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Matrimony / Re: How to find a Qur'an-only marriage partner
« on: December 15, 2013, 08:34:59 PM »
We just need to believe and rely in Allah, that's how it works.

We do need to believe and rely on Allah, but although it has worked for you, it hasn't worked for me, so I think the risk remains.

Secondly, do we really need to reject hadith? For example:
Let say it is not Muhammad's sayings, is it wrong to follow that hadith?

Muhammad is not God and there is good things from the hadith.

We are not following the hadith, but following what is "just" from the hadith.

This is Islam and not a sectarianism.

Being a Quran alone does not mean you reject everything that is not from the Quran.

It means you follow what is "just" to humanity, regardless of sects, religions, race etc.

I do have that same view, good things from Hadith which do not contradict the Qur'an can be accepted although not taken as divine.  But that same source of Hadith can potentially turn a prospective marriage partner or spouse away if they adopt a more 'strict' or restrictive Sunni stance, even if you accept the 'good and just Hadith'.

Matrimony / Re: How to find a Qur'an-only marriage partner
« on: December 15, 2013, 11:02:20 AM »
I believe it is okay to marry anyone you like as long he/she give priority for truth, more than anything else. No one is perfect, so am I. We all are reformers and hoping Allah will take care all matters in our life, so weak. My wife is also a Sunni and it took me almost 4 years for her to understand. What I did was pray to Allah, be patient and ask her to read the Quran. Everything will be okay when you totally rely on Allah. Life is quite simple.

It is a good point about the person giving priority to seeking the truth, but what about the relevant risks involved due to their religious doubts? I am glad that it has worked out in your case and your wife has agreed with you, but I guess in such cases there is still a certain risk involved of a Sunni spouse eventually turning away, and in the worst case scenario, leaving due to a Sunni belief that Qur'an-only principles amount to apostasy.

Matrimony / Re: How to find a Qur'an-only marriage partner
« on: December 14, 2013, 07:15:39 PM »
Other than converting an athiest or someone from another religion (eg. Christian/Jew), the only other possibility seems to be someone who is not affiliated to a particular religion but still believes in God with a good character.  However, not sure if this kind of person exists because if someone believes in God, they are likely to be part of a particular religion.

Matrimony / How to find a Qur'an-only marriage partner
« on: December 14, 2013, 04:58:36 PM »
Other than on this forum or on a Facebook group, where else can we look for a potential marriage partner who follows Qur'an only?  How about trying to convince a Sunni person to follow Qur'an only?  In my experience, this last approach is very risky and may not work, but perhaps it can work in some cases?  Please share your experiences, ideas and advice in this thread.

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