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for many years, i thought the root letters for 'salat' was either from 's-l' or 's-l-w' (perhaps influenced by hana e kasis too) until i took arabic lessons from an ustaz who went to ieas (sorry, can't remember whether it was oxford or cambridge). then i discovered it is 'w-s-l'. applied with the appropriate 'wazan' or 'form' we get 'salat' or pronounced as 'solat'. it is a verbal noun that means 'relationship'.
then comes 'zakah' which originates from 'z-k-y' which means 'to cleanse, to purify, etc.'
in most of the occurances of 'salat' in al-Qur'an, very often it is coupled with 'zakah'. my understanding on 'aqeemu solah wa-atuzzakah' is therefore 'establish relationships with a purity of heart'.
we are commanded to establish relationships without ulterior motives. it is all about establishing relationships 'lillahirabbil alamiin'. we establish relationships with fellow human beings and other creations of The God, for the sake of serving The Lord. when we see another human being, we must remember that we respect and honour him/her as a 'khalifah' of The God.
we must also remember that all there is in the earth and the sky, and in between them, are all for us humans. we must also respect and honour the plants, animals (yes, even the dogs and pigs), the winds, rains, droughts, etc. as creations of The God.
when we treat them all with respect and honour, we will attain peace, not only oneself, but the world too. it has to start somewhere, and it begins with each and everyone of us. especially the industrious believers. insya-Allah.
'salat' with The God is 'bayt' from 'b-y-t'. but i would like to discuss this under a new different topic.

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