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Salam/Peace brother Hizbullah. Any updates?

Ah okay, because i remember there was someone who made a html page about this post.

I wonder if there were critical analysis on Muwatta Al-Malik and Musanaf of Abdul Razzaq?

salaam HK,

If you wish to write it in HTML with better formatting, e.g. titles, bullet points etc. Use any free html software.

Create the page, then pm Layth with the link to the page, or email him the file. It can then be added to the articles page if you wish.
Salam/Peace dear brother. I remember you made a html page of this forum post made by brother hafeez kazi. Do you still have it?

Introduce Yourself / Re: Hello, I'm an Ex-Atheist convert to Islam
« on: August 01, 2020, 09:51:51 PM »
Salam/Peace & Allah/The God (SWTAY) bless you mclinkin94. Welcome to the forum.

I might say the consciousness is either nafs or ruh in the Qur'an, could be nafs since nafs involves the psyche/the self/the soul.

Science / Re: Can someone refute this?
« on: July 24, 2020, 10:20:50 AM »
It's alright dear sister. I can wait for your answer :)

Plus i would like to hear more on your thoughts on the design argument. Your comment did caught my eye on this so would love to know more on your view on the argument from design.

How does Quantum Immortalilty drives one suicidal? I honestly hope that wont affect me as well.

And about the scientific miracles, i am not against it although i am not certain about being there in the Qur'an but i should be careful studying this topic. Bias from both sides will misinterpret or lie against the Qur'an for their own gains.

We should also be careful of non muslims using verse to make it look like "errors" as well. Sadly many verses have been twisted by likes of WikiIslam but there are sibliings in a another forum:

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