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Projects / Conferences / Events / "The Message" for mobiles
« on: March 04, 2007, 08:08:15 PM »
Peace All,
               Greetings. This project is about transforming translation into a program that can be used on mobile phones and PDAs. It is currently developed to a stage that it is ready for testing and verification. I would like to ask for your help to help test them on various mobiles.

               This is developed using J2ME CLDC-1.0 MIDP-1.0 based on the from the main page. I made a computer program to break the translation into one file per verse format then I made this mobile program that stores all these files and show them one by one as requested.

               Targeted devices: All Java-enabled mobile phones & PDAs that do not limit the jar size to smaller than this "TheMessge.jar" file.
               Tested on Nokia 6630 and Motorola V3i.

                The obstacle is that I cannot post the mobile program here because it is about 1.5 mb while the max attachment size in this forum is 128kb. I've informed Layth by email about this project and the program is mailed to him. Can a moderator or someone please help Layth test the program and host it here for testing?
                 Installation & Testing:
                 1. It is recommended to make sure your phone has at least 4 mb free memory before transferring the file to your phone (becuase you need both space for the jar file and the installed program at installation).
                 2. Refer to your phones' manual for installing Java (J2ME) applications, normally you use the phone's PC suite software to install it via data cable.

                 2. Send the TheMessage.jar file directly to your phone via Bluetooth and the installation would start from inside your phone. (Works on most devices)

May God Guide

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