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Science / Viruses in theology of Qur'an
« on: June 07, 2021, 08:15:28 AM »
from my @Twitter feeds - (I think very relevant in this age of pandemic).

Viruses in theology - what does God mean by unleashing viruses? Follows a thread that will be displeasing to religious & non religious people alike, that includes me, but a Believer should not shy from truth, however humbling & humiliating -

Based on Qur'an. I will post the relevant verses later, my understanding of Qur'an is organic, which means I have read it so many times since I was 13, that usually I can make statements based on it without having to quote verses, though I was wrong a few times, but not often.

I will base this on two. There is one verse where God says he tests hypocrites once or twice a year with illness perchance they return (i.e. stop their poisonous undermining of God's Creation).

Another verse is about Job who is the epitome in Qur'an of being tested by illness & affliction. Strangely Job is quoted on attributing his illness on being touched by Satan with pain & suffering.

& Science (well the insights we get from analysing how things work) - what is the use & purpose of viruses? that is apart from being entropy accelerant of decay for human & animal bodies.
It is argued viruses are not alive, but owe their existence to the body (cells) they infect.

There is one baffling element of the viral paradigm, & that is its ability to mutate, using mutations to improve its capability of survival, but is that not an element of sentience? the ability to adapt to one's environment to protect itself from eradication? a survival instinct?

A survival instinct or someone behind the virus, one who programs it to survive eradication by the several layers of immunity in human & animal bodies?

I posit viruses are destructive agents, their purpose is destructive, though like weapons the destruction can also be marshalled for good, but that's not their main purpose.
God says we will learn more about how His Universe works, this includes also His instruments of Wrath.

All ingredients in the Universe aren't our own, we use them for good or bad, including viruses, bacteria, fungi, pathogens & instruments of life & death...
this means it's perfectly feasible theologically viruses be used by Satan & his followers for destruction, like for Job.

All ingredients in the Universe aren't our own, we use them for good or bad, including viruses, bacteria, fungi, pathogens & instruments of life & death...
this means it's perfectly feasible theologically viruses be used by Satan & his followers for destruction, like for Job.

God allowed Satan to use illness agents to attack Job's body & afflict him, as God allows illness agents to afflict hypocrites perchance to bring down humility in them so they repent...

Here comes my posit, most humans today are hypocrites & wrongdoers, why Satan has so much power, including unleashing illnesses of the kinds we've never seen such as #COVID19 & beforehand #AIDS #HIV.
The more we stray from G-d, the more power we give to evil agencies to hurt us.

Another prominent verse justifying what I say is of Abraham asking God for Mercy & relief, on the subject of illness/disease, curiously, he took responsibility, precisely saying "and if I fall ill, He's the one who will heal".
Ponder the turn of phrase, not if "He makes me ill".

Monstrous diseases such as #AIDS & #COVID19 are unleashed because we allow Satan into our lives more than we allow G-d/Allah/Yahweh, we are responsible as groups for straying from our Godly purpose.

I also posted this thread on my @facebook nabilh2000 account.

Allah/Hashem can of course eliminate all scourges of humanity, be they viruses, resistant strained bacteria, yeast pathogens, autoimmune, cancer, any dis-ease, but are we worthy? are we fulfilling our purpose which he made us for, which is to worship him alone?

Still as a Believer, despite all the evil I have committed & I am witness to in my other fellow humans, I keep turning back to Allah asking for His Mercy from the Wrath that descend on those among us who refuse guidance & repentance & whom we are being punished with -

I believe natural remedies through herbalism, homeopathy, naturopathy & orthomolecular medicine are a Sign of Mercy from Allah to Mankind which help by God's Leave to alleviate suffering of humans, believers & unbelievers, and Allah can heal any affliction.

May Allah The Healer / Al Shafee save us from His Wrath with His Mercy.

Agreed with both posts above.

Still what would be the best statement of allegiance?

Some say la illaha illa Allah is enough, others add Mohamed rasul allah -
I have no problem with either as either can be referenced several times in Qur'an.

Stating that Mohammad is Messenger is not discrimination against other Messengers,
it just qualifies further that the person accepts him as Messenger which discriminates one from being a Yahud or Nassarah who both today do not accept Mohamed as Messenger,

it is the word shahada/witness that I am firmly opposed to use with matters of the hidden/unseen, one cannot be witness to what one cannot see or prove, etc...

Discuss Latest World News / Re: The Kingdom of God has come
« on: June 03, 2021, 05:53:14 PM »
Salam Green Anarchism...
It is axiomatic in Qur'an that humans have leaderships, anarchism preaches leaderless humanity, it is counter nature, even animals elect leaderships however transient, such as flocks of birds,

anarchism is a human construct & all human constructs cannot be perfect, this is why there is Qur'an,

take Qur'an as constitution & its enforcers will be our leaders,

anarchism is not defined nor advocated as the only & best way to follow for humans to organise around,

all human constructs are promised to fail & fall by Allah's Word.

You are an extremist advocating a form of extremism which is anarchism.

General Issues / Questions / Re: Jinn
« on: May 22, 2021, 04:54:59 PM »
Abdun Nur - go away  :rotfl:

No wonder the TV Series got banned in Egypt, UAE & KSA whose rulers #Hypocrites couldn't handle truth & are scared of an Ottoman revival through @RTErdogan, though highly unlikely as #Erdogan doesn't have the good character of early #Seljuk & Turks, even though he could repent of course.

As Allah took away His Trust from Arabs as He promised He would replace them with better people if they failed to carry His Trust diligently, first by Ayyubid's, then Seljuks, then descendants of Osman son of Ertugrul, again God might elect to choose another Nation for His Trust.

We're living in the Last Age prophesied in Qur'an after Gog & Magog run amok & implement a cruel Satanic reign of inverted morality, it's hard for a new nation to emerge & implement God's Peace & Justice, but then nothing is impossible to the Creator of the Manifest & Hidden.


If you are watching the excellent medieval Turkish TV series Resurrection:Ertugrul you will notice they use the shahada & ameen profusely which I disagree with as I said - here are further posts I made on @Twitter:

The big mistake & main reason the Ottoman Empire floundered & was defeated was the stupid decision of not trusting Science & Engineering, even Guttenberg writing press for printing, listening to ignorant scholars who gave edicts they were Satanic not to be used!

Technology, feats in Science & Engineering have made cowards of most of humanity who now fight behind fortresses & inside bunkers, but the best game changer & game breaker is Allah who will make humans’ technology work against them, they can’t protect against deadly viruses.

In @DirilisDizisi @TRTErtugrul_EN Resurrection:Ertugrul S03E81 they correctly translate in English the words for the allegiance, but not in the Arabic where they use the shahada -
“There is no god but God. Muhammad is the Messenger of God”, or replace God by His preferred Arabic name Allah.

Also the extensive use of the word Amen, ameen, which is nowhere to be seen ever in Qur’an, I stopped using it with concern to its relation to the demonic Egyptian god Amun Ra.
As they say the devil is in the detail, & prayers might be invalidated with the use of Amen each time.

Despite these & other few things I have issues with, being a G-d Only Qur'an Believer, the Series is like a practical teaching of Islam illustrating how it enters the heart of Believers & how it expands naturally & organically through compassion & disbursement of righteous justice.

also ref. Topic: Osman ibn Ertugrul, founder of the Ottoman Empire

This topic  was covered before, but it is good to remind as reminders benefit the believers in Allah & the Last Day...

From my @Twitter feeds -

When the hypocrites come to you ˹O Prophet˺, they say, “We bear witness that you are certainly the Messenger of God” - and surely God knows that you are His Messenger—but God bears witness that the hypocrites are truly liars - Qur'an 63:1 Al Munafiqun / The Hypocrites

This is why Muslims have a problem in their words of allegiance as they are the same as those the #Hypocrites made while approaching Prophet Muhammad (P) - on faith, how can one bear witness to something they cannot see or prove? I thought long & hard about this, I am no scholar ./.

But surely wording the allegiance to God by using the words of #Hypocrites is a no go for me - the difference between Jews & Muslims is that the latter do not accept Issa son of Mary & Mohamed as Prophets & Qur'an does state that Mohamed is Prophet & Messenger (nabyi & rasul).

The way I now state on faith the allegiance is:
la illaha illa Allah, Mohamed rasula Allah (no shahada/witnessing, but a statement of faith) -

this should also be amended in the call to prayer (adhan)

saying Mohamed Messenger is OK by Qur'an as there are verses that say so, this also separates Jews & Christians from Muslims which is proper.

I also pray that Allah overlooks this mistake made by scholars, clerics & their followers for centuries.

Scholars must come together & correct this mistake that is a stain on Islam & Muslims -

the allegiance should be:
la illaha illa Allah, Mohamed rasula Allah (no shahada/witnessing, but a statement of faith)
la illaha illa Allah, Qur'an kitabu' Allah.

Allah says in Qur'an He does overlook many things from Believers & I hope in His Mercy He overlooks the #Hypocrites' "witness" addition in the statement of allegiance.

May Allah protect me & brothers believers from idolatry & hypocrisy.

Feed starts here -

Again to reiterate my stand, I do not accept Talmud & Hadiths as binding neither theologically nor juridically.
I have more trust in Torah (despite rewritings) than in Hadiths.

Both Talmud & Hadiths & other traditions gathered through the ages are to be taken with great caution & could serve as starting points for research by scholars who respect Allah's Truth - As per the verse where Allah asks Believers to listen to what is said & follow the best course thereof.

General Issues / Questions / Re: Jinn
« on: May 02, 2021, 11:25:24 AM »
Abdun Nur, please go away you ignorant fool.

General Issues / Questions / Re: Jinn
« on: April 29, 2021, 05:45:48 PM »
Abdun Nur
How can I prove to you something that is part of the unseen?
it is part of the belief system like belief in G-d, G-d's Books, His Angels, His Messengers, Destiny, its good & evil thereof...
Qur'an clearly defines even what they were created from, like it does of Bani Adam.
Can a being created from smokeless fire in a scorching wind be the same as a being created from moldable clay?
these are clear to me, if they are not clear to you, not my problem.

General Issues / Questions / Re: Jinn
« on: April 29, 2021, 10:41:13 AM »
Peace & Allah's Mercy upon us believers in Qur'an, Torah, Injeel & Allah's Books (ammanna bi qutubihi/qutuba Allah).
Humans & Jinn are separate entities, so are Mala'ika (Angels) - so there cannot be human jinn as there cannot be human angel.
Why would Allah bother to use the label Jinn if they were a human group? for Arabs it was a given, axiomatic that they were separate entities, they even erected Jinn cubes for Jinn.
Some play with misleading semantics & sophistry to manipulate meanings.

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