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Imagine if refugees were doing this in Europe on Europeans how outraged the right-wingers would have been and how much hate there would be. These European and American settlers get away with stealing homes in Palestine from Palestinians. They do this very often:

Everyday the Bahraini regime brings mercenaries from countries like Pakistan to suppress the peaceful Bahraini revolution and recruits them for the 'police' were all of them are even reported to be Saddam sympthisers like ISIS terrorists and also therefor end up doing serious crimes. These 'policemen' resort to looting, beating, shooting teargas at citizens especially at those who are Shia and since these police are all or mostly foreigners none of them ever defect. The US calls for 'democratic reforms' (code word for Shariah law) in Syria while its allies are oppressing peaceful protestors and they get away with it too.

Here is a video from a CCTV camera that captured Bahraini police not arresting thiefs and hell even looting the store (along with the criminals):

Bahrain has a very good GDP per capita and living standard compared to many other countries. It can become better if it was not for the regime that is destroying the country and oppressing its own Shia (and even Sunni) population especially by sending in brainless and uneducated mercenaries from other countries who are unconstitutional and therefor most likely end up committing crimes. During the uprising the protestors first demand was deporting the foreigners who serve with the security forces where many protestors were chanting "There is no security when the police come from Pakistan" because the truth is that the police (aka criminals) is at least mostly made up by foreigners.

The goal of the protests is:

Abdication of King Hamad
Constitutional monarchy
Deportation of foreign mercenaries
Rewrite the Constitution
Ending economic and human rights violations
Equal rights for Shias
Fair elections and freedom

"This is a rarely seen picture of Brig Muhammad Zia ul Haq killing Palestinians in Jordan during what is known to the world as ?Black September.? During Black September, the head of Pakistani training commission took command of the 2nd Division and helped slaughter around 25,000 Palestinians. Zia ul haq was later awarded Jordan?s highest honor for the services rendered. Black September resulted in the deaths of tens of thousands of people, the vast majority Palestinian. Armed conflict lasted until July 1971 with the expulsion of the PLO and thousands of Palestinian fighters to Lebanon. Zia remained posted in Jordan from 1967 till 1970 as a Brigadier, where he was involved in training and leading Jordan?s military where he commanded Jordan?s 2nd division. He helped late King Hussain of Jordan in ?cleansing? the so-called Palestinian Insurgents, Zia and Hussain butchered many innocent Palestinians in the name of Operation against Black September. Zia?s troops were heavily involved in street-to-street urban fighting and are credited with killing scores of Palestinians. The intensity of bloodletting by Zia ul Haq and King Hussain was such that one of the founding fathers of Israel Moshe Dayan said: ?Hussein (with help from Zia-ul-Haq) killed more Palestinians in eleven days than Israel could kill in twenty years.? (Picture courtesy of Mr Muhammad Syed)"

In 1971 Brigadier General Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq was to be court martialed for his actions but thanks to his other idiotic 'general' friends (terrorists) he managed to get away with his crimes. And in 1976 President Zulfikar Ali Bhutto promoted him to Chief of Army Staff for his 'performance'. Haq later staged a coup d'?tat, executed Bhutto and, aided by the United States, was instrumental in supporting mujahideen such as Gulbuddin Hekmatyar (during the Soviet Afghan war) who was the former Prime Minister of Afghanistan and has an extremist interpretation of Islam.

"Ahmed Dawabsheh, the sole survivor of the infamous Duma arson attack, is healing.

Accompanied by his grandfather, Hussein, and his uncle, Nassr, Ahmed attended the second Palestine Media Forum in Istanbul, Turkey last month.

His scars are apparent. The five-year-old was the sole survivor of an arson attack on his family?s home in Duma last summer when extremist settlers firebombed the property killing Ahmed?s parents and his 18-month-old brother Ali. Ahmed suffered 60 per cent burns in the attack.

While Ali died immediately, Ahmed?s parents Saad and Riham fought for their lives in hospital but succumbed to their wounds weeks later.

As Ahmed lay in the Intensive Care Unit in Tel HaShomer Hospital he was unaware of the fate of his family. Five months later, and after being transferred to the children?s ward and undergoing a total of 10 surgeries, including skin grafts, his grandfather informed him what had happened.

?As family and friends visited him in the hospital, Ahmed would start asking why his parents have not come to visit yet,? Hussein told MEMO. ?We told him they were also hurt and were receiving treatment just like he was.?

His uncle, Nassr, said that Ahmed still does not entirely comprehend that his brother and parents have passed away, but he does know that ?they are in heaven?.

Ahmed?s right hand and the right side of his face still bear scars from the burns he sustained during the attack, but it is the emotional effects which have left the worst scars. His fear of fire and burning, Hussein says, is so severe that he cried and felt pain during a laser-treatment session for his right hand. ?The doctor said that it doesn?t hurt, and I tried it and it didn?t,? he added. ?I asked Ahmed why it hurt, he said it was making fire and that it was going to burn him.?

Earlier this year, the home of Ibrahim Dawabsheh, Ahmed?s relative and a key witness to the attack that killed his family, caught fire in what local residents described as a deliberate attack by masked individuals who broke the bedroom window and set the house on fire. Ibrahim was unharmed but his wife suffered smoke inhalation. Israeli police said the cause of the fire was unknown, denying it was an arson attack.

A few months after the attack, Amiram Ben-Uliel, 21, was charged with the murder of the Dawabsheh family, and an unnamed minor was also charged as an accomplice in the attack.

Ben-Uliel is part of a movement known as the ?hilltop youth?, a leaderless group of young Israeli settlers who set up unauthorised outposts on West Bank hilltops and are accused of carrying out so-called ?price tag? attacks against Palestinians and their properties. According to the UN, at least 120 attacks by Israeli settlers were documented in the occupied West Bank in 2015.

A report by Yesh Din, an Israeli human rights organisation, showed that more than 92.6 per cent of complaints Palestinians lodge with Israeli police end with no charges being filed.

?If these were Palestinians who carried out such attack,? Attorney Omar Khamaisi, the director of the Nazareth-based Al-Mezan Centre for Human Rights, told MEMO, ?suspects would quickly be rounded up and prosecuted under a military legal system and the homes of the attackers would have been demolished.?

Complaining about the slow process of indicting the Israeli assailants and the lack of action against hundreds of settlers who carry out attacks against Palestinians in the West Bank, Khamaisi, who is also the Dawabsheh family?s attorney, said that, unlike Palestinians, Israeli settlers are protected by the country?s criminal laws and Israel would never demolish their homes as a result."

Israel runs a lot of kangaroo courts (especially for its own criminals that kill Palestinians) and pretends to jail its own extremists and gets away with it thanks to the criminal United States. The Prime suspect in Dawabsheh arson attack was released 10 months later by Israel.

Imagine if someone said this about Jews instead how the outrage from the media would have emerged and how the conspiracy-nutter, Nazi and anti-semite label would have been thrown at you. This 'peaceful' Budd'hist warns Europe of becoming 'Arabized' without giving any evidence:

"In a stunning admission of reality, his holiness the XIVth Dalai Lama, spiritual leader of the Tibetan form of Mahayana Buddhism, has said that Europe is in danger of being Arabized and is taking too many migrants.

Perhaps His holiness remembers the history of places like Afghanistan and other nations and areas which were Hindu and Buddhist and even Jewish and were taken over by invading Islam killing millions in its path.

The Dalai Lama has said there are too many migrants pouring into Europe, warning against the continent becoming Arabised, and claiming the solution is the eventual repatriation of migrants.

Agence France-Presse has reported that the leader of Tibetan Buddhism said: ?When we look at the face of each refugee, but especially those of the children and women, we feel their suffering, and a human being who has a better situation in life has the responsibility to help them.

?But on the other hand, there are too many at the moment? Europe, Germany in particular, cannot become an Arab country, Germany is Germany?.

?There are so many that in practice it becomes difficult.?"

Text taken from this website:

Indeed he seems to think that even Afghanistan was 'Arabised'. What he didin't know:

1) Many migrants are from non-Arab countries like Afghanistan, Pakistan, Ethiopia, Eritrea, etc. Infact they most likely make up the majority. There is also reports on Pakistanis buying fake Syrian passports to enter Europe easier. 
2) Afghanistan was Islamised by a non-Arab country (Pakistan), along with two anti-Arab regimes (UAE and Saudi regime)
3) There is nothing Arab letalone Islamic about what is happening in Afghanistan. Much that exists there originated from Indian, Persian and Chinese traditions. In Afghanistan Arabic is not recognised as a minority language nor as the official language instead Pashto and Dari are the two official languages.
4) Islam just like any religion is dying in Germany. Germany has one of the best education in the world which makes many Muslims who were born and grew up there become either irreligious or at least become cultural Muslims so there is no such thing as an 'Islamic' take over of Germany. Education has shown to lower extremism and even the amount of adherents of religion.

On the otherhand there is the massacres and persecution towards Muslims carried out by Budd'hist extremists. Many Muslims have been killed by Buddhist extremists but Dalai Lama won't mention how Myanmar is getting 'Indianized'' anytime soon:

The nation outranked 162 others thanks to its positive lifestyle contributions, including prosperity, equality, health and wellbeing

Sweden has topped a poll as the best ‒ or ?goodest? ‒ country when it comes to serving the interests of its people while avoiding damaging impacts to other nations and the environment.

The country has outranked 162 others to take pole position in the Good Country Index, a league table based on 35 separate indicators from sources including the United Nations and the World Bank.

Sweden scores highest for positive lifestyle contributions including prosperity, equality, health and wellbeing, while also performing well culturally.

Iceland tops the list for its overall contribution to the planet and climate protection, including low CO2 emissions and minimal production of hazardous material, while the UK performs less well in this area, sitting down in 22nd place.

The UK, however, is top of the table when it comes to science and technology, which takes into account scientific publications and study, Nobel prizes and patents.

The index suggests that Sweden, relative to the size of its economy, does more "good" and less harm than any other country. Smaller countries such as Ireland, Kenya, Iceland and Costa Rica have all dropped in the rankings ‒ this is partly because events around the world make a bigger impact on smaller countries.

The report, which weighs up a country's contributions to the planet and the human race relative to its size ‒ measured in GDP ‒ is the brainchild of leading policy advisor Simon Anholt, whose aim is "to find ways of encouraging countries to collaborate and co-operate a lot more, and compete a bit less".

"A good country is one that successfully contributes to the good of humanity. Of course it must serve the interests of its own people, but never at the expense of other populations or their natural resources: this is the new law of human survival," he said.

He added that the UK must collaborate and cooperate more with other countries: "It [Britain] isn?t just an island unconnected to the rest of Europe or to the rest of the world. Just like every other country on earth, it is part of one system. If it fails, we all fail."

Despite the addition of 38 countries since the first edition of the index, Libya has once again ranked last.

The country is so good that even Bernie Sanders wants the US to be more like Sweden.

While the Iraqi Army recently rescued two Yazidis women (who were captured by ISIS terrorists) in Fallujah the Western (and even Gulf) media are trying to provide more moral boost for ISIS terrorists again and object to the liberation of Fallujah because they prefer the city to be under ISIS rather than Iraq. We live in a sick world of were much of the Western media is trying to give an indirect and direct support to ISIS terrorists.

Sources Regarding the rescue by the Iraqi forces are here:
More can be read here:

Western and Gulf Media have always had a long history of trying to provide moral boost for ISIS terrorists, with some medias reporting of how Iraqi soldiers flee and get killed which never actually happens.

And people wonder why Iraq banned Al-Jaazera. These medias are the same medias that are reporting on what is going on in Syria today. There are a lot of tweets in Arabic of were Al-Jaazera workers (from Qatar, Saudi-Arabia, etc) say they prefer ISIS rather than the government and were Al-Jaazera journalists prefer the dictator and butcher Saddam in control of Iraq due to their hatred towards Iranians and Shias.

Right now ISIS terrorists are selling Yazidi slaves using Facebook to advertise but the Western and Gulf media will never mention this instead they are too worried about the fact that the Iraqi army are about to liberate Fallujah very soon.

From the article:

"Photos of a young girl of about 18 were posted on Facebook by an Islamic State (IS, previously ISIS/ISIL) militant called Abu Assad Almani, which is Arabic for ?German,? the Washington Post reports.

?To all the brothers thinking about buying a slave, this one is $8,000,? said Almani?s post dated May 20. The same man reportedly posted a second image a few hours later, this time showing a pale young face with weepy red eyes.

?Another sabiyah [slave], also about $8,000. Yes or no?? he wrote in the posting."

ISIS consists of many foreign terrorists (they make up the majority) that are flocking mostly from Europe. They don't just magically teleport to Iraq, instead they enter through Turkey, a country controlled by a 'moderate' Islamist party and a country that is part of NATO.

Every day Islam gets hjiacked with foreign backward practises and traditions who bring their own traditions and practises and start to mix it with Islam and trying to argue as if Islam justifies their own practises making many people (especially in the West) believe that these primitive and criminal practises originated from Islam or Arab culture. These Pakistani 'clerics'/criminals offer guide on how to beat wife (they get away with it too) when Islam clearly forbids all kind of domestic abuse.

'A husband has the right to beat his wife ?lightly? if she disobeys him, according to a Pakistani religious body. The organization?s top cleric later added that a handkerchief, hat or turban could be used to hit spouses.

The advice is part of a 163-point legislation proposed by the Council of Islamic Ideology (CII) in Pakistan, local media reported Thursday. Copies have been sent to all provincial assemblies.

?A husband may, when needed, lightly beat his wife,? the bill said, as cited by Dawn newspaper, adding that “three consecutive declarations of divorce [by women] will be punishable.?

The CII-proposed bill also includes plans to regulate breastfeeding and contraception.

?Mothers must breastfeed for two years,? ?A ban on advertisements for baby formula/substitutes for breast milk,? ?A woman cannot use contraception without the husband?s permission? ? these are a few recommendations listed on the proposed legislation.

The head of the council later hurried to explain that ?light beating? is not violence towards women and proposed routines how to bring a spouse back to ?compliance.?

?Do not try to relate our proposal [on beating women] with violence. Light beating does not mean violence,? said Mualana Muhammad Khan Sherani, chairman of the CII, as cited by the Express Tribune newspaper.

If the husband wants his wife ?to mend her ways,? he ?should first advise her,? Sherani said.

?If she refuses, stop talking to her. Still, if she does not show compliance, stop sharing a bed with her, and if things do not change, get a bit strict.?

?Hit her with light things like a handkerchief, a hat or a turban, but do not hit her on the face or private parts. And the beating should not cause any kind of physical damage or even scratches. Resort to light stuff, nothing serious.?

The proposal provoked anger among Pakistani society. Human rights activist and academic Farzana Bari, from Quaid-i-Azam University, in the Pakistani capital Islamabad, said the bill would take Pakistan ?further into ignorance.?

?Allowing a husband to beat his wife, in any way, is against Pakistan?s Constitution and the international laws and treaties that Pakistan has signed and is bound by. This Council is a burden on the Pakistani taxpayer and brings a bad name to Muslims throughout the world,? she said, as cited by Dawn.

According to Raheela Khadim, chair of the Punjab [Pakistani province] Legislative Assembly, the legislation differs from Punjabi law.

?Through their proposed recommendations they have reflected their mindset? We are talking about holding wife-beaters accountable and they are proposing something in complete contrast? she added.

The recent bill was proposed after the CII rejected legislation from Punjab's Protection of Women against Violence Act (PPWA) 2015, calling it un-Islamic.

The bill also looks into other aspects, for instance, proposing to classify an abortion after 120 days as murder or banning women from working in ?vulgar? advertisements (what is meant by ?vulgar? is not elaborated).

The CII will deliberate the proposed bill in the coming days. If approved, it will be transferred from the constitutional body to the parliament ? although there is no obligation to consider its recommendations.'

Vani and Ba'ad are two primitive cultural and traditional practises that did not originate from Islam or Arab culture but was inserted into Islam in some countries were the clerics of these countries will try to justify it using religion.

*Title has been changed due to request by a moderator

Some years ago a video emerged ( showing how ISIS terrorists bragged about their pedophilia and how they were gonna sell and buy Yazidi women as sex-slaves. Today one of the terrorist in the video was captured and was trying to escape using female clothes (niqab) as do all ISIS terrorists when they want to flee because they know that they are gonna get slaughtered if they get captured.

Meanwhile ISIS terrorists are losing in Fallujah:

A GIF picture shows how the Iraqi army are advancing:

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