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OH, here is the Ramadhan Moubarak thread!!!!!  lool
I was wondering already why nobody is even mentioning it. looool

Yeah, I'm fasting too, thank God!

I wish you all a blessed month of Ramadhan!!!!
and may it help you spiritually !!!!!


Islamic Calendar & Ramadhan. / Re: Ramadan
« on: September 26, 2006, 09:45:34 PM »

is no ones fasting here any more? The years before there used to be always a "blessed Ramadhan to all" thread. Didnt see that this year. Anyways, I'm fasting and I go absolutely with bhagat here when he sais:

its better to try to be a gd muslim in  ramadhan,it could serve as the starting point for a life of goodness...its better to start somewhere than never.Salam and God is the best of judges...

It is a fact that listening to music, watching tv ... distracts you from coming closer spiritually to God. I dont mean that its haram! but the sense of Ramadhan - as i see it- is as follows:

the absence of food during the day, and then only eating little in the evening (!!! very important !!!), together with prayers causes a certain state of mind where you are more open for spiritual experiences. This state is what God wants us to experience because then we get more aware of the real things in life or at least of the other, the spiritual side of life. Now, if you only fast without reading quran, without praying, still listening to music, tv then  only half of it can be achieved. I'm going through that right now! I love music!!!! Due to semi-professional reasons i deal with it daily, and its not easy for me not to listen to it, but still I know: letting it go for four weeks and concentrating on God and Life and the hereafter is in the end more beneficiary for me.

So i dont condemn music or tv (well, actually i condemn stupid tv shows .... but we shouldnt watch them the whole year through :D) but its a fact that it prevents us from getting close to our soul.



General Issues / Questions / Re: Al Jazeera
« on: September 26, 2006, 09:06:50 PM »
aslm! :handshake:
i know no news channel can be truth nowadays,in anywhere in the jazeera gives people hate agaist the western world and fox does it in the western world to give hate to the muslims.

Salam AspeRin,
I dont see that Al Jazeera spreads hate. They're no extremists at all, but reporting about the war on Iraq or the last catastrophe in Lebanon causes hate in the mind of the ppl but thats not the fault of Al Jazeera but the Western Worlds fault. If you would only hold a camera on the occurrences in Iraq or Lebanon without any words at all, it produces anger, dont u think so?

news that matter,not like "14 year old girl died burned in her house" to who the heck its suppost to give knowledge about what goes on today in this world.   

I agree totally with you. I mean what kind of news is this? Why do we have to know about it? Me too I'm very much annoyed from those news like "bus accident in Bangladesh, 25 deads" when at the same time 12.000 of Bangladeshs workers are again striking and struggling for more salary (27 Cent instead of 23 Cent an hour !), better working conditions ( not to get fired after being one day sick), or for a more democratic and transparent election system....But do we in the west ever hear about that??????
But here again: You wont find those news (14 year old girl died burned in her house, bus accident in Bangladesh, 25 deads) a lot on Al Jazeera.


General Issues / Questions / Re: Al Jazeera
« on: September 24, 2006, 05:11:22 AM »
Salam jankren, all


I wish you a blessed month! 

now to Al Jazeera:
I think its in some aspects much better than western media as they have more time for their news, discussions, reports,... .Audience can call in to say a comment (!!) and have the opportunity to say more than just two or three phases before getting cut from the journalist, as its usually in the western media. Al Jazeera gives ppl the chance to talk, even in a excited manner, and listens mostly patiently till the speaker has finished. Same goes with the guests in the studios, they really get the chance to discuss deeply, to really finish the thread.  I might be wrong but i think nowadays the journalists started to break up the speaker more than they used to do. But still - a speaker on Al Jazeera gets the chance to really say his opinion and not to talk like a robot knowing that he/she will get cut any moment.
Most of the discussion shows are for 2 hours and here too: discussions may get excited sometimes the  journalist even cant stop them and things are running wild .... lol  but i prefer that than the quiete western discussions where they hardly show any emotions and are not allowed to say more than some phrases.

The news are not only for 5 or 10 minutes but 15 or 30 minutes and is more informed than other (western) news. they have the time to talk more about the news behind the news, background informations. And not only from the arabic world but worldwide.

As for the mouthpiece: I dont think  that they are the mouthpiece for the "terrrorists". But of cuorse they are not as the western media, they are reporting from an arabic point of view which is right. For some Al Jazeera became far too soft and pro western why some are saying Al Jazeera are traitors, they traited the arabic course by reporting too west friendly.
I dont find them too hardlined, but balanced. In the early days of Al Jazeera it was a shock that they interviewed Israelis on air. It was discussed and criticesd a lot, but today we found very normal that Israelis are talking on arabic TV.
They report about many things we never see on western tv and of of course they are talking from an arab point of view, which many times doesnt please the western world and their politicians. So we shouldnt be surprised when western politicians are talking bad about Al Jazeera - just dont believe them everything!! they are lying more than Al Jazeera!


Don't panic - I'm Islamic  ;D

Piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinkkkkkkkkkk  :peace:

nice to see you here finally! Although im not often here anymore but im sure its a good place for you to discuss topics, so i hope u stay.
About the topic: i have to admit that i didnt find ur link anymore on my pc when u sent it to me. so im quite glad u posted it here again so i printed it and will read it now.... thanks

see you   :sun:

Asia/Middle East/Africa / Re: Pakistan?
« on: June 20, 2006, 12:04:10 PM »

I always thought urdu is a very polite language, our punjabi is what gives us a bad name ;D

Salam agent, Nadja

Nadja bohut shukriya (??  ;) ) for translating

now you opend another box! What about Punjabi? is it also close to Urdu/Hindi? And why does it give u a bad name  :D :D  I also love Punjabi music, and listen a lot to it, so I'd love to learn more about it.... Thanks in advance (sending you flowers....)


Asia/Middle East/Africa / Re: Pakistan?
« on: June 19, 2006, 01:11:07 PM »
salam nadia behan,

app nay bohut acchi translation ke  :bravo:
mayn nay thori koshish ke thi magar mujay apney translation per khud hansie aa gaey is leay mayn nay usay post nahin keah  :)

app sab per salmati ho,

agent what are you saying? you like the translation Nadja did? So she did a good job?

Imran I think Arabic and Urdu are too different languages for being Urdu the "daughter" of arabic.
Still its interesting which words of Arabic influenced other languages. Ishq for example is a word which u can also find in Turkish maybe in Farsi too. Although the Ottomans ruled in many arabic countries for more than 400 years there is only little Turkish vocabulary which was taken over by the Arabs. While a high percentage of Arabic words is used in Turkish. 


Asia/Middle East/Africa / Re: Pakistan?
« on: June 18, 2006, 02:11:22 AM »
 Peace SM

please feel kissed and hugged from me!
Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaank you very much!!! 


I am surprised how many words i can understand from arabic like ishq, junoun, dunia, rab, .... so at least some little i can get....

did u listen to the song? liked it?

the video of  the  song is not bad either ... you see, i became a real fan of this singer and other indian singers

thanks once more Nadja this helps me to learn, who knows maybe one day i can speak Urdu/Hindi ?  :angel: lool


Asia/Middle East/Africa / Re: Pakistan?
« on: June 16, 2006, 12:22:39 PM »
I have two questions for you hope one of you can help me here:

1. is it common to write Urdu in latin letters instead of the arabic letters? i see it very often and it seems to me that ppl are used to write Urdu in latin letters. Isnt it strenuous to follow? From my own experience i can say that using latin letters but writing arabic is quite annoying after a while and not always clear.

2. Would someone of you please do me a big big  favour and tell me what the following words of Kailash Khers song "Teri Dewanee" means?
You dont have to translate it word for word (would be great though  :angel: ) just like what is he singing about?
This is a very beautiful song which can be found along with some other songs of his superb great music here (its really worth checking it..):

preet ki lat mohe aisi lagi
ho gayi me matwari
bali bali jau me apne pia ko
ke me jau wari wari

mohe sudh budh na rahi tan man ki
ye to jane duniya sari
bebas or lachaar firu me
hari me dil hari

verse 1
tere naam se jee lu tere naam se mar jau
tere jaan ke sadke me kuch aisa kar jau


tune kya kar dala mar gayi me mit gayi me
o ho ri haan hhan ri hogayi me
teri deewani teri deewani

ishq junoon jab had se badh jae
hanste hanste aashiq suli chad jaye
ishq ka jadoo sar chad kar bole
khoob laga lo pehre,raste rab khole
yehi ishq di marzi hai yehi rab di marzi hai

tune kya kar dala mar gayi me mit gayi me
o ho ri haan hhan ri hogayi me
teri deewani teri deewani

hey me rang rangili deewani
hey me albeli me mastani
gau bajau sabko rijhau
hey me deewani me deewani

tere naam se jee lu tere naam se mar jau
tere jaan ke sadke me kuch aisa kar jau
tune kya kar dala mar gayi me mit gayi me
o ho ri haan hhan ri hogayi me
teri deewani teri deewani

I'm very sorry to see that Peacefulmuslim left the forum. She contributed constructivly to the board and its for sure a big loss that she left.

I am also very sorry and angry to see that now it became normal to delete and edit posts, which is nothing else than censorship! So now we have moderated and censored threads - wonderful! whats next?
This is not the fm I used to know.

Just be careful that fm wont become just as any other (sunni) forum where discussions have to go into one direction ... otherwise your out.

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