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Salam & Mercy from Allah

Another Ramadan

Luni-Solar Ramadan 2021 is from night of 20th September 2021 - 7th full moon after the Spring Equinox (Harvest Moon) - It falls on the equinox like the one on 21st September 617 - I will fast three days 21st, 22nd & 23rd September unless God wills otherwise...

Like in Year 617, Year 2021 is graced with a harvest full moon falling exactly on the Spring/Autumn Equinox - lailatu alqadr - the night of just measure.

References -

Topic: Ramadan is spiritual retreat, 3 days, in the 7th full moon after Spring/March equinox - a Monotheist analysis via

Night of 20-21 September 617 -  The date Quran was descended on Earth -

Exhibit: 20/09/617 was Blood Moon, Harvest Moon. Autumn Equinox (very rare) Quran Ch 97 - through:

May Allah accepts our prayers.

Note: Controversial & might offend sectarians -
Elucidating the Sunni Shia sectarian cleavage - On the treachery of Hejaz House of Quraysh against the family of Prophet Mohamed aka in Qur'an as ahl al beyt.

After reading a thread on Abu Hanifa here, I started revisiting hadiths & will not accept any other madhab after Abu Hanifa as Abu Hanifa was chronologically the first one to gather hadiths, & those after him made a mess of it allowing leaderships to dictate content even when erroneous so long as it benefitted them, it seems also the first one of importance to do so was one of the most prominent companion of Prophet Mohamed (P).

This is collated from threads i put on @Twitter & collated in @Facebook - I now input them here.

Caution: this is what I feel is right, & I do not wish to debate it, I am just stating my stand & feelings about the matter which in fact I happen to feel strongly about. We need context to Qur'an, hadiths offer some, reports from other sources offer some, etc. Qur'an says listen to what is said & follow the best thereof, that this is a sign of intelligence for a Believer.

One of my dear activists pundits followers on @Twitter referred me to a small essay written by a Shia scholar, it was published on a Shia website, & the website piqued my curiosity as I was never seriously exposed to Shia theological literature.

I am an interesting case with multiple origins lineage: Arab, Jew, Berber, Turk, Visigoth...
I am a descendant of Aures Jewess Queen Kahina Dahyia & of Idriss II through mother & father.
My ancestor Idriss II is a descendant of Hasan son of Ali & Fatima daughter of Prophet Mohamed, Idriss II's father is a descendant of Idriss I who was the founder of Morocco.

So I am now exploring my Arab heritage, & one thing I neglected because of my reluctance to endorse sects & sectarians was to look into the Shia side of the story regarding Prophet Mohamed mission of delivering Qur'an, but I am now convinced, thanks to convincing articles published on that website giving enough rationales to my satisfaction that the progeny of Mohamed, Ali, Fatima, Hassan, Hossein & descendants also known as ahl al beyt got a very rough deal from Quraysh.

This is a controversial subject I tried to avoid, but I felt the urge to hear the Shia side of the divide that plagued the Islamic Community after the assassination of Ali cousin of Prophet Mohamed & husband of his daughter Fatima (Fatima's mother being Khadija, first wife of Prophet Mohamed).
I put a thread on this in @Twitter & I will give the link later...

1st @Twitter link -

Thread on exploring my Arab heritage discussing ahl al beyt & Qureysh betrayal - Part 2 -

Analysis, background & comments -

I am Arab Jew, but also descendant of Prophet Mohamed through mother & father via Sidi M'hamed Moussa... Idris II, Idris I founder of Morocco, up to Hassan, Ali & Fatima, I only accept Qur'an as binding - reading this made me angry at the four 1st Caliphs.

This is the start of a thread exploring my Arab heritage & one thing I neglected because of my reluctance to endorse sects & sectarians, but it looks like progeny of Mohamed, Ali, Fatima, Hassan, Hossein & descendants also known as ahl al beyt got a very rough deal from Quraysh.

It is very unlikely I will endorse the Shia creed though as I do not accept their imamate theological tenets & structure, but Ali should have been the first Caliph & his descendant Hassan or Husseyn the second Caliph. This is based on the records available on Mohamed (P).

In my view & understanding of the history, Abu Bakr, Umar ibn al Khatab & Uthman were usurpers who stole the leadership from ahl al beyt. What we inherited was Muawiya & his son Yazid who were closer to Rome's Caligula than to devout servants of Allah.

So & deeply sadly from the word go after the death of Mohamed (P), the nascent Medina Muslim community was undermined by power struggles among the closest companions of the Prophet who ignored his recommendation to appoint Ali as his successor, they will be questioned about this.

Personally I see in the Ottoman Turks an effort to bring back a measure of decency to the structuring of theology in a Kingdom, indeed Turks were the ones Allah said He will replace Arabs with, He replaced the power hungry House of Quraysh by the Kayi Oghuz descendant Turks.

Arabs in the form of Donmeh & Najd who already were fierce opponents of Islam in times of Mohamed (P) again in the 20th century betrayed the Ottoman Muslims by siding with the British Crown & taking over the whole Arab peninsula inclusive of Hejaz, Najran, Jizan & Asir.

& that is all I have to say on this subject, only those who accept & implement Qur'an without malice in their lives are whom we can call Believers, anything else is hypocrisy/nifaq.

In fact reading with horror how Fatima, Ali, Hassan & Huseyn were treated by Abu Bakr, Quraysh, Umar & Uthman urges me to carry on writing about these matters which concern my own heritage as descendant of Hassan myself, these were in violation to Prophet Mohamed's instructions.
I can appreciate why this cleaved Islam into two factions & until recently I have not taken sides, preferring to refer to Qur'an as the only legitimate arbiter of events concerning Believers & those who accept it as scripture.

Reading Hadith al-Kisa, The Narration / Tradition of the Cloak moved me greatly & I can accept the truth of it, this shifts my perception somewhat, but goes within the light that I am revisiting hadiths, & it is only logical that I listen to both sides of the divide.

Hadith al-Kisa, The Narration of the Cloak posted here together with commentary by Gholam Hossein MasoudPhD in law and member of the University Academic Board - via @al_islam_org -

For many years (from mid 1980's) up until rejecting them in 2000, I immersed myself into Sunni theology even though didn't make much effort to do so as I was just surfing the Sunnis' wave I chose to associate with.

So until @owhy3 referred me the website Shia was a mystery to me.
"What you were doing is the right approach for understanding a major religion and culture that the West still ignore at its own risk, fact that TW allow and facilitate such exchanges is positive whatsoever"...

My ex sunni associates had only bad things to say about the Shia, your link is helping me to understand better what is at stake, the power struggle between Quraysh & the family of the Prophet they usurped power from shows me that none are really innocent among either factions.

But the Quraysh & Abu Sufyan clan are more to blame for Islam's undermining from the word go in fact, leading to the Umayyads caligulesque reign followed by the Abbasids decadent follow up which ended with the Mongols' destruction. Still early for me to make a clear statement.
Bear in mind that I am not a scholar or cleric, thank God for that as I would have been brainwashed in one of the sects.

For now all I can understand is that indeed the family of the Prophet were badly wronged, their honour besmirched & them being massacred by the power hungry Caliphs Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthman, Mu'3awiyah, Yazid & Abassids through Imam Shafi'3 & their followers afterwards.

The descendants of the Prophet owe their lives to fleeing towards North Africa, me being one descendant in point.

While reading the article, I couldn't help feel the love shown by the writer towards the family of Prophet Mohamed, Fatima, Ali, Hassan & Huseyn;
I felt moved to tears, maybe a testament to my feeling its authenticity, after all these are my ancestors, even though I'm also mixed Arab Jew Berber Turk.

Maybe this would prompt me to swerve again & appreciate the treasures I was deprived of through the Sunni narratives of my mid-1980 to 2000 mystical journey started in Brighton, Sussex, UK & which took me to Richmond, Vancouver, BC, Singapore, Malaysia & Russia.

I will keep feeding this thread with my theological findings & what it means for Muslims, especially leaderships, "obey the Messenger & you will not obey him until there is no rancour in your hearts about what he orders you, & you submit in full submission".

I declare & accept that all of Abu Bakr, Omar, Uthman did not obey posthumously the Messenger's express directive that they should honour & protect ahl al beyt who are Prophet Mohamed's family Fatima, Ali, Hassan & Huseyn whom I am related to by lineage as being my ancestors.

Furthermore they didn't obey the Messenger's directive to make Ali the heir in leadership of the Muslim Ummah, he should've been the first Caliph/Commander/Imam, they therefore are usurpers, this is why Islam got destabilised giving a chance to cancers like Umayyads to take over.

Before I continue I'd like to praise, glorify & thank Allah the majestic creator of all that is who is beyond any of the fabrications #Hypocrites & subversives of truth, liars attribute to Him, Allah who inspired in me to look into the veracity & truth of traditions & hadiths.

Verily there are good & bad traditions, bad traditions send the souls of humans astray, glorifying turpitude, inequity & injustice & the good traditions encourage & nurture what is good for the soul, for salvation & pleasing to the god of mankind, the king of mankind.

Attributing lies about Allah & His Messenger & immediate family to reap a paltry gain of power & lucre is vile & a grievous wrong towards one's soul & His Creator, a token of ingratitude that can only lead to the fire.

Yet it is exactly what at the highest level of leadership was done against the Prophet & his family, I feel very privileged Allah has opened my eyes & woken me of my slumber to look into the events after the death of Prophet Mohamed & the deep & serious gravity of what they did.

The fabrication of hadiths or sayings of Prophet Mohamed to benefit leaderships happened even in the life of Prophet Mohamed, when he was alive those who followed him inclusive of his companions were mandated by Allah to obey him, & it is what they are meant to do.

It would have been impossible for a companion of the Prophet to disobey an express order he made as God gave him authority that they should obey him, as revelations were pouring live if Mohamed (P) made a mistake in what he ordered, it was swift to correct him.

Also the orders Prophet Mohamed gave before his death would have been still valid after his death to his contemporaries, his companions, whether they were explicitly described in Qur'an or not.

What makes me reject completely the Caliphate of Abu Bakr, Umar & Uthman is that they failed to obey direct orders from the Prophet as regards his son in law Ali & his daughter Fatima, one that sticks in mind is that of Fadak as described here -

This analysis is damning to Abu Bakr who made a grievous sin not only disobeying a direct order from Mohamed (P), but in the process defiling the honour, dignity & integrity of Mohamed's daughter, worse Abu Bakr went as far as fabricating a hadith he attributed to Mohamed (P) ./.

./. ... worse Abu Bakr went as far as fabricating a hadith he attributed to Mohamed (P) to deny Fatima daughter of Mohamed her inheritance rights...
It is not befitting of someone who was to lead the Muslim community that he be in contempt of a Prophet's direct order but also he would fabricate a saying he attributes to him to implement his edict against Fatima, & it gets worse as violence was afterwards used against her.

The hadith he fabricated is in clear contravention of the Quranic text itself, it fabricates that descendants of Prophets do not & cannot inherit property to their offspring, this was a lie against Mohamed (P) who would never state an edict that contradicts Qur'an!

It made a very damaging precedent for the future of the nascent Muslim community whom the closest companions of the Prophet Abu Bakr & Omar started, that it is OK to be expedient & create false hadiths to get what they wanted, something Mu'3awiha used later to undermine Ali.

That was I believe the evil seed that led to the evil reign of Mu'3awiya, his son Yazid & early divisions whom Aisha daughter of Abu Bakr was complicit to, which finally led to martyrdom of Ali, poisoning of his son Hasan & slaying/martyrdom of his son Huseyn in Karbala.

Allah who knows everything is witness to my grievance, the Muslim community has suffered greatly from this evil & it is time to put the record straight which has been obfuscated through false narratives & fake hadiths by unprincipled clerics & scholars who perpetuated the lies.

Unprincipled clerics & scholars perpetuated lies against Ali & Ahl-Al-Beyt so the Arabs of Quraysh, Abu Bakr, Omar & Uthman be absolved of any wrongdoing.

Science / Viruses in theology of Qur'an
« on: June 07, 2021, 08:15:28 AM »
from my @Twitter feeds - (I think very relevant in this age of pandemic).

Viruses in theology - what does God mean by unleashing viruses? Follows a thread that will be displeasing to religious & non religious people alike, that includes me, but a Believer should not shy from truth, however humbling & humiliating -

Based on Qur'an. I will post the relevant verses later, my understanding of Qur'an is organic, which means I have read it so many times since I was 13, that usually I can make statements based on it without having to quote verses, though I was wrong a few times, but not often.

I will base this on two. There is one verse where God says he tests hypocrites once or twice a year with illness perchance they return (i.e. stop their poisonous undermining of God's Creation).

Another verse is about Job who is the epitome in Qur'an of being tested by illness & affliction. Strangely Job is quoted on attributing his illness on being touched by Satan with pain & suffering.

& Science (well the insights we get from analysing how things work) - what is the use & purpose of viruses? that is apart from being entropy accelerant of decay for human & animal bodies.
It is argued viruses are not alive, but owe their existence to the body (cells) they infect.

There is one baffling element of the viral paradigm, & that is its ability to mutate, using mutations to improve its capability of survival, but is that not an element of sentience? the ability to adapt to one's environment to protect itself from eradication? a survival instinct?

A survival instinct or someone behind the virus, one who programs it to survive eradication by the several layers of immunity in human & animal bodies?

I posit viruses are destructive agents, their purpose is destructive, though like weapons the destruction can also be marshalled for good, but that's not their main purpose.
God says we will learn more about how His Universe works, this includes also His instruments of Wrath.

All ingredients in the Universe aren't our own, we use them for good or bad, including viruses, bacteria, fungi, pathogens & instruments of life & death...
this means it's perfectly feasible theologically viruses be used by Satan & his followers for destruction, like for Job.

All ingredients in the Universe aren't our own, we use them for good or bad, including viruses, bacteria, fungi, pathogens & instruments of life & death...
this means it's perfectly feasible theologically viruses be used by Satan & his followers for destruction, like for Job.

God allowed Satan to use illness agents to attack Job's body & afflict him, as God allows illness agents to afflict hypocrites perchance to bring down humility in them so they repent...

Here comes my posit, most humans today are hypocrites & wrongdoers, why Satan has so much power, including unleashing illnesses of the kinds we've never seen such as #COVID19 & beforehand #AIDS #HIV.
The more we stray from G-d, the more power we give to evil agencies to hurt us.

Another prominent verse justifying what I say is of Abraham asking God for Mercy & relief, on the subject of illness/disease, curiously, he took responsibility, precisely saying "and if I fall ill, He's the one who will heal".
Ponder the turn of phrase, not if "He makes me ill".

Monstrous diseases such as #AIDS & #COVID19 are unleashed because we allow Satan into our lives more than we allow G-d/Allah/Yahweh, we are responsible as groups for straying from our Godly purpose.

I also posted this thread on my @facebook nabilh2000 account.

Allah/Hashem can of course eliminate all scourges of humanity, be they viruses, resistant strained bacteria, yeast pathogens, autoimmune, cancer, any dis-ease, but are we worthy? are we fulfilling our purpose which he made us for, which is to worship him alone?

Still as a Believer, despite all the evil I have committed & I am witness to in my other fellow humans, I keep turning back to Allah asking for His Mercy from the Wrath that descend on those among us who refuse guidance & repentance & whom we are being punished with -

I believe natural remedies through herbalism, homeopathy, naturopathy & orthomolecular medicine are a Sign of Mercy from Allah to Mankind which help by God's Leave to alleviate suffering of humans, believers & unbelievers, and Allah can heal any affliction.

May Allah The Healer / Al Shafee save us from His Wrath with His Mercy.

This topic  was covered before, but it is good to remind as reminders benefit the believers in Allah & the Last Day...

From my @Twitter feeds -

When the hypocrites come to you ˹O Prophet˺, they say, “We bear witness that you are certainly the Messenger of God” - and surely God knows that you are His Messenger—but God bears witness that the hypocrites are truly liars - Qur'an 63:1 Al Munafiqun / The Hypocrites

This is why Muslims have a problem in their words of allegiance as they are the same as those the #Hypocrites made while approaching Prophet Muhammad (P) - on faith, how can one bear witness to something they cannot see or prove? I thought long & hard about this, I am no scholar ./.

But surely wording the allegiance to God by using the words of #Hypocrites is a no go for me - the difference between Jews & Muslims is that the latter do not accept Issa son of Mary & Mohamed as Prophets & Qur'an does state that Mohamed is Prophet & Messenger (nabyi & rasul).

The way I now state on faith the allegiance is:
la illaha illa Allah, Mohamed rasula Allah (no shahada/witnessing, but a statement of faith) -

this should also be amended in the call to prayer (adhan)

saying Mohamed Messenger is OK by Qur'an as there are verses that say so, this also separates Jews & Christians from Muslims which is proper.

I also pray that Allah overlooks this mistake made by scholars, clerics & their followers for centuries.

Scholars must come together & correct this mistake that is a stain on Islam & Muslims -

the allegiance should be:
la illaha illa Allah, Mohamed rasula Allah (no shahada/witnessing, but a statement of faith)
la illaha illa Allah, Qur'an kitabu' Allah.

Allah says in Qur'an He does overlook many things from Believers & I hope in His Mercy He overlooks the #Hypocrites' "witness" addition in the statement of allegiance.

May Allah protect me & brothers believers from idolatry & hypocrisy.

Feed starts here -

Again to reiterate my stand, I do not accept Talmud & Hadiths as binding neither theologically nor juridically.
I have more trust in Torah (despite rewritings) than in Hadiths.

Both Talmud & Hadiths & other traditions gathered through the ages are to be taken with great caution & could serve as starting points for research by scholars who respect Allah's Truth - As per the verse where Allah asks Believers to listen to what is said & follow the best course thereof.

Osman ibn Ertugrul, founder of the Ottoman Empire came at a pivotal time in Believers' history after their defeat by the Mongols -

I was lately lamenting here on forum there were no cinematic endeavour to glorify & praise Allah, until I started watching @DirilisDizisi @TRTErtugrul_EN Resurrection: Ertugrul, a TV Series narrating the life & works of father of Osman founder of the Ottoman Empire.

One lovely @Twitter follower advised me to watch Turkish TV Series "Resurrection, Ertugul", it narrates a segment of Ottoman Empire vs Knights Templar's history & is now available on @NetflixUK - - of interest to me as an Ottoman descendant like @BorisJohnson .@UN

@netflix is now targeting the Turkish video market, allowing me to learn more about part of my lineage, my Ottoman ancestors, sad my mother never taught me the Turkish language.

Heavy watching, part of History not narrated by victors of Pax Romana/Pax America we live within - Kamal Ataturk severed the link of Turkey to its Ottoman past by imposing the Latin alphabet for writing, he was Donmeh with a subversive remit  - @RTErdogan @edipyuksel @UNESCO

Amazing Series, Ertogrul Resurrection, very immersive, teaching me a part of my Ottoman lineage history I missed before Ottomans took over from the Seljuks, & the coming of the great commander Saladin, not only that but thoroughly enjoyable with great Turkish music to boot

It is the first time I watch a Turkish series, & one addressing the segment of history just after Mongols routed Muslims in Baghdad with Knights Templars involvement fighting to reclaim Jerusalem, they are shown not to be Knights but rather scheming nasty thugs with the Vatican.

Very educational to me, also I was even ignorant about Seljuks’ history who came before the rise of the Ottomans, as I said history is written by the victors, & my education through the french education system was shielded in favour of Rome, not Istanbul.

Shocking part was the accusations Knights Templars & Vatican purposefully infected Turks tribes with the Black Death, same as Europeans did to American natives with smallpox.
It seems some people have cruelty stamped as an archetypal characteristic. A Series worth watching.

Also learnt that Saladin came before Seljuks & Ottomans, my ignorance of my own lineage history is shameful (like @BorisJohnson I am ~ 1/4 Ottoman).

Epic, magnificent history brought to life in this Turkish TV series, who needs Game of Thrones when Levant's history is brought to life so mesmerizingly! So many episodes to feast on, with Allah praised & glorified throughout @TRTErtugrul_EN Resurrection Ertugrul - via @meNabster

Now I'm adding to Allah's Enforcers Osman, founder of the Ottoman Empire, his father Ertugrul & his grandfather Suleiman Shah, they along with Cyrus the Great, Saladin, Heraclius & other noble souls made God's Word Greater, invited to salvation & defended Believers' integrity.

They're the heir of Messengers & Prophets, may Allah give us other Enforcers of same caliber to bring back God's Peace, Justice & Harmony to this fractured World.
The prophecy was fulfilled with Ottomans who replaced Arabs as God said he will bring better people to replace them.

Who'll be the new group/nation to enforce God's Peace & Justice? After Kings Saul, David, Solomon for Hebrews & Children of Israel, Persians with Cyrus the Great, Arabs with Mohamed, Saladin the Kurd, Turkmen with Osman ibn Ertugul, who will be the next enforcer or Messiah?

- as feed of my timeline on @Twitter -

General Issues / Questions / Al Masih
« on: March 16, 2021, 04:06:42 PM »
Salam & Allah's Mercy.

Finished watching & enjoyed new TV Series Messiah on @netflix @NetflixUK, very exciting as deals with contemporary issues in Palestine of interest to this Arab Jew & links up to failures of the 3 major religions Judaism, Christianity & Islam.

Art has potent outreach on humanity, even more potent than blunt crude advertisement, as an aside I feel sad there is no cinematic effort from Allah Only Believers to give traction to this noble cause.

Episode 6 of Messiah was very challenging to me, as it explores a scenario of what if G-d raised a Messiah among Mankind today, how would US & Israel Governments, their Intel & Security agencies will react, doesn’t matter who he’s raised from, be he Iranian, Arab or Jew... a hard subject matter.

The very hard part is the miracle he performs.

Initially reluctant to watch series when it was released, as I was concerned it would defile G-d & His Signs, but was pleasantly surprised that it didn’t, all protagonists in it looked pretty bad, especially US & Israel Intel agencies & Jihadists, the only one who looked good was Al Masih, as it should -

This made me think more deeply about the subject.

Pondering & exploring the possibility that G-d/Allah will raise a Messiah for Mankind who is not Issa son of Mary, before the return of Issa son of Mary - this after watching @netflix @NetflixUK Messiah that prompted me to look into this thorny issue - via @meNabster @TorahJews

This led me to posit this thread on my @Twitter timeline -

Pondering & exploring the possibility that God/Allah will raise a Messiah for Mankind who is not Issa son of Mary, before the return of Issa son of Mary - this after watching @netflix @NetflixUK Messiah that prompted me to look into this thorny issue /thread - via @inabster @UN

I will keep this extremely short, & base it on Qur'an (from memory) -

1. Nowhere in Qur'an does Allah limit Himself or His Will, restricting Himself how He communicates with His Creation Mankind or Jinn.
2. Nowhere in Qur'an does Allah say that Mohamed is the last final Messenger.
3. Al Masih/Messiah means the anointed (by G-d) - Allah can indeed anoint whom He wills to represent Him.
4. Therefore there could well be a Messiah &/or Messenger to be raised for Mankind.
5. The only proviso is that such a Messenger/Messiah accepts all Books revealed by Allah.

Al Masih/Messiah is supercharged by each group who just wants to appropriate its meaning to validate themselves at the expense of the others, such as Jews saying he is for them, Christians saying he is Jesus & Muslims saying he is Isa son of Mary.

All co-opt scriptures by exploiting meanings they have manufactured, I don't believe in their interpretations, it is correct that Issa son of Mary was Messiah, but it does not invalidate that another be Messiah too so long as he accepts & enforces God's Word.

The Sunnis say there will be an Imam they call Mehdi who will help them defeat the Dajjal, they also believe Dajjal is the AntiChrist a fake Messiah, the Jews believe the Messiah will gather them again after their separation, Qur'an never validates either nor Al Dajjal.

Qur'an says that Issa son of Mary will be a Sign of the Hour, but that is just before the end, the apocalypse when God/Allah destroys everything, between now & then there could well be another Messenger/Messiah not just for Jews, or Arabs. or Christians, but for all Mankind.

That Messiah/Messenger for Mankind will again reinforce God's Word & call to Allah as many Messengers did before, nothing in Qur'an says such event won't come to happen, Qur'an is open on the matter, only the word of Man subverts on this to favour some at the expense of others.

The TV Series Messiah illustrates this in cinematic art form.

Posted here from @Twitter feeds @inabster @meNabster with minor corrections.

General Issues / Questions / Sam Gerrans
« on: February 22, 2021, 09:06:11 AM »
I am currently looking into the self proclaimed Quranist Sam Gerrans.

Not sure what to conclude, he rejects Hadiths wholesale like vast majority of members of, but I feel uneasy with him, he looks strongly like he benefitted from before he did his own translation of Qur'an.

I am looking into it, I tried to interact with him on his belief of Flat Earth but he strongly refused writing he is not prepared to debate the issue with me because he is too busy.

What irks me is that he never gave any acknowledgement to for the material he has built & the podcasts he is posting on YouTube, was he ever a member of free-minds, & split?

Latest that annoyed me was his translation of munafiqeen, he translates it as waverers, this is my response verbatim to him in the podcast where it occurred:

I am slowly going through your podcasts and am enjoying it, The God Protocol need to relisten to the Moses part. In here just a small comment, why do you translate munafiqeen as waverers, as a native speaker of Arabic I have always known it is hypocrites, & they are pretty much badly chastised by Allah who says that they will be confined to the lowest rung of hell “al daraqi al asfali min alnar.”
OK I listened until the end, in Arabic waverer is mudhabdhab, not munafiq, a synonym for waverer in English is undecided, in French waverer translates as indecis, which is again undecided.
Hypocrite is much worse, there is a darkness in the hypocrite, the undecided could be reasoned with & maybe brought back, waverer is not as evil as hypocrite.
So to me munafiq clearly translates as hypocrite, I can even cite a Jewish woman thinker who defined the hypocrite beautifully -
Hannah Arendt “As witnesses not of our intentions but of our conduct, we can be true or false, and the hypocrite's crime is that he bears false witness against himself. What makes it so plausible to assume that hypocrisy is the vice of vices is that integrity can indeed exist under the cover of all other vices except this one. Only crime and the criminal, it is true, confront us with the perplexity of radical evil; but only the hypocrite is really rotten to the core.”
A good translation for hypocrite & munafiq is also deceiver.
Finally, I have decided to start a thread on as an OpEd to your claims in your podcast - it's here -

Another podcast is "The God Protocol" where he extracts an oft repeating pattern of God's Sunna/Practice which I found interesting, still digesting it, I must admit he puts a lot of efforts in his work, & I do not wish to rubbish it, as we say in French "la critique est aisee, mais l'art est difficile" criticism is easy but craftsmanship takes real effort...

I am as I said in an earlier post a native Arabic speaker & even though I seldom use Arabic now but to read Qur'an, my Arabic is one of the closest to Quranic Arabic (Sahraoui Arabic from the south of Algeria, I was born in Biskra) as I am from an area where Arabic tribes some led by Sidi M'hamed Al Moussa & was reared by a nanny who speaks it.

So when I read Qur'an against translations I have a "sixth" sense that tells me if the translation makes sense or not, of course there are words I do not know, but even Google translate translates waverer as undecided in English & undecis in French, not hypocrite.

Munafiq is destined to Hell in very harsh terms in Qur'an, translating it as waverer is to me an injustice on people who are undecided & who could be seduced back into Submission to Allah (in Qur'an mu'alafati qulubuhum).

I need to re-listen to the Moses section of The God Protocol, but overall he got right that aspect to Allah's pattern towards communities He raises Messengers in.

More later - I am starting this thread as an OpEd - not always against, bar some salient issues that are controversial even here, like Flat Earth & Salat as being a physical ritual vs. an abstract concept Sam Gerrans describes I believe erroneously as duty.

Discuss Latest World News / Corona Virus Pandemic
« on: April 21, 2020, 01:22:01 PM »
I will start this, it's also about healing strategies to protect from cell damage done by the virus.

I managed to get rid of Hepatitis B using alternative therapies, so Corona Virus is a virus but is different as it does not settle in the host, it either is cleared by the immune system, with sadly some after effects like damaged organs, or it kills the host in a dreadful way suffocating him/her.

Before I submit what I found & am using to protect from it, I will say this:

Like HIV, Corona Virus is a step up on lethality of retroviruses as it is airborne & very easy to catch, worse it mutates & mutated variants are even more damaging, it is also a fact (more or less) that mutating retroviruses are hard to vaccinate against.

Theologically, i.e. Quranically, corona virus with its undermining human contact for a social animal like Man is to me clearly a punishment from Allah, long overdue because of the evil that is currently rippling unhindered on Earth by the Anglo-Zionists who are in fact Gog & Magog prophesied in Qur'an to slide from every mound by the coming of the Hour/Last Day, the Last Day might have started as far back as World War 2 in fact.

OK, enough, I am writing this as an impulse, what I want to share is this important finding to protect against Corona virus which I have published on my twitter feeds with supporting evidence...

This combination of supplements protects human organs from & cures acutes of corona virus infections:

Quercetin + Zinc + Quinine + Copper + Bromelain + Vitamin C.

This is mostly what I have to say to help my brothers protect themselves from this dangerous pathogen.

Of course other WHO advice are worthy following, such as social isolation, face masks, washing hands, etc.

I do not know how long Allah will make this virus last & wreak its havoc, it might go or it might be very brutal, may Allah have Mercy on the Believers...

Salam wa rahmah
Nabil H

General Issues / Questions / Jesus Christ vs Issa ibn Mariam
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Allah's Peace, Grace & Mercy...

This has been bothering me from the start.

After reading
Who was JESUS? Conspiracy in Jerusalem - by Kamal S. Salibi
& I cannot unread it, the logic is brutal, I am not a Christian, but even to me it was shocking. Will soon debrief slowly when I finish reading, might need to reread it - uses Bible, Qur'an & records.

Small summary Issa ibn Miriam =/= Jesus Christ , part of Issa ibn Miriam history used over Jesus Christ, Jesus has father, brothers, was crucified, was a freedom fighter against Rome, Paul went to Yemen to collect info on Issa son of Mary which he used to make Jesus holy...

So everything prophetic happened in Yemen & SW Arabia/Hejaz, Issa ibn Miriam over 200 years older than Jesus Christ who was no prophet nor messenger, but a Jewish Rabbi who fought against Rome, he probably also followed Torah.
Still struggling with this, Jerusalem in ME copycat.

So Jesus Christ special status fabricated by so called apostles/followers, Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, his brother James, Peter, Paul all co-conspirators projecting Issa ibn Miriam onto Jesus Christ.
Issa was never crucified nor killed, Jesus was crucified & killed...

Therefore all gospels collected in Palestine fabrication projecting Issa ibn Miriam onto Jesus Christ, making Jesus Christ a vessel whom Paul used with Emperor Constantine to deploy Christian doctrine of trinity, son of god, etc.
After that Jerusalem in Palestine has little holiness left.

This will be very challenging to Christians, Muslims who relied on Christian records & even to an Arab Jew like me who accepted the Muslim/Christian status quo consensus.

At the time of Mohamed, in Arabia, Christians in Arabia had access to the true Gospel/Injeel of the Nassara followers of Issa son of Mary, that scripture in parchments form seems to have disappeared, maybe destroyed or in possession of Vatican...

I can no longer defend Palestine on the basis of theology, but on the basis of freedom fighting of a subjugated people.
Both Jerusalem & Jesus Christ today are not holy.
Original Jerusalem was in Asir, no longer exists.
Original son of Mary, Messiah, Word of God not Jesus.

New Testament nothing to do with original gospel/injeel revealed to Messiah Issa ibn Miriam, though it uses history stolen from Yemen of Issa, & resources from OT to make Jesus Christ holy. They also claim Jesus Christ is descendant of David, whereas Issa descendant of Aaron.

Qur'an did not challenge this because the Nassara in Hejaz were using the true Gospel revealed to Issa ibn Miriam, not the fake gospels circulating in Rome/Palestine.
A posit is that initial followers of Issa moved to Najran, Yemen, & were burnt in a holocaust by Jews there.

Pharisees in Palestine insisted Jesus be crucified, as failed in Yemen to crucify true Messiah Issa ibn Miriam, they forced Pilate's hand who ordered his crucifixion, so ensuring birth of Christianity thereof.
Thus both OT & NT tampered with & only Qur'an can correct records.

Another posit is maybe Jesus Christ was a follower descendant of Nassara followers of true Messiah Issa ibn Miriam, & was preaching God's Gospel as Issa did, indeed some records attest Jesus Christ carried parchments with him, which might be Gospel fragments in his possession.

I will post links to Kamal Salibi relevant books later...

cf. this was from my twitter accounts feeds @inabster / @meNabster


This is how I am settled for Ramadhan once & for all until I die -

The fast starts on the 7th full moon after the Spring equinox.

This year the 7th full moon after the spring equinox is 5th October 2017.

So I will fast 3 to 10 days starting the 6th October 2017.

The Quran was revealed on the equinox day with full moon on 20 September 617
at the night between 20/09/617 & 21/09/617.

Check here -

Twitter Link:

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