all. Seems difficult  (if not impossible) for them to fast another days. How can people decide what verse abrogates another ( if really some verses agrogate others verses).

Islamic Calendar & Ramadhan. / Re: Hot/"ramadan" Answer
« on: April 29, 2020, 05:19:21 AM »

The night of alqadr and shahr ramadan.

God bless

salam Houriya,

I know, it's been more than five months but do you have a translation of this article ?

Introduce Yourself / Hello from France
« on: April 29, 2020, 03:58:06 AM »
Salam everybody,

(English is not my mother tongue so I can make mistakes, even I studied it several years ago but never been to an English speaking country).
I'm happy to be able to post. I tried to register 5 months ago but never received the activation code,I even tried with several e mail adress. So i decided to follow some topics waiting one day if i can connect here. I never retried from 4 months ago, until today and i'm here  :).
It worked without having received and used an activation, I wonder why. Maybe there are some technical problems in this website (and some articles can't be found).
I hope to be able to reconnect other days in order to communicate with you inch Allah.

I consider myself as a muslim because I accepted to submit to Allah, I think that I have a lot to learn. I experienced different states of belief or disbelief.
I grow up in a family which follow what they have been taught i.e transmission by family and scholars : a mix with culture (marroco) and "traditional islam". They trusted/trust because enable to read.
I followed what has been taught to me without asking questions, following some hadiths, traditions and quran based "instructions" a kind of mix but never made research. But one day, someone showed some violent verses from al quran (translations), and i discovered some violent hadiths and the behaviour of some muslims ( violence, terrorism, punishments, lack of patience, hostility...). I was lost and stayed some years fearing Islam.
And I tried to come back to islam but still been more or less disturbed. The day I discovered that some translations are false (admitted  either but some "sunni" muslims and the muslims who base their belief on  Al quran alone), that adiths form the books of muslim and bukhari (I wonder if those are their true names) are questionable I was hopeful.
Now, I try to anderstand Allah's messages, trying to following them. I'm trying to know the truth but it isn't easy, there are diiferent religious movements in Islam, how sad...
I just fear to wrong myself, hope that the god will guide me if he wants. I can't understand classic arabic just some words, i can read them with harakates ( recently learned).
Some observations, notes, points here seem very relevant to me. Thank you for having shared your research, reflections and opinions  :) There are useful.

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