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General Issues / Questions / Re: Jesus Christ vs Issa ibn Mariam
« on: September 30, 2020, 12:11:31 PM »
Bro Emre_1974tr


I respectfully but strongly disagree with you, & please no need to argue, thanks.


Luni-Solar Ramadan 2020 is from night of 1st October 2020 -

7th full moon after the Spring Equinox (Harvest Moon) -

not feeling great, but will fast three days 2nd, 3rd & 4th October unless God wills otherwise...

General Issues / Questions / Re: Jesus Christ vs Issa ibn Mariam
« on: September 16, 2020, 08:52:48 AM »
Extra notes copied & pasted from my Twitter feeds to articulate further what I said earlier -

Currently reading
Who was JESUS? Conspiracy in Jerusalem - by Kamal S. Salibi
& I cannot unread it, the logic is brutal, I am not a Christian, but even to me it was shocking. Will soon debrief slowly when I finish reading, might need to reread it - uses Bible, Qur'an & records.

Small summary Issa ibn Miriam =/= Jesus Christ , part of Issa ibn Miriam history used over Jesus Christ, Jesus has father, brothers, was crucified, was a freedom fighter against Rome, Paul went to Yemen to collect info on Issa son of Mary which he used to make Jesus holy...

so everything prophetic happened in Yemen & SW Arabia/Hejaz, Issa ibn Miriam over 200 years older than Jesus Christ who was no prophet nor messenger, but a Jewish Rabbi who fought against Rome, he probably also followed Torah.
Still struggling with this, Jerusalem in ME copycat.

So Jesus Christ special status fabricated by so called apostles/followers, Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, his brother James, Peter, Paul all co-conspirators projecting Issa ibn Miriam onto Jesus Christ.
Issa was never crucified nor killed, Jesus was crucified & killed... #conspiracy

Therefore all gospels collected in Palestine fabrication projecting Issa ibn Miriam onto Jesus Christ, making Jesus Christ a vessel whom Paul used with Emperor Constantine to deploy Christian doctrine of trinity, son of god, etc.
After that Jerusalem has little holiness left.

This will be very challenging to Christians, Muslims who relied on Christian records & even to an Arab Jew like me who accepted the Muslim/Christian status quo consensus.

At the time of Mohamed, in Arabia, Christians in Arabia had access to the true Gospel/Injeel of the Nassara followers of Issa son of Mary, that scripture in parchments form seems to have disappeared, maybe destroyed or in possession of Vatican...

I can no longer defend Palestine on the basis of theology, but on the basis of freedom fighting of a subjugated people.
Both Jerusalem & Jesus Christ today are not holy.
Original Jerusalem was in Asir, no longer exists.
Original son of Mary, Messiah, Word of God not Jesus.

New Testament nothing to do with original gospel/injeel revealed to Messiah Issa ibn Miriam, though it uses history stolen from Yemen of Issa, & resources from OT to make Jesus Christ holy. They also claim Jesus Christ is descendant of David, whereas Issa descendant of Aaron.

Qur'an did not challenge this because the Nassara in Hejaz were using the true Gospel revealed to Issa ibn Miriam, not the fake gospels circulating in Rome/Palestine.
A posit is that initial followers of Issa moved to Najran, Yemen, & were burnt in a holocaust by Jews there.

Pharisees in Palestine insisted Jesus be crucified, as failed in Yemen to crucify true Messiah Issa ibn Miriam, they forced Pilate's hand who ordered his crucifixion, so ensuring birth of Christianity thereof.
Thus both OT & NT tampered with & only Qur'an can correct records.

Another posit is maybe Jesus Christ was a follower descendant of Nassara followers of true Messiah Issa ibn Miriam, & was preaching God's Gospel as Issa did, indeed some records attest Jesus Christ carried parchments with him, which might be Gospel fragments in his possession.

Who Was Jesus? Conspiracy in Jerusalem - Kamal Salibi via @Google

Discuss Latest World News / Re: Corona Virus Pandemic
« on: August 13, 2020, 01:03:12 AM »
I am going to respond (maybe illa an yasha Allah) to the small Corona article, as I unfortunately suffered contracting this very dangerous #COVID19 virus.
My first comment is that the virus exists, & I agree it may have been bio-engineered, thence Allah allowed demons from Jinn & Humans to produce a weaponized virus.
My belief is that it went out of control & maybe was devised to also target certain segments of the population.
Latest research indicates that it affects worse the old, the sick & people of "non-whites" genetic groups.
It also discriminates against blood types with some blood types more immune than others (type O's fare best, type A's fare worst).
Maybe it was designed & weaponized this way.
What I disagree with in the article is that precautionary measures were over the top, they were not, & saying otherwise is subverting, because sadly this is a virus that can be easily transmitted especially from what they call super-spreaders, i.e. people who have a very high viral load & are in active state of acute infection shedding viral particles through breathing & speaking.
I am following this very seriously & believe me the residual effects can be very painful & debilitating.
For me they are neurological mainly, I used some supplements to protect from the virus damaging vital organs, but was not as successful with nerve endings & insulin resistance.
Well, I wrote more than I intended.
Salam & may Allah protect us from His Wrath with His Mercy.
We are certainly being harshly tested, that demons exploit this plague to subjugate further humanity is their specialty, as they say never let a crisis go to waste.
I still believe they have lost control of it.

addendum to a previous post -
This combination of supplements protects human organs from & cures acutes of corona virus infections:

Quercetin + Zinc + Quinine + Copper + Bromelain + Vitamin C + Vitamin D3.

It was found that people deficient in Vitamin D were more prone to fare worst if infected.

Also latest - vaping makes people more prone to infection by #COVID19.

Pazuzu got lost to the cause by the Flat Earth fallacy.

Discuss Latest World News / Re: Corona Virus Pandemic
« on: April 23, 2020, 04:03:11 PM »
Bismillah arrahman arrahim,

Important development & breakthrough - exclusive - posted on my @Twitter timelines -

Exclusive - magneto pulse device seems to be working at degrading the virus in the body, I believe I was infected & a carrier, & using Snowden medical magnetic pulse device (along with supplements) is helping me flush out #COVID19 virus out of my system -

This magneto pulse device, Medicur Pro by Snowden, is helping me to get rid of #coronavirus in lungs & testicles - at highest 20 Hz setting said to regenerate damaged tissues with cell mitosis, also reported to destroy bacteria, viruses & cancer cells

#COVID19 being able to hide in testicles in men makes it possible one can become a carrier, not necessarily healthy depending on the immune homeostatic response in the body, but with the potential of infection like for healthy carriers of Hep B, C, D, (or HIV) ... etc viruses

The #coronavirus seems to be a very versatile & "competent" retrovirus, I believe it interferes with oxygen intake to cells so can damage organs or lead to organ failure, it can also damage nerves with oxygen deprivation & leads to neuropathy symptoms as I have been experiencing.

Why I'm insisting on this, I tried magnetic pulse device close to my testes & am experiencing a drastic reduction of neuropathy symptoms in my feet! This I never could achieve with pregabalin, painkillers or analgesic creams. It's a major breakthrough to me & means I'm infected.

This method of targeted magnetic pulse intervention onto organs I successfully used to flush my body of Hepatitis B virus for which I became a healthy carrier.
We need to find out where #COVID19 hides, as it seems he can hide in several places. I thought it was just the lungs.

So I used magnetic pulse device on my lungs, maybe it protected them, but as #COVID19 hides also in testes which I didn't know, I was still experiencing tissue damage from there from it, getting rid of the reservoir in the testes is helping me attenuate damage to nerve endings.

I believe this is important for those who are experiencing nerve damage due to oxygen deprivation to nerve endings from #COVID19 activity resulting in acute severe neuropathy symptoms as I do.

It seems #COVID19 ability to deprive cells, tissues & organs of oxygen makes it a very versatile destructive pathogen in the body capable of disrupting cells, organs & systems, so can show a myriad of symptoms associated to oxygen deprivation, including damaging nerve endings.

All praise & glory be to Allah, may His Mercy shield us from His Wrath. There is no escape from Allah but unto Him.

Discuss Latest World News / Re: Corona Virus Pandemic
« on: April 22, 2020, 05:01:36 AM »
I am using other stuff to protect myself too, check my @Twiiter feeds on @inabster @meNabster... lack of energy to quote them.

Punishments from Allah come about for a reason, HIV came to punish deviant promiscuity, it seems Corona Virus is ramping up the message for those who did not get it making it from blood-borne difficult to transmit to airborne easy to transmit.

Not much are known about this virus, so the modern medicine has less answers so far for this pandemic,

Apart from the modern medicine options,

I believe nature has both good and bad so close, so the cure for easily spreading virus also will not be that hard to get, and most will have the natural ways to cure this like our sunlight, basic healthy natural foods, water and even air that has all the necessary antibody generating elements.
With so many are asymptomatic cases means they have already the strength and options to fight this.

Some of my tips,

Eat healthy local natural whole foods and herbs that are mostly locally available.
Drink plenty of water,
Fresh open air breathing if available in your place, pity we made our cities lack this. Do not stay in air conditioned closed space for longer periods.

Discuss Latest World News / Re: Corona Virus Pandemic
« on: April 21, 2020, 04:49:23 PM »
Supporting evidence -

- Inhibition of enterovirus 71 replication and viral 3C protease by #Quercetin...

- #Quercetin - Small Molecules Blocking the Entry of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus into Host Cells - - Journal of Virology - American Society for Microbiology.

- As coronavirus spread speeds up, Montreal researchers will trial an anti-viral treatment for COVID-19 in China | CBC Radio

- Dr. Vladimir Zelenko has now treated 699 coronavirus patients with 100% success using Hydroxychloroquine Sulfate, Zinc and Z-Pak  -

Discuss Latest World News / Corona Virus Pandemic
« on: April 21, 2020, 01:22:01 PM »
I will start this, it's also about healing strategies to protect from cell damage done by the virus.

I managed to get rid of Hepatitis B using alternative therapies, so Corona Virus is a virus but is different as it does not settle in the host, it either is cleared by the immune system, with sadly some after effects like damaged organs, or it kills the host in a dreadful way suffocating him/her.

Before I submit what I found & am using to protect from it, I will say this:

Like HIV, Corona Virus is a step up on lethality of retroviruses as it is airborne & very easy to catch, worse it mutates & mutated variants are even more damaging, it is also a fact (more or less) that mutating retroviruses are hard to vaccinate against.

Theologically, i.e. Quranically, corona virus with its undermining human contact for a social animal like Man is to me clearly a punishment from Allah, long overdue because of the evil that is currently rippling unhindered on Earth by the Anglo-Zionists who are in fact Gog & Magog prophesied in Qur'an to slide from every mound by the coming of the Hour/Last Day, the Last Day might have started as far back as World War 2 in fact.

OK, enough, I am writing this as an impulse, what I want to share is this important finding to protect against Corona virus which I have published on my twitter feeds with supporting evidence...

This combination of supplements protects human organs from & cures acutes of corona virus infections:

Quercetin + Zinc + Quinine + Copper + Bromelain + Vitamin C.

This is mostly what I have to say to help my brothers protect themselves from this dangerous pathogen.

Of course other WHO advice are worthy following, such as social isolation, face masks, washing hands, etc.

I do not know how long Allah will make this virus last & wreak its havoc, it might go or it might be very brutal, may Allah have Mercy on the Believers...

Salam wa rahmah
Nabil H

It was a brother (noshirk) who suggested it in his analysis - I also found it more convenient as I just need to count the seventh full moon from spring equinox.

You might be probably right, it sounds more logical, but what is your rationale?

I will change my fasting period from next year, as for this year I will just fast 3 days to compensate the ones I missed...

Thanks for snapping me out from a blind spot, I just trusted the analysis from the brother who suggested it here:

& here

I will also need to update with your suggestion in my tweeter feeds...

Quincy - dry fasting when you have an infection is actually the best way to beat it.

Nabster - I'm going with what is the most likely equivalent to Shahr Ramadan, from all the discussions it appears to be the 3-day full moon phase CLOSEST to the autumn equinox. It's only called the Harvest Moon in Europe obviously Muhammad's people didn't call it that...and no technological wizardry is needed, the earlier rising times after sunset as well as the increased brightness compared to other moons identify it.

I'm not following where you're getting the '7th full moon after the spring equinox' measurement from? Please explain...

Sardar - As I understand it to fast a day it has to be from first light to last light. Sunrise to Sunset is not good enough. I am taking it to be the beginning of civil dawn til the end of civil dusk. Today this is from 6:09am til 20:05pm where I live in Wales, UK.

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