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Introduce Yourself / Re: I'm a new, self-professed "Believer"
« on: July 05, 2019, 11:36:07 AM »
It's been years since I, the OP, have visited this forum.

Yes, I'm still liberal. And I still pray as much as I could. Trying to be a 'decent' muslim.

After all these years, the best part is this: I was able to draw my wife 'back' into Islam! Her previous hubby was a Muslim and she had taken up Islam while they were together. After they separated, she left Islam.

I met her in 2010 and we wedded in 2014. Yes, during the wedding, she sworn in to accept Islam, but didn't take things seriously. (We live in different part of the country).

Now that I was able to urge her to 'get back' into believing in Allah, she seems to be accepting slowly.

Few days ago we were traveling to another town in search of supplies for the business. While we were on the way, we prayed in the car and asked that Allah will let us find the supplies we wanted.

I was driving towards our planned destination, a very familiar route. Suddenly I took a wrong turn, got into the wrong road, and headed elsewhere. I know where the road was heading to and then said to my wife, "Alright, let's get there. Allah has some tricks up his sleeve."

When we arrived at the 'unplanned' destination, we were able to find our supplies at a much, much, much lower price. My wife was so surprised and then said to me, "Allah is great!" I was so happy that Allah lead us there. And even more happy that her faith in Allah has strengthened.

If not a miracle, what can it be!

Due to work, I and my wife are not together, we're working in different cities. But when we get together, she would wear a hijab, becuase she knows I like her looks when she wears one. I don't compel her to wear, but only ask her to dress modestly.

And, in my oppinion, MODESTY is the key, hijab or not. What'd be the point in wearing a hijab if one wears tight clothing, showing off the curves unneccessarily?

General Issues / Questions / Re: Women speaking openly about private things
« on: September 17, 2016, 07:13:00 PM »
Annoyance is only a state of mind.

Look, you can be at peace if you learn to let things be, AND STOP JUDGING.

General Issues / Questions / Re: Women speaking openly about private things
« on: September 17, 2016, 09:19:13 AM »
Menstruation is natural. There's nothing wrong with talking about it. Nothing dirty about it.

Certainly, it wouldn't be nice to talk about how one sleeps with the spouse and talking graphic about it.

Asia/Middle East/Africa / Re: Any Quran Alone Muslims in Bangkok, Thailand?
« on: September 17, 2016, 09:13:03 AM »
Hi. Yes, I'm in Thailand, in Bangkok. Glad to hear of another Thai Quran Alone member in Thailand.

Introduce Yourself / Re: Hello and peace be upon you all :-)
« on: January 19, 2015, 08:10:53 PM »
Welcome aboard!

I, too, was a former Catholic. I don't consider myself a Muslim but, rather, a muslim. I don't follow traditions; I follow God alone.

Yes, I had the same doubt, too, about mentioning the prophet in the Proclamation of Faith, as well as in the Salat.

I think we have something in common. You can read my story here:

May God bless you and your beautiful family.

Discuss Latest World News / Re: Freedom of Speech/Expression ??
« on: January 17, 2015, 08:29:52 AM »
You've answered your own question. Is it truly freedom of speech and expression, or is it power to mutilate through speech and expression?

Ahhhhh ... that's it exactly.

CH claims freedom of speech, but actually wanting to mutilate.

The Nazi shirt I brought up was just an example. They claim freedom but anyone found wearing a Nazi symbol -- just because he/she likes the design -- will be immediately "condemned".

Where's the freedom that they claim and protect?

Discuss Latest World News / Re: Freedom of Speech/Expression ??
« on: January 14, 2015, 05:59:14 AM »
... I was going to say "would have no cruel ones" and the second best "would allow us to to easily kill every cruel oppressor" haha, that is the radical thing I wanted to say ...

I like that! LOL

How about using the Latin word 'Deo' instead of Allah or God?

Just kiddin'. :)

Salamun Alaikum.

I am not in agreement of the translation "By the Power (that is) Allah".

First of all the goal needs to be confirmed ? are we translating or interpreting?
True that any kind of translation involves a certain degree of interpretation, but per my understanding the first goal of a translator should be to reproduce the experience of the original reading with the least possible modification possible.

... The job of a diligent translator is to keep open the possibility of as many interpretations the original term supports as possible ? not to impose the one interpretation (s)he personally prefers. The reader should have the maximum flexibility of choosing from the various possible interpretations the original text offers.

Those bolded parts, exactly.

I am a professional interpreter and I have to INTERPRET. My duty is not to translate, or any and all expressions and messages made by the speaker in the original language will be skewed and the ACTUAL MESSAGE will not get across. And to able to do so I need to have some knowledge of the background of the story, especially when I interpret for meetings. (Subject matter conferences are OK, the subject speaks for itself.)

One problem with translation and allowing readers to interpret is that the actual message could be skewed by their own interpretation. Of course, again, it depends on the subject. If it's a fictitious novel, well and good. If its a legal, life-and-death matter or an operation manual, that'd be a no-no.

So, for the Quran, this will be a very difficult matter. We do not exactly know the intended message. And to translate literally, readers could use that and interpret it to their liking and then cause harm as it is happening today. If we interpret it, we could be skewing the message ourselves.

I think what we could do is to translate and leave a foot note of translator's interpretation and explanations, with a lot of 'could's' in the footnote.

There's an Android app called "The Holy Quran". It's the Quran translated. In this app you can tap on a dogear of a verse and a commentary window pops up. This could be a good starting example.

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