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We are a living miracle, made up of particles, apportioned out of a suspension. Born, with a purpose/promise to fulfill, into an divinely assigned world of duality, revolving around us, with an infinite amount of free/G-D given ressources.

Heaven & Earth. Sun & Moon. Day & Night. Light & Darkness. Hot & Cold, Soft/Hard, Wet/Dry, Etc. Thusly, we too are dualistic by nature, made up of two opposite parts/sides, one is incorporeal (jān) the other corporeal (insān). Anima (nfs) & Body (gsm). Reason (aql) and Emotion (fouad). Fem. & Masc. Two eyes, two ears, two lips, two hands, two feet, two balls, &c. Two Antipodes. Cf. The Law of Duality.

In my book, "right and wrong" is an intrinsic "program/software" found in most, if not all sentient creation, most notable in us, Adamites - the story of our primeval father/ancestor needs to be uncovered already - To the learned, undoubtly everything is created, designed, programed. And G-D, Exalted is He above every-thing, is not a thing. G-D is The Uncaused Prime Mover. The Appointer, The Absolute, The Divine, The ONE. Oneness transcends the twain. His, and His alone, are the most excellent Attributes. We can never see G-D. His Absoluteness ever can see through us. In fact, He knows us better than we know our selves (2:30). Reading us like an open book. G-D doesn't belong to us. We belong to Him. He lit. owns us. Never think of Him as your invisible wish-granting "genie" (like Sunnis do) ! For we are the inferior servants/slaves/owned and He is The Superior OverLord/Master/Owner of the worldlings/tellurians, and all that is ... We are not G-D's toys, we are a miracle. A sentient being that G-D lit. Honored and favored over many of His outstanding Creation.

Remember when G-D subjected His Agents (malāykah) to us ?

Can ye see them now ?

Where's hybris @helios-centrists ?!

Ye just got reminded.

« on: March 13, 2016, 04:38:04 PM »
Anything else?


Stop deliberately misinterpreting what the Qurān says just to feed your filthy ego.

Oh and the earth has eyes  :yes evidence:
54:12 And We caused eyes to gush out of the earth. Thus the waters met to a command which had been measured.

It's springs

MAY G-D's CURSE BE UPON YOU & the likes of you.

Ye seek nought but perversion !


« on: March 13, 2016, 03:28:44 PM »
I guess you felt really  :muscle: when you wrote that.

And I guess you don't like it when I criticize your bedmate !

It's only normal, I guess ?

« on: March 13, 2016, 02:41:52 PM »
Still good advice, regardless of whether the person suggesting it is a hypo.

What good is your "advice" if you yourself don't abide by it ?!?

You bid others to refrain from X, yet allow urself to do X !!!

Who the **** do you think you are ?!

Work on cleaning your anima first,
then try to set an example, you highfalutin tartuffe.

If now God is closer than the jugular vein then how can you say that God is not dwelling in you? Strange logic of yours.

G-D being nearer to us than the arterial cord (حبل الوريد) doesn't mean G-D "dwells within" us !

Your logic is flawed :/

Does God dwell in us?

In my book, G-D does not "dwell" !

Things do.

G-D ≠ thing.

Because it can learn consequences of deeds and a method to hide it (taking it behind cover).

And therefore, my cat knows that stealing is wrong.

Animals will often take prey to a safe location of consumption in the wild, that is an instinct. It will not feel morally wrong since it cannot see right from wrong as it does not have abstract emotions. It has no complex thoughts.

Are you saying animals can only feel ?
Never think ?

Perhaps the difference lies in how we combine both ?
Reason & Emotion.


Speculation is ill-founded! Stick to what you know.

Do animals know right from wrong ?

If not, then why does my cat slyly hide/eat behind the door whenever he steals from the kitchen ?

« on: March 12, 2016, 03:41:54 PM »
Well maybe you don't mind. It is however good manners to avoid delivering insults, ridicule and the like to others, regardless of whether the arguments are perceived to get demolished or not. Also, the condition in the quoted text is meaningless in the sense that it is always subjective whether one's arguments have been demolished or not in truth. Even you would agree to that people just won't recognize the truth and when their own arguments are demolished. It's good to stay off insults in any case.

Oh plz !

At least I'm not a hypo !

You know, a person who pretends to have virtues,
bidding me to do unto others what he himself doesn't ?

« on: March 12, 2016, 02:36:03 PM »

I'll gladly do so, if brother imran is willing to actually address any of my arguments, instead of appealing to ridicule, ad hominem, &c. Clearly, he's more interested in playing ball !

if you take both pills at same time magic will happen and it will b cure of mentally unfit people who denied facts ,, save yourself going to mental asylum.. wonderland is so far..

do u think that you are keenue reeves who will change the fact and get a nobel prise for proving earth falt and motion less

if u really so sure why dnt you submit an application to international research may be they will pay heed to ur points ,, I said points because you didn't provide any evidence so far

I will be happy if u get a nobel prise,, but most probally u will receive a letter in which they will refer you to go mental asylaum,, that's y I m giving a free advice take both pills at same time,,,

hahahahaha  hyeneas are back

I don't mind being insulted and deprecated,
as long as my arguments get demolished, in truth.

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