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Simply copying some actions or applying some verses for all cases could be misleading, theres a Quranic verse(3/7) related to this, wherein some messages are basic but some not basic and unspecified, applied only for specific cases, it means those are not the same answer to every similar case, following Hadiths with blind belief is also similar, only the guided or people of understanding, can understand where and how those can be applied.

Mohammed is the praised one, the praised one's actions needs to be validated by people and proved right for the society, for example covering our heads, its still good for those who live in deserts, the way we dress, the way we clean ourselves depends on the resources we get, the way we greet others, the way we lead our lives, but before everything we should make sure we are muslims and as muslims we submit everything to Him, Being muslim which is completely different than being an Arab. I cannot say, 'I copy and do everything on what  the praised one did', so i automatically become a muslim, to be a muslim or lead a Islamic way is completely different and thats what we learn in Quran.

Questions/Comments on the Quran / Re: DIETARY LAW
« on: January 21, 2023, 04:06:44 AM »
To me, Allah is the goodness provider, so all those sourced good way, no theft, caught live and cut in the best way, meant for consumption, not contaminated with impurities and  no greed involved, also we cannot include those not grown in unnatural habitats. Yes, Pronouncing the name of Allah is not just a ritual but in a responsible way that the food doesn't involve evil ways, like killing those below certain age, those pregnant,  those diseased ones etc and also that doesn't cause excesses/wastage and destroying the beings habitat completely.

Salat & Zakat (The Contact & Purification) / Re: The "Salat" Trap!
« on: December 29, 2022, 07:29:57 AM »
I have changed my views on Salat, as my understanding changes with age,

now i think, Salat is a ritual, a ritual to show our unity and support to the outside, the outside is everything other than the me, every living and non living should be doing its own Salat, people dance synchronously to express their support to the other, birds do support one other while flying, animals do by practicing unity, like the ants and many other animals following one other, ie. how I express that I am a muslim(being submissive to the outside) is by Salat, I repeat the outside includes even our body and all external to the ME.
Yes Salat can be practiced anyway to express that submissiveness. Islamic salat is one of the best ways and could change as per the need.

General Issues / Questions / Re: Natural and Artificial/manmade
« on: December 17, 2022, 07:47:10 AM »
Nice and I agree with you, i will give my views,

Yes everything is from God, but some may disagree with this, there is the problem, even we sometimes do not agree and we think its because of the ME, Myself attitude in us,  but the truth, nothing comes out of from zero from us, there may be conditions that helped us create the things out of us, our parents  our surroundings are mostly responsible for us to perform the way we do, we need resources to recreate things, even many scientists and inventors base their work on their predecessors, take ideas from others,  most of them are humble in their knowledge. So in a way as Quran says nothing Good comes from US, if we say this is the one 'I' created then its no good, so as muslims we know the truth its all from God the goodness provider.  As the Message that came from God through the Prophet the praised one.

Questions/Comments on the Quran / Re: How do you define Submission?
« on: December 08, 2022, 10:13:55 PM »
It can defined this way, whats not submission and whats submission,

I act on my own free will, no control no effect on what so ever with others, so theres no duty for me to serve others around me. Not submit. I am hiding the truth.

I act but it comes under His will, I call Him God/Allah, i submit to Him the total submission, its my duty to serve for the blessings i get in return. Peace of mind.

We can say this way,

When Allah loves a person, He guides them, the guidance comes only with trials.

General Issues / Questions / Re: Can we ever understand the logic of God?
« on: October 09, 2022, 10:10:20 PM »
Fusion, nice thoughts and questions,

Life is not all about one thing,  we are not blessed the same ways,we all have positives and negatives and are made to move in some direction which we are automatically pulled upon, relying upon one others.
Yes innocent children suffer in many ways, killed in fightings, but the reason may be a corrupt system behind, and idolizing forces that prevents the grown ups not to think and act in the beginning and end, but we are not here to judge, leave those judgements to Him and do our duty?, Peace.

Belief in one God itself is based on believing in Goodness of everyone, and the common goodness provider.

Quran says to each one has their own way, goodness is revealed through many ways even now, its ignored in the name of cult worship. Economic development of communities never show the right blessings, so many attrocities and evil things are behind these, good and bad are in every place, everything has two faces, so thank for the goodness and beware of the bad things is the wise thing to do. Most of us are hiding behind organized entities be it religions or govts and do all kind of atrocities of hate, we will be exposed and punished.

The world teaches us and communities learn whats good and bad, ex. the practice of
eating beef, is considered  good in some societies and bad in some, yes it can be. Those who milk them use them for cultivation etc normally has seen the benefits of those animals and so consider them auspicious and against killing and eating but others do not and need not. So we accept both as to each has their own way.

We believe whatever said in TVs, politically biased, false hyped ads, misleading people bright and knowledgeable people expose but these are ignored for our own individual benefits, we even oppose those and fight those people like the killing of the prophets in the past.

Miracles do happen, but this will not be visible directly or majority never agree with those, but this will be visible and known only to few and also possibly to the next generation. The fall of evil leaders with their ambitions, also this Covid fear, to me is a miracle. The win of good over evil should be a miracle.

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