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Discuss Latest World News / Re: Corona Virus Pandemic
« on: Today at 06:59:52 PM »
Salam Neptin,
I am a Hepatitis B survivor, it took me twenty years to clear the Hep B virus from my system.
I stand by what I said & am still suffering residual effects from the #COVID19 infection.

Do you think Allah is not capable to unleash a virus on this humanity that have forsaken Him, mock God saying he is dead & manifest all crimes that Allah forbade?

I agree with you the Anglo-Zionists are evil & it is possible they engineered a viral weapon they armed to cull the population, but saying that there is no threat to health, maybe encouraging others not to properly protect their health is an act of kufr.
Even if they indeed did engineer it, that Allah allowed them to do so is a punishment from Him on those who do not resist them & fight them.

I am not interested in engaging with you further, you are a troll.

General Issues / Questions / Re: Sam Gerrans
« on: Today at 11:25:22 AM »
Salam -
This is a @Twitter feed I just posted on Sam Gerrans -

Public statement I have lost interest in @SamGerrans as he propagates falsehood on @YouTube mistranslating Qur'an, thus leading Believers astray, he has some interesting insights, but says very dangerous things God warns against, based on his own imagination. - @meNabster

Sam Gerrans translated word munafiq which represents a label designing very flawed characters God stridently warned against & promised the worst torments in Hell, translated it as waverer, this is enough for me to disregard what Sam Gerrans writes/says, this is fitna/perversion.

Sam Gerrans also pushes the notion that the Earth is Flat, which is another reason I cannot take him seriously. May Allah guide Him & Help Him against this state of ignorance & stop Him from propagating falsehood claiming it is truth.

General Issues / Questions / Re: Sam Gerrans
« on: Today at 11:08:11 AM »
Peace reel,

I am very gullible,
if it were not for Allah's Grace & Qur'an I would be at a loss,
I am fortunate to have learnt Arabic from an old woman (my nanny) of the south of Algeria who spoke pure Arabic of the Arab nomads,
when I read a translation & its corresponding translation side by side my Arabic tells me straight away if it makes sense,
waverer for hypocrite/munafiq is enough for me to disregard Sam Gerrans as an idiot,
the term munafiq is a grave term that consigns its wearer if he/she does not repent to the deepest fiercest part of Hell even below the unbeliever & the idolater,
translating munafiq as waverer makes it a mockery & an insult to Allah & His Qur'an.
/bipolar rant over> :tempt:
May Allah protect us from being in the rank of munafiqeen/hypocrites.

General Issues / Questions / Re: Sam Gerrans
« on: Yesterday at 12:29:30 PM »
Thank you brother, I understand why you chose for yourself the moniker "good logic" your logic is irreproachably excellent.

Sad we get articulate people to come forward & make podcasts like Sam Gerrans is doing, we really are in need of people who challenge wrong info about Qur'an & bad translations, it should have been the duty of Arabs in whose language Qur'an was revealed to come forward & explain it to non Arabic speakers.

Instead most Arabs chose to champion traditions, hadiths & seera which Qur'an & obviously Allah never gave the green light to replace Qur'an by them.

General Issues / Questions / Re: Sam Gerrans
« on: February 22, 2021, 12:59:05 PM »
Thanks, that's what I believe as well.
We will see how Sam Gerrans responds.
He usually just ignores criticism & plods along with his own views & interpretations,.
He says he uses his own hermeneutics heuristics method to define words in Qur'an based on what founders have always advocated to use Qur'an to define Qur'an, but for some words like salat, zaqat, & this one munafiqun, it does not convince me.

What bothers me is that he has many followers & for the Flat Earth business I had an exchange with one of them on Twitter who ended up blocking me.

Also using the excuse that traditionalists translate some words in a certain way is not license to invalidate their translations, however one disagrees with them for other aspects such as their use of Hadiths, it's as if it becomes a game of putting all ills on traditionalists & so say or do the opposite of what they say or do in any instance.

It is not always that black & white, & Qur'an was revealed in Arabic, not in English or Farsi, so when we start we start from the language, then if Qur'an clearly contradicts the usual meaning of the word, we look at forensics of how Qur'an uses the word, but for munafiq it was always in cases of people who were scheming in hiding & showing different versions of themselves depending on their audience, with the underlying motif of undermining God's Word Qur'an, they were with the unbelievers but presented themselves to Believers as being Believers, that's to me being two faced, which defines well in English a hypocrite, & in Arabic a munafiq.

The Arabic word "Munafiq! is absolutely clear in meaning whatever the language one uses, because there are many contexts in which  "Munafiq " is used in Qoran:. However the meaning can only be :

"Munafiq" = Hypocrite or synonym words Dissembler and Pretender.
Similar words of Hypocrite are  not  commonly used in daily talk like as "Hypocrites"

Qoran makes it clear when ,in the majority of the verses, talks about the munafiqun ('hypocrites', Arabic: منافقون‎, singular منافق munāfiq).
They were a group  of outward Muslims who were secretly unsympathetic to the cause of Muslims and actively sought to undermine the Muslim community.

They were not wavering or undecided, they  were pretending with full knowledge to be Muslims and working underneath with evil schemes to bring Islam and the believers down..

What else can we call this? Evil schemers? Traitors? ...OK the word Hypocrite describes all these words perfectly.

GOD bless.

General Issues / Questions / Sam Gerrans
« on: February 22, 2021, 09:06:11 AM »
I am currently looking into the self proclaimed Quranist Sam Gerrans.

Not sure what to conclude, he rejects Hadiths wholesale like vast majority of members of, but I feel uneasy with him, he looks strongly like he benefitted from before he did his own translation of Qur'an.

I am looking into it, I tried to interact with him on his belief of Flat Earth but he strongly refused writing he is not prepared to debate the issue with me because he is too busy.

What irks me is that he never gave any acknowledgement to for the material he has built & the podcasts he is posting on YouTube, was he ever a member of free-minds, & split?

Latest that annoyed me was his translation of munafiqeen, he translates it as waverers, this is my response verbatim to him in the podcast where it occurred:

I am slowly going through your podcasts and am enjoying it, The God Protocol need to relisten to the Moses part. In here just a small comment, why do you translate munafiqeen as waverers, as a native speaker of Arabic I have always known it is hypocrites, & they are pretty much badly chastised by Allah who says that they will be confined to the lowest rung of hell “al daraqi al asfali min alnar.”
OK I listened until the end, in Arabic waverer is mudhabdhab, not munafiq, a synonym for waverer in English is undecided, in French waverer translates as indecis, which is again undecided.
Hypocrite is much worse, there is a darkness in the hypocrite, the undecided could be reasoned with & maybe brought back, waverer is not as evil as hypocrite.
So to me munafiq clearly translates as hypocrite, I can even cite a Jewish woman thinker who defined the hypocrite beautifully -
Hannah Arendt “As witnesses not of our intentions but of our conduct, we can be true or false, and the hypocrite's crime is that he bears false witness against himself. What makes it so plausible to assume that hypocrisy is the vice of vices is that integrity can indeed exist under the cover of all other vices except this one. Only crime and the criminal, it is true, confront us with the perplexity of radical evil; but only the hypocrite is really rotten to the core.”
A good translation for hypocrite & munafiq is also deceiver.
Finally, I have decided to start a thread on as an OpEd to your claims in your podcast - it's here -

Another podcast is "The God Protocol" where he extracts an oft repeating pattern of God's Sunna/Practice which I found interesting, still digesting it, I must admit he puts a lot of efforts in his work, & I do not wish to rubbish it, as we say in French "la critique est aisee, mais l'art est difficile" criticism is easy but craftsmanship takes real effort...

I am as I said in an earlier post a native Arabic speaker & even though I seldom use Arabic now but to read Qur'an, my Arabic is one of the closest to Quranic Arabic (Sahraoui Arabic from the south of Algeria, I was born in Biskra) as I am from an area where Arabic tribes some led by Sidi M'hamed Al Moussa & was reared by a nanny who speaks it.

So when I read Qur'an against translations I have a "sixth" sense that tells me if the translation makes sense or not, of course there are words I do not know, but even Google translate translates waverer as undecided in English & undecis in French, not hypocrite.

Munafiq is destined to Hell in very harsh terms in Qur'an, translating it as waverer is to me an injustice on people who are undecided & who could be seduced back into Submission to Allah (in Qur'an mu'alafati qulubuhum).

I need to re-listen to the Moses section of The God Protocol, but overall he got right that aspect to Allah's pattern towards communities He raises Messengers in.

More later - I am starting this thread as an OpEd - not always against, bar some salient issues that are controversial even here, like Flat Earth & Salat as being a physical ritual vs. an abstract concept Sam Gerrans describes I believe erroneously as duty.

Salam 19_submission
Will it be OK if I use your link on my Twitter feed, I have many followers, I keep conveying Qur'an linking it up to current events from politics to medicine & science, I am going to read your pdf, & if it's good, I ask permission from you to link up to your Google drive address here.


Sam Gerrans is OK as Quranist, as he gives some interesting distinctions about what it means to rely on Qur'an only as theological binding source,
my beef with him is that he makes Salat a theoretical abstract concept which is contradicted by Qur'an, Salat is physical,

second he is a Flat Earther, believes that Earth is Flat, otherwise I learnt some stuff with him, he gives podcasts through @Youtube.

From Sunnis, the best I found was Sheikh Imran Hosein, he relies on Qur'an better than most other Sunni clerics,
he helped me locate Gog & Magog origin which is behind Caucasus mountains & that the barrier was the Darial gorge.

I put my findings on Twitter as @inabster & @menabster.

Salam & Peace
Nabil H

Discuss Latest World News / Re: Corona Virus Pandemic
« on: January 25, 2021, 03:57:09 AM »
Asking Peace & Mercy from Allah

I am not sure about burials issues, but if it is proven that dead bodies can contaminate water supplies with a virus, then burying cannot happen, so what do you do with bodies?

This virus is a great challenge to humanity, I interact with a lot of people on Twitter & some even do not believe that viruses actually exist, i believe they are like Flat Earthers who believe that the Earth is flat & that there are no stars nor planets, just a small universe with the sun as a lamp, & the moon as a prism, & so on...

I put up a blog on how to tackle COVID-19, it describes how I coped with my own infection & how I treated myself, & how / what I advise my close ones like sisters, nephews & nieces, maybe it will help some brothers & sisters or visitors here, but maybe vaccines are also good or better, though it is still unclear if they really protect, etc.

Anyway here is the address of my blog:

Salam wa rahmah.

General Issues / Questions / Re: Most people will go to Hell
« on: December 13, 2020, 12:36:03 PM »
Peace Sister Sarah,
you read right most humans & jinn will enter hell, there is no doubt about it, not because God is unjust, but because He is being denied by them.
If you take a survey, most people have an idea of God that is erroneous, laced with idolatry, or anthropomorphism, God is beyond that, & that is what He conveys in Qur'an, & to a lesser degree in Tanakh/Torah.
My lineage is mixed, Arab/Jew/Ottoman/Berber, this helped me not to align myself with any particular ethnic or religious group, though I used to gravitate around Sunni, New Age & pop psychology groups in my 20's & 30's.
The more I grow old, the less interested I become of cleavage people identify with, i.e. groupings, & more interested with my relationship with Allah alone, it pains me that there are most people I know who are fodder for Hell, but there is nothing I can do about it but be a warner & bearer of glad tidings for those who believe.
Does this sound familiar, it should be because this is what Allah exactly instructs of the Believers.
When we die, we will be cut out from causality, & only what matters will be our past affiliations & stands we took, & we will only be judged by our actions.
Death is a very lonely business, we will be cut out from the groups, but also from causality that gave us our narrative.
But ultimately the only narrative that matters to Allah, & by extension & commandments to the Believers is what we did to make Allah Sovereign on Earth despite all seemingly impossible odds.
This is why I started back in 2011 Twitter & Facebook accounts, of course I react to events in it, but I try my best to link the stories to Allah's control of events, be it obvious or hidden.
Take the #COVID19 pandemic or Donald Trump, or Putin & his Parkinson's disease diagnostic, there is plenty to see the Hand of Allah shaping events & the duty of a Believer is to highlight that, perchance some with be affected & heed their Creator & submit to Him so they also gain salvation,
Salam & Peace
Nabil H

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